Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slim Jim contest

Ok, I have a twitter account (, so I follow Slim Jim (, the sponsor for WWE ( for rare occasions, and I enter the Slim Jim give-a-way, where followers have a chance to win a month supply of their favorite Slim Jim beef jerkey, and I only did  was fill out the blank of what kind and retweet them back. So, right now, I just got out of the shower and check my twitter account on my iPhone 4 and found out that I won! So, I will get a month supply and share it with the family, and they should take it to work and I take the rest to class. I told my mother now and she freaked a little, but I told her I was going to let her take some of it to work, she said ok.

So, yeah for me!

As a quote from WWE Legend, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, who did a comerical for Slim Jim, "Step into Slim Jim!"

I wish I have a quote from WWE Smackdown Superstar Edge from his Slim Jim comericals, but I don't.

Miss Lindsie