Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bitcoin gets to be a collegiate football cup and more!

So, I wonder if you heard that two days ago, there was a new bowl, called the Bitcoin Bowl, sponsor by BitPay? Well yeah, this is legit. Two college football teams who played in the new bowl and what is crazy is that it has its own coin for the coin toss and if you wondering, I am certain that it did not had a key to a wallet. It's like how any coin that is use for any bowl. Usually the most of the NCAA football teams are getting in the most promising bowl ever, The Rose Bowl, which is played in the New Year, a month before the NFL's annual bowl of all time, The Super Bowl. I am shock that this digital currency is getting a huge shock of waves.

Not only that, but, Brave New Coin, a news website has reported about the Bitcoin Bowl and also mention of Outlaw Country music star, Shooter Jennings were giving out beer ($3.50) to anyone tweets along with him about Bitcoin during the game by using ChangeTip. He was join by many fans, the Vice President of Community Development at Change Tip, Victoria van Eyk, and WWE Superstar Curtis Axel.

I am surprise to see that there are people come to light of this. I hope that more and more people get to see of Bitcoins.

I should consider giving lessons on how to use Bitcoins and earning them too, but, I need to hash out the details about which sites are good to use. 

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stay Strong to you all

Robin Roberts respond my tweet about Leah Still
I am watching ABC news The Year: 2014-A year in review of the ups and down of 2014. I tweeted to Robin Roberts who is one of the news anchors on Good Morning America who is hosting this special. One part of this year was Devon Still and his four year old girl, Leah. Leah is battling a childhood cancer. The Cincinnati Bengals had to give Devon a very special treatment that he won't be traveling to city to city for football games, but, to be part of the practice squad so Devon can be with his daughter for treatments and surgery and selling his jerseys and donate to help all treatment for every child. Every time I see about that cute girl, it reminds me of my time visiting my brother in the hospital most of my childhood during the 1990s. While everyone was hanging with friends and having sleepovers, I was visiting my brother in Philadelphia in the same way that what is going currently with Leah. It was rough, but, I still managed to keep my education. By the time my brother was remission, there were a lot of things going on with me, but, I know there were others too. Sure while I was in school and my brother was getting better, an eighteen year old was starting his pro wrestling career that sixteen years later, I am proud to be his fan. I know a lot of you were doing something in 1998, but, for me I was going to school and was waiting for my brother to be done.

I know one thing is for everyone, no matter what you either you fighting illness like Leah, or whatever you have planned, always know, stay strong. 

Also, have Fighting Spirit.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blogging about bitcoin

I was looking back to my blogs and found my entry on bitcoin about last September and even though some sites are not working now, I'm sure of it. I was learning about this during my time in class last year and while during the 15 weeks, I notice and watched that the Bitcoin climbed up to $1000 by last December, but, right now it's at $308.95 (This change a whole lot on Coinbase).

So, I been reading on twitter that there are some people believe that bitcoin will not survive, while others believe that it will. I still believe it will survive, because lot of people are still using it. Bitcoins is like stock, but, instead of investing a business, you are investing a digital currency. There are way that you can do besides buying and selling. You can earn it. How?

Well there is mining like these:

Hash Profit:

Guy's Domain:
Monster Loom:
Top Bitcoin:
Bitcoin Gate:
Just Another Faucet:
Polish Faucet:
Money in PJs:

Bitcoin 2048:
Pocket Dice:

BTC Clicks:

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

AIW Charge it to the Underhills: Eddie Kingston and Tommy Mercer don't earn their match against Chris Hero and Tim Donst

If you have been following me lately, you know that I'm nearly livid, but, I haven't said as much. You see it was announced at Absolute Intense Wrestling Hell on Earth Ten, that Eddie Kingston is wrestling against Chris Hero at their final show, Charge it to the Underhills. Days later it was also announced at Charge it to the Underhills, Tim Donst will be defending the Absolute title against Tommy Mercer. I don't know what is the reason behind it, but, I could. You see I have done some digging about Eddie Kingston and Chris Hero and they have a hatred that has been lasting for quite some time. The last time that I know they wrestled was about five years ago at Ring of Honor Final Battle 2009. Eddie did defeat Chris.

So, is there more of this match for the 26th of December? I don't know and if there is a reason, it will be that Eddie may cut a promo for this explanation.

But, what is going on with the other match?

Tommy Mercer is setting his eyes on the top title of AIW, The Absolute title, who is in the hands of my good friend and seven year in-ring vet, Tim Donst. Now, I don't know if Mercer is after him, because of what happened at AIW WrestleRager 2014 when Donst was on commentary on night 2 and Tommy attack his opponents and Tim curse him out because of what he did or is there more then that? Was the match that Tommy was in got him a title shot? I don't think so. What is the purpose of the match?

Let's hope Tommy can explain it.

I should protest of the matches, because neither Tommy Mercer nor Eddie Kingston hasn't earn it. I feel that the two of them should wrestle and see who earns a title shot. As for Tim Donst and Chris Hero, they both have a score to unsettle since last year when they wrestle. If anyone know about what took place last year at AIW Dead Presidents, then you know that at AIW Charge it to the Underhills should take place instead. But, since Tim Donst has the Absolute title, who know what is going to happen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I rather spend $90 on a dinner with either Tim Donst or Chris Hero

Hey there. I wonder what are you doing for this holiday season? I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I so can't wait to watch the Dunkin Dounuts' Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade on 6ABC with Rick Williams, Cecily Tynan, and also a very cool appearance by Ginger Zee! Yeah, I'm bragging about it! Also, Pro Wrestling Tees is having their Black Friday sale starting today and I should see which tee I want. I think I am getting the "I'm a Tim Donst Girl" or the "Wu Hero" tee. Maybe I should get both. *Laughs crazy*

But, I am not going to crucified Pro Wrestling Tees, due to them tweeting something that really tick me off. Yeah, they tweeted two wrestlers for custom messages. One of them is Austin Aries and the other is Kurt Angle. I check the website and they are asking for a lot. For an Austin Aries message, it's $40 and for an Kurt Angle message it's $50. If you know your easy math (Come on, even kids would know) it's $90 (Plus tax if was added) and for $90, I could buy tees from Pro Wrestling Tees of wrestlers or something else...a dinner on either Tim Donst or Chris Hero. Yeah, I could do that.

