Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who is Tim Donst?

This is a blog that I am going to be talking about, Tim Donst.

You all are wondering, who is he?

He's a wrestler who has been going at it for almost eight years. He had been most frequently in Chikara Pro, but, now he's a mainstay at Absolute Intense Wrestling and is currently the Absolute Champion (It's their World title). He has been in Evolve, Dragon Gate USA, Premiere Wrestling Experience, Ring of Honor, Full Impact Pro, Vicious Outcast Wrestling, and will be wrestling in Combat Zone Wrestling Best of the Best 14 in April. He had wrestle in Japan like almost five years ago in Osaka Pro.

I know he has wrestling many wrestlers like Eddie Kingston, Johnny Gargano, and he had also wrestle against his trainers, Mike Quackenbush (A 20+ year wrestler who is retired, but runs his promotion, Chikara Pro and has the role as Director of F.U.N in Chikara Pro) and Chris Hero (A 16 year wrestler who has travel in Japan, Europe, Germany, UK, Canada, and the USA). Tim also have been in a stable called the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes in Chikara Pro that was formed by Ares on November 29th, 2009, but he took the leadership sometime in late 2011 after Ares was thrown out and Claudio Castagnoli left Chikara to go to WWE.

Tim had team up with Hydra, Lince Dorado, Pinkie Sanchez, Claudio Castagnoli, Tursas, Jakob Hammermeier, and Gran Akuma (Only for the FIP show against The Juicy Product).

Tim has his website Donst.com, he is on twitter at @TDonst, he is on Facebook, and he has his own tees.

I also have a video list of him that I am growing from YouTube:

That is all of what I know...

Okay, we are friends on Facebook and follow each other on twitter. ^_^

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Indy Wrestling Schedule: This weekend, February, March, and April

I am posting the schedule of what I know of PJ Black, Chris Hero, Drew Galloway, and Tim Donst. This is what I know so far:

This weekend


PJ Black is in the Suicidal Six Way Title match at Pro Wrestling Syndicate Frozen Fallout in Rahway, New Jersey. He is the replacement for an injured AR Fox. His opponents are the Suicidal Six Way Champion, Amazing Red, The Drunken Swashbuckler, Brian XL, CPA, and Bobby Wayward.

Chris Hero is in tag team action with JT Dunn of the Juice Product. They will be facing against Biff Busick and Drew Gulak at Beyond Wrestling Hit and Run.



Tim Donst is booked for Absolute Intense Wrestling I Choo Choo Choose You! He's set to defend Absolute Title against Rickey Shane Page.


Chris Hero returns to PWG's first show of the new year. He's set to be wrestling against Drew Gulak again.



PJ Black is wrestling at Preston City Wrestling in a tournament. His opponent is El Ligero.


AIW Gauntlet for the Gold is announced. Tim Donst is one of the names listed for that night, but, don't know who he will be wrestling. Unknown on he will have the Absolute title (That depends on the outcome at I Choo Choo Choose You in February).

3/26/2015 through 3/28/2015:

Gabe Sapolsky, the Vice President of Dragon Gate USA and owner of Evolve Wrestling has announced on his twitter account that Chris Hero and PJ Black are schedule the weekend. No word on who they will be wrestling. I haven't heard from Gabe if Drew Galloway is there, but, I am certain he will be there since he is still the Evolve Champion. Information and tickets are on sale at this site: http://www.wwnlive.com/SJCA/



Tim Donst is booked at Combat Zone Wrestling Best of the Best 14. Five others has been announced by CZW. Information at this site: http://www.czwrestling.com/upcoming/#041115

That is all for now. If there is more, I will update in a new blog.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Justin Gabriel quits WWE-Independent Pro Wrestling welcomes him with open arms

About more than a few hours ago, Paul Lloyd, formerly known as Justin Gabriel quitted WWE. There are reports swirling that it was more than a few days ago. I am not sure, but, because of this, a lot of independent promoters are going to take this chance to book to his name he made famous in South Africa, PJ Black. For those who are wondering why this name? Well, PJ is short for Paul Junior, since he was named after his father, the late Paul Lloyd Senior, who wrestled as the Pink Panther in most of his career before he pass away in 1999 in South Africa. I don't know where Paul got the last name is beyond me (You have to ask him yourself if you follow him).

I have got word that Pro Wrestling Syndicate has book him for the end of this month. I am hoping that others would book him, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Evolve Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, AAW Pro, and maybe Beyond Wrestling.

There are many videos of PJ Black out there from his days in South Africa on YouTube.  Mostly he has been accompanied by his valet and he has been in tag team matches too. There is one of him in an eight man tag against Ares, who has been trained by Chris Hero.

If you are going to be asking me who I want PJ Black wrestling in who can book him, I hope he can wrestle against Tim Donst, Chris Hero, Ethan Page, Joey Ryan, Brian Myers, Drew Galloway, Eddie Kingston, Johnny Gargano, Matt Sydal, Jesus De Leon, Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, JT Dunn, and David Starr (NO RELATIONS TO ME!).

I think that's a list I can say.

Welcome PJ Black to the world of Independent Wrestling and thank you for bringing your fans too. This is one ride you don't want to miss.

Note: STAY AWAY FROM AUSTIN ARIES AND/OR HIS SEMINARS! If you want to learn about the roads of the United States ask Chris Hero! ^_^