Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Drew Gulak campaigning for a better WWE 205 Live?

I so need to make sure this is true, but, I am sensing something that Drew Gulak is doing and why I have a feeling that this happened before. If you don't know what I am talking about is that the latest of WWE 205 Live is getting to be really interesting, because of some of the guys that I like and know of since Chris Hero left WWE in 2013. I know this is 2017 and Chris is back in the WWE, but, I am not going to be talking about him, okay...well, I am going to mention him because of Drew Gulak.

I read off a review from Wrestling Head's reviewer, Jack Wannan, from this week's 205 Live and since I follow Drew Gulak on Instagram, hinting of what he might be doing in 205 Live has something he did before. When Chris wrestled against Drew at CZW Cage of Death XV (Note this was the first match, due to Chris went to ROH Final Battle to surprise then ROH World Champion Adam Cole and Matt Hardy that would lead a championship match in 2014), Drew came out with Kimber Lee and some other wrestlers as part of a stable Drew created. Called "The Campaign For a Better Combat Zone" or "The Campaign", Drew was trying to make CZW better. I haven't get the ideal of why, but, I wanted Chris be the CZW World Heavyweight Champion for the second time. Drew did retain the title and Chris left.

However, as I dig into what the deal of Drew Gulak and his stable, "The Campaign" and why this will apply to WWE 205 Live is going to be a doozy. First, let's look at the creation of Drew's stable, "The Campaign". The creation happened prior to Drew Gulak wrestling against Chris Hero at CZW Cage of Death XV and prior to Drew Gulak winning the CZW World Heavyweight Championship, the creation of "The Campaign" started back of January 2013, when Drew Gulak got attack by "The Front" a stable created by Sozio. Gulak had wrestlers that he had involve in his feud against Sozio and "The Front" were Kimber Lee, Mr. Tofiga, Dewey Donovan, and Alexander James. They were the heels of CZW, but, if I had watch them, they were more face then heels, since Sozio and "The Front" attack them for no reason.

Here is the video:

It seems that the reason why "The Campaign" was created to deal with having a better CZW, without "The Front" attacking them and other wrestlers.

How this will apply to WWE 205 Live? Well, this is going to be very odd, since both Drew Gulak and Kimber Lee are in WWE, but, Drew is in WWE 205 Live and Kimber Lee is on WWE NXT, which she made her appearance on the show under her real name, Kimberly Frankele against Heidi Lovelace, but, under her WWE name (Which by the way it's corny) Ruby Riot. I don't know if Kimber Lee would be in WWE 205 Live, but, that depends on when if she is ready.

As for Drew Gulak, he is mostly is trying to do what he can do, by making it better, but, without any high flying maneuvers, but that is what mostly of 205 Live. But, who will join Gulak? I don't think it will be TJ Perkins, because he does high flying maneuvers, including the 450 splash that he and Austin Aries use to end their matches. I don't know if anyone else, but, if Drew wants to establish this, he will need someone who is like him.

By the way, if you are wondering, why did I choose TJ Perkins and not anyone else on the 205 Live? Well, Drew Gulak and TJ Perkins were once part of a stable Gulak made in Evolve back a while ago called Catch Point and I don't think TJ would, despite both men are heels.

So, what do you think? Do you think Drew Gulak is starting to campaign for a better WWE 205 Live?

Monday, April 17, 2017

The YouTube Restriction Mode and why Wrestling Promotion Channels should not worry

Note: I will have a video on my YouTube Channel explaining this, so if you want to see that, please go to my channel to subscribe:

I should say something about this days ago since Absolute Intense Wrestling posted on Instagram and I am going to say it, so if you are a fan of the indy scene or the three companies, WWE, TNA, and ROH, please read this and share it or if you are watching this on my YouTube channel, please share the video.

I, Lindsie Starr, as a fan of every pro wrestling and a YouTuber, I had know about restriction mode for a few weeks that has been addressed by a fellow YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, who has a lot more subscribers than I do, but, I am not going to hate the man. He state about the situation of restriction mode:

If you are confused about this, Phil has talk about the restriction mode that it is happening to a lot of people like him and others, even though he was pointing out that the whole entire LGBTQ+ community of vloggers like Gigi Gorgeous (transgender/lesbian who does makeup and beauty), Tyler Oakley (gay who does video of any topic of his choice), and others.

However, I don't think any wrestling promoter should be worried as long as their fans are not on restricted mode.

Also, I want to point out that on PWPonderings, a column was on the subject of YouTube restriction mode and the ad ban, which took place last month, due to what it had to do with YouTube not terminating channels that have to deal with terrorism and anything that was not friendly to them, however, this is actually really started back in January, when Wall Street Journal went on a binge of attacks on the most popular YouTuber, PewDiePie, who has well over 54 million subscribers as of me typing this out, stating that he was an anti-Semite, and claims that nine videos he done prove that he is, but, taken the videos out of content, which it is wrong. The videos that they were stating were about how he was frustrated with YouTube. In February, everything fell apart for him, when Wall Street Journal kept attacking him by going to his network, Maker Studios, and push them back to a wall forcing Maker Studios to drop him, despite Maker Studios were going to be dropping a lot of their YouTube creators. I don't know if this prompt ad companies to ban YouTube, but, they are people suggesting it is, even though, there are those who are not friendly.

However, I know YouTube has made changes to their standers of ads that you need well over 10,000 views lifetime and you can check that on the Analytics in the Creators Studio, like I do, due to my video on a subject, I will talk within the next few days. Yes, it's about wrestling.

To wrap up this blog/vlog, I will ask for you to understand that if you are a wrestling promoter out there, who has a YouTube channel, you do not need to worry. As long as you have loyal fans who has a YouTube account and does not have restricted mode and also has more then 10,000 lifetime views to get your videos monetize, you should be fine. Otherwise, there are other platforms out there.