But, you are wondering, why do you want to spend money on a dinner with either wrestler or buy tees? I mean getting a message from Austin Aries or Kurt Angle would be nice. Actually no it's not, because Austin Aries is a jerk. I tried to tweet to him and he never respond. I guess you can say that he's rude. As for Kurt Angle, he needs to explain to me and the fans what he did to Chris Hero from two Saturdays ago at Jersey All Pro Wrestling show. All I saw from a vine post by Larry Legend, that Kurt reverse Chris' rolling elbow to an Angle Slam on "The Knockout Artist" and I don't know the whole story. So, until their match in March of 2015, no way I do not want anything from Angle unless he's (as the authority on Impact) announce that (Jessica) Havok gets her rematch against Taryn Terrell for the TNA Knockouts title.

So, that's my rant.

Lindsie Starr

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TNA Wrestling are morons, Spike TV should go to hell for this. I don't have Destination America and Comcast wants $10 more!

I was just enjoying my afternoon of watching The Chew on ABC and worry about my 63 year old mother who is going have foot surgery to remove a needle point, which she step on and she needs to remove it tomorrow, when I am on my Facebook account and see Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Superstar Rockstar Spud's Facebook page sharing great news, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is going to Destination America and will continue to air their program, Impact Wrestling, in January 2015. See the article:

I was wondering if I have the network. So, I went to the website and it says that I do with Comcast Xfinity at channel 113. So, as I went to check, I see I don't have it. Now this is not the first time the American cable provider don't have channels that I need with the package. In fact Comcast don't have El Rey Network, which they do provide Lucha Underground. In all of this bullcrap, if I want to watch wrestling, I would have to go to any of the independent wrestling promotions who house, Chris Hero, Tim Donst, Veda Scott, Gregory Iron, Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston, Chuck Taylor, and any other wrestler who I can think of. Now you all are asking me, Lindsie, why don't you watch WWE? Well, if you want to know, I think this blog entry I did on both Chris Hero and Tim Donst could explain it:

But, I should really add, that the real reason behind of Chris's release is that they did not have anything for him.

But, why is this important to me about where TNA Wrestling ends up? Well, I have more fun, since Dixie Carter and her team brought in Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and Jessica Havok, but, I won't see them on TV by the new year, due to no researching if every wrestling fan has Destination America. In fact Dixie should have her head in shame, because of this. You know who else should be ashame: The people who are in charge of Destination America, Spike TV, and Comcast. Why? Well, here is the breakdown:

Spike TV: They should resigned their deal with TNA Wrestling and put them back on Thursdays, when they have Bobby Lashley, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, and Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal who are not only part of TNA Wrestling, but, also Bellator, which Spike airs it.

Destination America/Discovery Communications: For picking up TNA Wrestling, without telling them that there viewers don't have their network. There are other channels that could take it because I am sure there are Impact fans have the channels, except for the NBC networks, since they are the ones that have TNA Wrestling's rival, WWE on their USA Network and Syfy Network, which it's owned by NBC Universal.

Comcast: Well, I  had to found out today by one of their analyst (I'm sure this is out of country, since a analyst name is Lady and there is no American goes by that name, unless it's a dog) that I have to pay $10 more to a bill over $100 that my mother is paying for cable, internet, and phone services. This is not what I need to make my mother more angry then what she has.

I could try to tell my mother about this, but, she thinks I watch WWE. I could not come to my senses that there is more then that, but, on top of that, I have not watching WWE program in over a year, because I will not forgive them for releasing Chris and I rather go see him in a building that house a few hundred then go to arena that house few thousand. Maybe I will tell her, when her situation is blew over. I am nearly scared that my mother has to go under the knife and I don't have someone to comfort me. But, when I need to forget something, I turn to watching wrestling.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wish that people be more nice...

So, I watched Vicious Outcast Wrestling August Annihilation live stream last night and seeing Tim Donst defend the VOW HyperSonic Division title against Shane Strickland and despite that Shane beat him, Tim showed respect. So, because of that, I took it to twitter to voice my thoughts of what I saw. As you can see here of what Tim said to me back (despite a little typo):
You can see that I had to say something nice and Tim responded in a nice way. I am glad that someone like him to notice how the fans are. It would for someone to be that kind. I wish both the fans and the wrestlers do this way, so no hate would be happening. Then again, people are nuts for drama. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

The story that is true: Austin Aries defeats Bobby Roode at TNA Destination X 2012

This keeps me want to break out the puffs tissues and just cry watching this match: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode at TNA Destination X 2012.

I was looking forward just to watch this match and still think that Roode would had this match, but, I really wanted for Austin Aries to win, because it would prove that he is not like Zema Ion, he was the same realm as AJ Styles. I had done some digging on Austin Aries and learned that he has been a former two time Ring of Honor World Champion (He is the only one, because others had the shot and became champion once) and he does it against two guys who he had great matches: Samoa Joe on December 26th, 2004 (Joe had Jay Lethal in his corner and Aries had Roderick Strong in his corner) and Jerry Lynn on June 13th, 2009. Even though, I only seen one match through YouTube, the TNA pay-per-view was different.

