Sunday, December 20, 2015

Donovan Dijak like my tweets, but, I was watching Ring of Honor on TV...

I don't know where to start. I am sorta embarrassed to confess that I watch Ring of Honor live streaming, but, that was when Ring of Honor was on Destination America, before it moved to Comet and whoever was streaming the stream did not had it when December came. But, I will be honest, I did not suspect until one night, I accidentally put on channel 32, which it is a local network called WMCN, an Atlantic City, New Jersey licensed tv station that serves to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which airs Ring of Honor, but, I don't know how long. Since I live in Bordentown, New Jersey and get Comcast Cable, I get this channel.

But, this is not the reason I am freaking out. My title explains it all. Usually, I would talk about Donovan Dijak when he's on Ring of Honor, but, since a few hours ago, was the Ring of Honor tapings and one of the people I follow, Dave Muscarella (Aka Cartoon Dave), tweeted about what happened to Dijak when Truth Martini fired him and dispose of him. Okay, that's a spoiler for everyone including me. But, here's the confusion comes in, a Ring of Honor episode airs Saturday night for those who can see it before anyone else can see it Wednesday night on Comet. In other words, I don't know if Donovan Dijak knows that I was watching this week's episode of ROH and not at the tapings. I would like to go, but, I can't explain the truth of it.

When did Donovan start favoring/liking my tweets? August 12 of this year. The day before the fifth anniversary of the death of former WWE Superstar, Lance Cade. It was around that time, Donovan Dijak was with Martini, Jay Lethal, and tagging with J Diesel facing against War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson). Since then, Donovan Dijak like my tweets every time I tweet about him coming out during Ring of Honor shows, except for the episode that was starting Comet on Wednesday I missed and the episode on Saturday that I watched and did not tweet and I wasn't sure if Donovan wrestled. But, I tweeted last week and saw him in a video package. So, this week's episode Donovan Dijak teamed with Ken Phoenix, who was getting a tryout to be a member of the House of Truth, taking on against All Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus), but failed to get the win. Truth Martini was not pleased and he heard from the fans that it was a thumbs down, which Truth took it and because of it, Ken Phoenix was taken down by Donovan Dijak. After that as Donovan was leaving, Prince Nana gave him an envelope, which I am sure it is what Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara were given by Prince Nana.

So, sorry to those who haven't seen it yet, but, it was a great show. If you want to see my tweets, you can. I am using two hashtags when watching Ring of Honor on WMCN, #WatchROH and #WMCN every Saturday Night from 11:30pm to 12:30am.

Oh by the way, here is the proof:

By the way, Prince Nana did like my tweet.  It was about Caprice Coleman...

I am going to keep my eye out for Pro Wrestling NOAH for any news regarding Chris Hero and Colt Cabana, since they are over in Japan to win the GHC Tag Team Titles. The guys are going to fight for them against Killer Elite Squad this Wednesday. I know they will be home on Thursday, which it will be Chris Hero's birthday.

So, Happy Holidays!

Lindsie Starr

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So, I got this problem and hope to be resolved.

I am listen to a podcast called Get Up On This on my family's computer because my laptop is still being useless because I still need to replace it with the H and J keys. I was listen so much craziness that Jensen Karp is doing with comedian Lindsay Ames and my favorite wrestler, the independent legend, Chris Hero. They are talking about wrestling and so much other stuff. While I was listen to this, I check my g-mail account to see an e-mail from Viggle, an app that listens to music and tv shows for points to hopefully get rewards, tells me that Perk, an app that is so nuts on making points by using many apps like their search engine, which is powered by YAHOO, can let you earn 1 to 50 points or tokens and this screen lock app, which it's only for Android users, which it becomes your lock screen, but you earn tokens and every 5 unlocks, you get points.

However, because of this situation of one app requiring the other, what is going to be happening to my accounts and my points? I freaked out and send a message to both app companies and I hope one of them respond. Because I do not want to lose almost 130,000 points from Viggle! It took for me a while to get to that amount and I will keep using it until I get an answer from them!

If you want to join me on Perk, feel free to click on this link:

I will make a blog about the Perk apps sometime later.

Lindsie Starr

Friday, December 4, 2015

Stay away from CelebVM!

I am kinda disappointed that people I follow tweets about CelebVM as they tweet about it and it's mentioned once in awhile. I don't know if CelebVM is connected with the people who run One Hour Tees, who runs many tees sites like Pro Wrestling Tees, Clothesline Apparel, Barber Shop Window, Armbar Apparel, and more. But, I could safe to say, they don't.

Why do I don't like CelebVM? Well for starters, I mention in a blog last year that they were charging to get a video message from two pro wrestlers about $90 ($50 for one of them and $40 for the other). I felt why would people waste that money when they could buy tees of their favorite. But, that's one of the options. Other is go meet them! Yes, spend it on that! See, people are so lazy to do that, because they don't know where to go!

I am saying to you, Stay away from CelebVM! They want your money! Believe me on this. CelebVM followed me for no reason on twitter and I reported them and block them. I don't know what they want from me? By the way, you are going to ask me if anyone who is doing it? Well look who I follow and compare it to CelebVM's list. I will tell you that you won't see Tim Donst nor Chris Hero nor Benjamin Boone nor Santana Garrett do it, because no one tweet about it and mostly Chris runs seminars and he still has his consulting, Next Level. Plus, if Chris Hero and Colt Cabana wins the GHC Tag Titles from Lance Hoyt and Harry "Davey Boy" Smith in 19 days, I am sure they will be paid well.

If you want to help me out on replacing my laptop, read my other blog entries, send me a tip via Changetip, buy something from my redbubble store, or whatever! As long as this helps me, I will be happy.