Before the match took place in the main event, Chrissy Hemme interview Austin Aries and he reveal that his mother was watching the pay-per-view:

Then after watching another match, it was time for the main event. I see how Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash talked about it during the match (Before the match Tenay was doing most of the talking and Borash had to announce the main event). This match was indeed nuts:

Everything he done for. Everything he proves that he is the Greatest Man That Ever Lived. He wins the championship. Jeremy Borash had said that Aries' mother would be proud of her son being champion. I started to shed tears that Austin Aries win. He was my favorite on the TNA roster and he is champion. After the pay-per-view ended, Jeremy Borash interview him:

Austin Aries is going at it again...he defeated Seiya Sanada for the TNA X-Division title. Will he defeat Bobby Lashley? Maybe in my opinion.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I am against people who spams on twitter

I am not happy right now due to a twitter user who follow me and start spamming their twitter account. This guy wants attention, because he wants to document on something he dreams about. Not to mention, he's using a crowdfunding website. This is kindly rude. I can't follow someone who does that as well as the story on the crowdfunding website. The dude documents of a guy that I never heard of and claims that he been wrestling for 15 years. The dude also mention that he went to a wrestling school in 2005 and haven't specifically mention which wrestling school he went to. I want to question this dude from top to bottom, is which school he went to, who is the head trainer, who is this 15 year dude who he interview and why I haven't heard the guy ever, and not to mention, who trained the guy that this dude interview and why did the guy told him about wrestling schools? See, this dude made a huge mistake of following me, because I know that he is nothing more then going to cause trouble. If he wants to understand the wrestling schools, he should seek out Dory Funk Jr, Mike Quackenbush, Harley Race, and Larry Sharpe to name a few who have 20 years or more in the world of pro wrestling and their wrestling schools. But, if he wants to go further and understanding about pro wrestling, he could seek Chris Hero, a man who made his name all over the world and has run with guys like Claudio Castagnoli, CM Punk, and Colt Cabana to name a few. Not to mention that besides having a 15 year career in the indies, but he is the head of Next Level Pro Wrestling Consulting. I am really happy that someone is doing that for wrestlers who are upcoming from wrestling schools. Believe me, as a fan of Chris Hero for two years, I have a strong feeling that wrestlers will understand that the Knockout Artist has a lot of knowledge to share to the upcoming wrestlers. After all, he trained Claudio Castagnoli, UltraMantis Black, Drake Younger, and Tim Donst. If someone can't handle the wrestling skills, why make a documentary? Just for 15 minutes of fame, I say.

I will not support something like that crowdfunding project. I rather spend it on t-shirts over at

Here are my screen caps of the twitter account and crowdfunding website of the dude's story:

I am going to contact the crowdfunding website to ask them to monitor it.

I don't like it when I am going to be spammed. Spammers really suck.

Also, the guy that this dude interview is a register sex offender. Here is proof: Chasyn Rance arrested: Orlando wrestler who appeared on 'Tool Academy' accused of sex with girl - Orlando Sentinel

CHASYN RANCE - Florida Sexual Offender

Florida wrestler seeks protection from fellow wrestler - Charlotte Pro Wrestling |

If you can help me by reporting and blocking @SquaredGlory on twitter and send a message to this crowdfunding website to have it monitor or shut it down by sending those three links I posted above:

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seth Rollins being a heel again is going to be a good thing

Note to all readers: I see what happened through twitter as I still am mad that what WWE has done to Chris Hero for not giving him a chance to create a storyline and releasing him on the night I was watching Haven on Syfy. But, you need to hear this from me, something to understand why everyone should be behind Seth Rollins.

 Last night, a lot of fans are confused or livid. For my friend Domi, she is livid and I hate to say that she block him, which it's sort of a bad thing, but, she will need to get over this when she sees Seth Rollins wrestle again, being shirtless. I know how she felt that what she saw was that Seth betraying Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. That doesn't mean that the Shield is over, it's just that Seth is with Triple H and Randy Orton as Evolution. I seen how this could be weird and all, just like when I seen watching Impact that around last year, when Sting was reforming the Main Event Mafia and have Kurt Angle was fine, but, when I heard Samoa Joe, Magnus, and even MMA star Rampage Jackson to be added to the stable, I felt at first, this is weird, but, it's going to be better, because this time around, they are fighting against the Aces and 8s, led by Bully Ray. The outcome happened after the Aces and 8s were done, Magnus became the champion, despite he went heel and the Mafia was done.

Now, I'm sure you have got to be wondering why does this apply to Seth? Well, it does, because he will be champion and you will see how it goes. I been doing stuff on Seth Rollins when he was known as Tyler Black and being the Ring of Honor World Champion and he also acted as the heel later on during his reign, due to rumors were flying that he was signed to WWE. Sure fans hated that he was moving on to bigger and better things. That doesn't mean you hate him for that. To hate someone you need the passion as what has been quoted by one Tim Donst on twitter and he's right. You need to hate them if they done something wrong to you. Like for an example, I hate Alex Shelley, because he block me from twitter without saying a word. That doesn't mean I really hate him because of his wrestling skills or him being friends with Chris Hero, it's just I hate him, because he did not say a word. Another one is Austin Aries. At first I hate him, because of what he did on Impact almost two years ago when he tried to hit on Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, just to reveal that she was in a on-screen relationship with Bully Ray, but, it's now how he tweets and I tried to mention him, but, not anymore. It's just hard to hate him, when I still like him, because he is someone just to watch, even now I can watch Impact because of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (and even MVP).

For my friend Domi, she should not be hating on Seth Rollins, because he's a heel again and being with Triple H and Randy Orton. That does not make any sense to hate him. That goes the same to every fan of Seth Rollins. If you knew him as Tyler Black, why are you still hating him? You should know better that he is going to be world champion again and it's going to be a good thing, a very good thing. As for Domi, once Seth is wrestling shirtless and has new ring gear, I'm sure she will see how much in great shape he is and he is the same man she knew when he was on NXT and when I told her about him.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Next Level PW: Consulting for upcoming Wrestlers?

As I was watching The Late Show with Seth Myers and end up seeing a really funny Instagram from Brooke Adams (fka Brooke Tessmacher), I see something on my Facebook news feed on my account. It was a post from Chris Hero. As you are well know that the Indy legend is doing something that I would never see him doing, consulting. You all could be thinking to me, What is Chris Hero consulting for? Pro Wrestling. (DUH)  I'm really sure. This is nothing to do of him being a wrestling promoter as if you get episode 51 of Colt Cabana's podcast, The Art of Wrestling, which Cabana interviews Hero and Hero confessed that he does not like running things as the time he was put as Ian Rotten's right hand man.

I don't know who else is on board, but, as I went to see the twitter account that was created, it's possible Drew Gulak, Jigsaw, and even the Bravado Brothers could be in it, but according to Chris via twitter, he would reveal more later on this morning. I am not going to bash it, because I am deeply as his fan and I do wish him on his upcoming endeavors. 

Also, to any youth who is interesting with Pro Wrestling and want to become a pro wrestler, I highly recommend this.

(Update: 4:12pm) Chris has launch the Facebook page of Next Level Pro Wrestling (Find that on Facebook by searching) Here is what the post says:

Hey everyone, Chris Hero here. It's with great excitement that I announce to you my newest endeavor: Next Level Pro Wrestling Consultation.

Yes, that's a mouthful.

Basically, we at Next Level will be working with young men and women from all over the world who happen to have professional wrestling aspirations or are simply looking to improve their current position in the industry.

I've spend the last 6 months wrestling all over the world as well as conducting dozens of successful seminars. One constant, no matter where I go, is that there are ALWAYS wrestlers (as well as referees, managers, announcers, etc.) who are young, hungry, and eager to take things to the "Next Level". Early in my career, I shared locker rooms with a number of veterans who were happy to lend a critique here and there. As more and more people get into professional wrestling, I find that there are fewer veterans that are able to share their knowledge and experience with today's crop of talented performers; this is where we hope to assist.

Are you fresh out of wrestling school, looking to find bookings?

Have you been wrestling almost exclusively in the same area and are now looking to start traveling, perhaps even internationally? 

Are you having difficulty finding bookings that give you the chance to work with more experienced performers? 

Do you feel that you're just missing “something” but you can't quite put your finger on it?

At Next Level Pro Wrestling Consultation, we will do our best to help get you over that hump, whatever it may be. I've been working with young, up-and-coming wrestlers from around the world for over a decade and I'm absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and unique perspective on pro wrestling with tomorrow's stars.

Pro Wrestling is Art and art is subjective. Many like to debate what's “right” and what's “wrong” with our fine profession-- that's not what we're here for. I'm here simply to share my perspective. Throughout my career, I've had the good fortune to learn from some of the absolute best minds that wrestling has to offer. I've also shared the ring with many of our era's finest performers, picking up a thing or two along the way. Now is your opportunity to pick up a thing or two from me.

Here is some of what we're offering:

- Match critiques including in-ring technique, match structure and crowd interaction. 
- Promo critiques including verbiage, delivery and tonality. 
- Observations and suggestions regarding “look” and overall presentation. 
- Ideas relating to overall fitness and functional movements. 
- Offering educated advice on professional etiquette. 

This can be as simple as you purchasing a critique for 15 minutes of footage (match, promo or both) for $14.99. I'll watch your submission(s) and send you an e-mail response with my observations and suggestions. This allows you to get a quick idea of how the process works. 

Or you can sign up for our Next Level Apprenticeship for $19.99 a month. Once you've signed up, you'll have access to exclusive content including videos and blogs. You'll also be able to submit 30 minutes of footage for evaluation per month. I’ll e-mail you my thoughts and we can follow up with a call on Skype. 

Join us today at and let us help you get to the proverbial next level of professional wrestling. 

I'm very eager to get the figurative ball rolling. Thank you for your time and I greatly look forward to working with you. 

Chris Hero

Follow the twitter account:

Follow Chris Hero on his twitter account:

Note: on episode 199 of the Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana with Chris Hero again, Chris mention that he and Trik Davis are the only ones will help and a guy who known as Gregory who help him with the website and social media (This is the same guy who help Lisa Marie Varon with her website and social media for her restaurant, the Square Circle out in Chicago).

Lindsie Starr
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ultimate Warrior pass away

I been informed that newly inductee WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior just pass away yesterday as been reported by WWE. He was 54 and was survived with his wife, Dana, and his two daughters. Ultimate Warrior was at WWE Wrestlemania weekend that led to the ceremony induction, Wrestlemania 30, and WWE RAW as was the last time he made his TV appearance. A lot of people who I follow on twitter are very shock about it.

Here are tweets from wrestlers who I follow on twitter:

Ultimate Warrior debut in pro wrestling in the 1980s and retired in 1998. This past Saturday he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The first tweet: So much shenanigans or creepy tweets on Twitter

Mashable has posted an article about Twitter users sending out their first tweet, when they first join Twitter. I found an link by a Twitter user, that will have you log on to your Twitter account and reveal your first tweet and/or your followers and those who you are following. My first tweet is when I join Twitter on my 24th birthday. I was doing what I was doing as much on Facebook. What I was doing was looking at seeing what the latest wrestling news with WWE, TNA, and maybe looking for anything on Lance Cade, since at that time, he was wrestling on the independent scene, since his release from WWE in October 2008. Since then, I evolved into more a better Twitter user by tweeting to my friends Dominique (@xavadakedavras), Valentyna (@ValentyneDreams), Naomi (@Gabrielsqueen), Christine (@BronxBitch4ever), Anne (@nanakistrife), the guys (the wrestlers) Chris Hero (@theChrisHero), Tim Donst (@TDonst), Seth Rollins (@WWERollins), Justin Gabriel (@Justin__Gabriel), and sometimes mention others like Clinton Kelly (@clinton_kelly), Daphne Oz (@DaphneOz), and Kristen Alderson (@krisalderson). 

Well, one thing is for sure, Twitter is getting too much of an upgrade...That's another subject.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chris in Germany again?

So, this happen...
I send my wishes to Chris who is heading to Germany again for westside Xtreme wrestling's 16 Carat Gold Tournament. Now it has been almost seven years since Chris won the tournament and I hope he does again. I don't want to be a greedy fan, but, I hope he faces against Adam Cole in the finals of the tournament and I hope Adam Cole raise the stakes by putting the ROH World title on the line. I know that would be sweet for the fans in Germany, but back home, the fans will be either hate Chris or accept him as Champ, if he wins. But, for me, I will be smiling and maybe shed tears that the man who I adore is one step closer to becoming a triple crown champion. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No one is ready to know the full story of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Ray, and Tim Donst.

I really am getting annoyed of what WWE is doing since their problems are getting worse. I see by my Twitter timeline and Facebook pages of a few wrestling news sources that WWE has been on a spiral of bad storylines, while revealing something that I don't think any fan should rely on a wrestling website, mostly WWE. The truth is, no WWE fan is ready to understand the indies scene, let alone the whole crazy stories that involves Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Ray, and Tim Donst. If you want to know, you can ask them, or hear it from me, since I did some digging on all of them. But, there are fans who would not handle the truth. The reason why I am doing this blog entry is on WWE's latest antics, an article on their Divas trainer, Sara Del Ray.

Sara Del Ray, or by her real name as WWE mention, Sara Amato, is the secret weapon on helping out the upcoming divas roster on NXT and even though, they mention partly of her matches, her opponents, and being trained by Bryan Danielson, the real truth is that Sara is in fact has been the whole reason of the existing of Chikara's stable, Bruderschaft des Kreuzes with Claudio Castagnoli and Tim Donst and being part of the reunion of the best tag team in Ring of Honor, The Kings of Wrestling, as Chris and Claudio's valet and tag team partner during six person tag team matches. She's mostly be seen with Shane Hagadorn and when she is not accompanying Chris and Claudio, she would be wrestling against her opponents and Shane Hagadorn would be in her corner. As part of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes, she team up with Daizee Haze and she would be seen in videos that involve with then leader, Claudio Castagnoli and cohort, Tim Donst. Sara also host the Video des Kreuzes, which it would be Chikara's Lowdown of the matches. Sara have also been part of the late Larry Sweeney's stable, Sweet & Sour Inc, mostly she been the valet of Chris Hero and The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) with Shane Hagadorn as being their manager.

I feel what WWE is doing is nothing more then brutal stupid antics. They mention one of her nicknames, "Death Ray", but she's also known as "The Queen of Wrestling", which Chris and Claudio calls her and what she is refer to.

But, one thing is for sure, I don't think WWE fans can't handle the details or stories of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Ray, and Tim Donst.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I want to see Jeff Jarrett & AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero & Tim Donst

Okay, this is going to sounds so silly, but, I am going nuts about it. See, I been re-following Jeff Jarrett on twitter, since Jerry Lawler had a massive heart attack about less then two years ago. I found out that he quits TNA Wrestling weeks ago and I find out why in a video:


It seems that it could be a documentary on Jeff Jarrett in the independent scene with his wife, Karen. I don't know what to say about it, but, if there is any suggestions for Jeff to wrestle against anyone, I would like to see him and AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero and Tim Donst, Jarrett vs. Styles, Jarrett vs. Hero, and Jarrett vs. Donst. I know this sounds so strange, but, I guess this would benefit the fans. I don't care who will book the match. As long as four great wrestlers can wrestle, I am fine with it.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

WWE are morons to do something real stupid as an article while they hide their stupid mistakes

I was just going through my Gmail and I went to see the latest from WWNLive Alerts for their upcoming shows, when I saw something that makes me livid, WWE post on their website an article about Ring of Honor and got the stories from Tyler Black, who wrestles currently in the WWE as Seth Rollins, since 2011, Bryan Danielson, who wrestles currently in the WWE as Daniel Bryan, since 2009, Claudio Castagnoli, who wrestles currently in the WWE as Antonio Cesaro, since late 2011, Colt Cabana, who used to wrestle in the WWE in 2008 as Scotty Goldman and best friend of CM Punk and host of the podcast, The Art of Wrestling, and Gabe Saplosky, the man who founded Ring of Honor, now owns Dragon Gate USA and Evolve Wrestling. One thing that in the article broke me down in tears is what Claudio Castagnoli said. This is what he said:

I had a show with a friend, and they had one of those do-or-die tryouts in New Jersey. I died, but I did well. I was brought back and competed against Nigel McGuiness in my first real ROH match and against Alex Shelley in my second. Then I was just kind of wrestling in Ring of Honor mostly for the ROH Pure Title against Nigel. When Chris Hero came in during the [Combat Zone Wrestling]-ROH feud, I turned on ROH and joined CZW. It was the first run of The Kings of Wrestling.

Claudio mentions his friend and trainer, Chris Hero, who was in WWE for 21 months as Kassius Ohno. I was shock that Claudio did not say, Kassius Ohno, but Chris Hero, I was in deep, yet, I remember that WWE really make me upset for releasing Chris, yet, he's mention in the article. What's worse is the photos that WWE posted on their website, had Tyler Black's feud of former Ring of Honor star and current TNA Wrestling Superstar and 4 time X-Division Champion, Austin Aries and Claudio's feud and reunion with Chris. It really hurts me. Even though, this article is a stupid way, since their stupid mistakes like releasing Chris, bringing back Batista, having a shitty Royal Rumble that I did not watch, yet I saw everything on my twitter timeline, and being so mean to the fans who bring posters of former WWE superstars, like CM Punk. In fact, this article that happen is a way to hide their stupid mistakes and should be ashamed about it. If there is any fan who wants to know about Ring of Honor, Chikara, Combat Zone Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, westside Xtreme wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, heck even Absolute Intense Wrestling or any of the wrestling promotions that house Claudio Castagnoli, Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, CM Punk, Nigel McGuiness, Austin Aries, Jimmy Jacobs, and others that I could list on here, including Tim Donst who follows me on twitter, search online, ask them or even me. Because I had to know about this as much, since 2009 when I had to look up on Bryan Danielson and finding where the late Lance Cade was up to, before he pass away in August of 2010.

Believe me on this, WWE needs to be ashamed on what they are doing.

If you want to see the article and the photos, click here for the article and click here for the photos.

If you want to support the independent scene, follow the wrestlers, the promotions, and buy the merchandise. Mostly check out and

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wrestling Is Presents: Ashes (Episode 11 through 15)

Okay, if you haven't seen Episodes six through 10, please click this link:

In my last entry, We seen Icarus going nuts as to talk to Hallowicked, an rival of Tim Donst's and a tag team partner of Frightmare and talking to Eddie Kingston at a Ring of Honor show, 3.0 still on the search of Archibald Peck, and the Ants are still looking for Solider Ant, despite they got problems with assailAnt, which both Green Ant and Fire Ant don't like assailAnt at all. So, let's see where we are at:

Ashes episode eleven: "History"

Icarus is at a library and talking to UltraMantis Black about their past, mostly of their training, the war against the BDK, and their fight against the Gekido. Even though Icarus is in high spirits, UltraMantis Black is not and he turns off the lights in the library on Icarus after Icarus explain what he is fighting for.

Here is the video:

In the last episode, we saw UltraMantis Black at a bar and making the Ants really livid as they were searching for their friend, Solider Ant. Let me just say, it would be interesting to see if UltraMantis Black get to defeat two Ants or be chewed on by the remaining members of the Colony. As I mention in the last episode the in depth of UltraMantis Black's stable, The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple and what he did which led to the debuting of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Translate from German, "Brotherhood of the Cross"), which is what Icarus is referring to in this episode. Now the story behind the BDK explains about the stable are by divided in three groups. You got Ares, Tursas, and Claudio Castagnoli as the three heavyweighters, then you have Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, and Pinkie Sanchez as the young lions of the group, and finally, you have Sara Del Ray and Daizee Haze as the dominating tag team of the BDK. Now I don't know what Icarus was saying about dark Cibernetico, but it may have to do with what happened in 2010. I found a music video clip of the 2011 Cibernetico match with a promo by Tim Donst, but it's short. Yes, UltraMantis Black is in it. Here it is:

Although, the ending of this episode is really funny, when UltraMantis Black turn off the lights on Icarus. I wonder who else Icarus is going to talk to?

Ashes episode twelve: "Solitude"

It's a cold snowy day and we are joined by 3.0 on their search for Archibald Peck. Scott Parker explains to Shane Matthews a plan to find a way through. The two started to climb before Scott slips and Shane encourages him to get up. After walking and climbing, 3.0 finds what they were looking for and as Scott was happy, Shane pushes Scott and sees what Scott was being happy about. Shane did not know that he pushed Scott down. But, within their excitement they found Parts Unknown, the suppose location of where Archibald Peck is suppose to be at. Shane and Scott walk all the way to a barn, where they knock at the door as the episode is fade to black.

Here's the video:

As we last left off 3.0, we saw them talking to R.D. Evans who was really kinda busy, but talk to Shane Matthews and Scott Parker and talk about Archibald Peck. So, the question remains, who is going to answer to 3.0 when the door is open?

Ashes episode thirteen: "Fuel"

In this episode, we are seeing Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly wrestling against assailAnt at the Wrestle Factory, which each man is taking the upper hand. Suddenly the guys are interrupted by deviAnt, which assailAnt asking him why is he here at the Wrestle Factory. deviAnt says that it's finally coming together as he's signaling the Colony Xtreme Force. They come out and said to assailAnt should not be doing this as the Xtreme Force and deviAnt surrounds the ring as one of them uses chloroform on Cottonbelly and deviAnt uses a lighter and says to assailAnt that to finish up what they started.

Here is the episode:

Now, this is going to be confusing about this, but, The Colony Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Ant, and Orbit Adventure Ant) is nothing like the Colony. They were introduce by Wink Vavasseur last March to feud against the Colony, but, Vavasseur done bad things towards the Colony, by not letting Solder Ant return to the Colony, but force Solder Ant to team with them and also strip the Colony of their King of Trios medals that they earn and give it to the Xtreme Force, during their feud last year. As for deviAnt, he was once part of the trio, the Swarm with assailAnt and combatAnt, however, at the King of Trios 2012, Wink Vavasseur switch it up as he force assailAnt to join the Colony and Solder Ant to the Swarm. When both trio teams lost to the trio teams of Dash Chisako, Meiko Satomura, and Sendai Sachiko, also known as the Sendai Girls (The Colony) & Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Manami Toyota (The Swarm),  both trio teams had to stay together. A few months later, assailAnt was turned tecnico and became a member of the Colony and the trio walked out on Solder Ant.

Now, I don't know who trained the Swarm or The Colony Xtreme Force. But, I am guessing that they might be trained by Mike Quackenbush, Chuck Taylor, Fire Ant, Green Ant, Hallowicked, and Ophidian. Unlike Fire Ant, Green Ant, and Solder Ant, who were trained by Mike Quackenbush and either Chris Hero or Claudio Castagnoli (The Kings of Wrestling).

Ashes episode fourteen: "Flood"

As we last left off, deviAnt and The Colony Xtreme Force interrupted Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly and assailAnt during Cottonbelly and assailAnt's training at the Wrestle Factory. The Xtreme Force took out Cottonbelly and leaving deviAnt with assailAnt. deviAnt was going to use a lighter to what it seems to be to burn the Wrestle Factory down. Continuing where we last left off, deviAnt toss the lighter to assailAnt after he says, "Let's finished what we started" and assailAnt freak out about it. He tells deviAnt that he had to work hard to gain acceptance and respect at the Wrestle Factory. He ask deviAnt that this is what he wanted. deviAnt says no and he said that they wanted to destroy Chikara and everything. assailAnt refuses and he kicked the gas can out of the ring and he toss the lighter back to deviAnt, because he does not want to do anything that have to do with destroying Chikara and the Wrestle Factory. deviAnt gets off the ring as assailAnt fights against Arctic Rescue Ant. As assailAnt is catching his breath, deviAnt grabs assailAnt by his mask and start to rip part of assailAnt's mask and throw him on the ground. You can see a bit part of assailAnt being expose, because of deviAnt. deviAnt starts to slap assailAnt and he says that assailAnt should be with them. deviAnt reveals that assailAnt's first name to be Frank. deviAnt says that the flood will wash assailAnt away. We see the gas can keep poring out gas.

Here is the video:

According to YouTube users, the Swarm used to be students at the Wrestle Factory. Apparently in an interview with Mike Quackenbush, deviAnt's real first name to be Jose, assailAnt's real first name is Frank, and combatAnt's real first name is Frank as well. So, that reveals half of the part on who trained the Swarm, but, the question remains, who also help the Swarm in their training at the Wrestle Factory? Also, another question will remains is what will deviAnt is going to do? Will he light up and burn down the Wrestle Factory? I hope Fire Ant and Green Ant better stop deviAnt.

Ashes episode fifteen: "Ideas"

In this episode, Mike Quackenbush in a white t-shit, plaid pants, and a cane, watching old wrestling matches, when all of a sudden, Icarus cane in. The two talk about what happened, which it seems that Quackenbush got fired. Icarus said that he forgot something, which Icarus whips out the shirt that Quackenbush had worn and give it to Quackenbush. Icarus says that there is a war coming and he wants Quackenbush to join the fight. Quackenbush tells Icarus that he puts on his ring gear to protect Chikara and Chikara is dead. Icarus says that ideas don't die. He explains about what Chikara means to him. Mike says that he went to war once against some monsters on their own terms and he became one. Icarus says that he want Quackenbush to lead again, however, Quackenbush says that he can't and he looked over and then he said that he won't. Icarus says that Quackenbush will. Icarus says that the man who trained them will be and then he leaves. Quackenbush looks and he is sad.

Here is the video:

Well, it seems Icarus found Mike Quackenbush. Everyone last saw Quackenbush in the first episode of Ashes. It's very strange of what is going on with Quackenbush, but there are fans who are believing him. The one thing is need to be question is what is Quackenbush saying about monsters? Is he talking about Kaiju Big Battel? Only time tell.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammys>Royal Rumble

So, last night I was watching the Grammys and I have to say that it was a very good show. Most of the night is when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won 4 Grammy awards and had an okay performance if they did not had Maddona performing and Queen Latifah officiated a straight/gay wedding for 33 couples, despite, Los Angeles County deputize her to perform the ceremony, according to New York Times (Click here for the article). However, Daft Punk, an French Electronic music duo, took home 5 Grammy awards (Best Engineered Album Non-Classical, Best Dance/Electronica Album, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year) had the best performance as they, along with Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, and Stevie Wonder perform a music montage of "Get Lucky" (Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams singing and Nile Rodgers playing guitar in the music video), "Le Freak" (Perform by Chic, but written by Nile Rodgers), "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" (Daft Punk), "Another Star" (Stevie Wonder), "Lose Yourself to Dance" (Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams), and "Around the World" (Daft Punk). Also another best performance was Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar with their songs, "Radioactive" (Imagine Dragons) & "m.A.A.d city" (Kendrick Lamar). I have to say it was very awesome, because it felt that I was there with legendary international independent pro wrestling superstar, "Knockout Artist" Chris Hero.

Speaking about wrestling, I saw on my timeline on twitter as I was tweeting about the Grammys, a lot of people watched WWE Pay-per-view, Royal Rumble, which the main event, the Royal Rumble, did not go well. Everyone was disappointed because Dave Batista, who haven't seen in three years, suddenly return and enters the Royal Rumble and wins it. I seen that everyone was not happy and feel like they got screwed. Mostly, Mick Foley went on tirade about Daniel Bryan not in it as he curse out the only wrestling company who induct him to their Hall of Fame. Even though, Mick had also mention about that WWE don't care for the fans. Well, Mick...


That is not the only thing WWE has done. If you all remember what happened back in November, WWE made a huge mistake of releasing Chris Hero, due to not having anything for him. See, it's just pathetic of what has been happen. However, if you are done watching WWE, but, still want wrestling, here are a few things to take:

  1. Watch TNA Wrestling: I know everyone is so mad about what is going on with Dixie Carter going nuts, Magnus is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and Sting no longer wrestling. But, there are better things, like Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards who swore to reveal the investor who hire the guys, Austin Aries being TNA X-Division Champion for the fourth time, Madison Rayne, who had her first child, is our TNA Knockouts Champion, and many more.
  2. Okay, this is very serious. If you want to see Chris Hero in action, I recommend you go to the Ring of Honor website and see if you have the TV show or you can sign up for a free membership to watch or if you wanted to see past episode on the website, you have to upgrade the membership by paying $7.99 per month, $19.99 every three months, or $59.99 per year.
  3. Independent promotions: There are independent promotions that do wrestling and see if they do iPPVs or not, but they will tell you to go to their store to buy their DVDs or go to I purchase a digital copy of Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents 2013 to watch Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst, but they have a great show.
  4. Always go abroad: Not only there is wrestling here, but, there are shows in other countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. They host their native wrestlers and foreign wrestlers. If you don't believe me, you better learn German, buy tickets to get to Germany and to westside Xtreme wrestling's 16 Carat tournament in March to watch Chris Hero, Adam Cole, Trent Barreta, and others to try to win the tournament.  
That is all of what I'm saying.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mae Young pass away and I have a revelation.

So, I want to do two subjects on one entry and not to do them in separate entries. So, where to begin. Okay, this is really official, Mae Young did pass away at the age of 90 and I seen many tweets about her. Last week, The Post and Courier reported that she did pass away, before recanting their story and says that she was gravely ill. The truth of her passing away came from Stephanie McMahon on her twitter account. I post on twitter and also on Facebook for my friends to read of my thoughts of Mae Young. This is what I said:

A lot of you already know about the great true legendary Mae Young pass away (Yes, this is official, see Stephanie McMahon's tweet on twitter) and she leave a huge mark for everyone. She was in fact the one who started off women's wrestling with her friend, Lilly Ellison, aka The Fabulous Moolah (Who also trained her). She was a force to be recon as much as Moolah is too. Even though she quit from wrestling 23 years ago, she did somehow had some fun with WWE. Last year, Vince McMahon and his son-in-law, Triple H declared that Mae Young was forever the divas champion after they gave her a replica divas championship. With all of this, Mae Young brought women's wrestling to be seen and today, I get to see women wrestling like Veda Scott, who attacked Gregory Irons at Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents last month. Even though, I was looking forward to watching Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst, Veda Scott proves that she's not like any female who won't be treated badly. Another example is Sara Del Ray. If you go onto Youtube or buy videos from Smart Mark Videos or Ring of Honor Wrestling store, you will see how much Sara proves and even team up with both men and women like Davina Rose, Daizee Haze, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero. Even though today Sara is in WWE as a trainer for future divas, Sara proves that she always, reign supreme.

If you ever wonder if this relationship of two friends like Mae Young and Lilly Ellison ever exists to anyone, men or women? Well there is with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. If you know about them, you get what I am saying. 

Rest in Peace Miss Johnnie Mae Young and thank you for breaking the walls of women's wrestling.

Yeah, I really mean it. Sure, some women would cite male wrestlers, but, they wouldn't be in wrestling if it wasn't for her.

Now, onto something else. As I was looking on my twitter timeline and seeing those who I follow on twitter who knew Mae Young, I saw a retweet from Tim Donst on another video he did with Gary Yap, who filmed the TJ Perkins video about his role in TNA Wrestling as the character, Manik. Now the first video that Tim had done was talking about his father believing that Tim being a pro wrestler is a joke. (Click here to watch the video) I don't think that Tim is not a joke, he's hardcore, because he knows how to fight and he proves himself, the fans, and his trainers, Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero that he is the best. I know that was weird on the last part, but it's true. See when Tim wrestled against Mike, that was more then a few years ago, in Chikara, and he prove to Quack that he can be one of the guys. However, last month at Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents, Tim went at it against Chris and despite he tried to force Chris to tap out, but turn it into a pinfall, Tim really shock Chris, even though, Tim was not well. Now, back to the video dilemma. Tim's second video is something that what a man could want, a lover and a family, which he said that he won't have, because of his wrestling. I was starting to feel bad about what he said. Sure, years ago, I don't know what should I do as a career. I would think, should I be a wrestler or try to further my education? I did not know what to do, but, my mother insist I should continue my education. She wasn't much of me being a wrestler, because watching it is a hobby (I don't know if that's the right thing to say), but, I did not wanted to make my family upset. I am still a wrestling fan and I start to understand that it's hard for someone to be on the road every weekend, but they should come home to someone in their life. For an example, Gregory Helms, he has a fiancee and a son and he always wrestle and despite that he has other things that he does, he knows that he's happy in his life.

If I would, I could make someone happy, even though, I could be the one provides everything. But, don't get me wrong, but, that is what the normal is. As long as my better half is not being lazy, I am fine with that. But, if I ever find my better half.

So, here is the video that I am talking about:

So, what do you think?