Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bitcoin: How did I know about it?

I am going to do this blog to explain it. How did I know about bitcoin? I learn about it from taking a computer class. From there I looked online and now I am in it by online by earning it. Bitcoin is a peer to peer and there is no middle man. There are three ways to do it: Buy, Earn, and mining. I guess I should begin. (Feel free to click on the links)


Buying bitcoin is really nuts. You need to look for the right website. I use Coinbase, because it's easy to set up, but there are some that required more Identifications, which you may need to be careful and also you may need a 2 Factor Authentication to protect your account. I use Authy to protect my account. I know I say that, but, it's the only way.


Earning is another way. There are many sites that would let you earn. Mostly there are ones called faucets, which give out a fraction of a bitcoin, called satoshis. You use your wallet address to collect after you solve a captcha and do it again in a certain amount of time. One I recommend is Daily Free Bits. It's easy and you can earn satoshis for every 60 minutes until you can cashout. You can cashout many times.


Mining is really nuts. Mostly you may need hardware to buy and set up. Plus you need to find and sign up a mining pool. There are websites that would deal with mining, but, you have to buy contracts. However, I have two websites that are free and you don't need to do anything, but collect, unless you want to upgrade. They are Ore Mine and MyBitMine. Ore Mine is just easy. You sign up and start collecting. You collect every 8 hours. You can withdraw, but if you can get 0.01BTC (There is a fee of 0.0005BTC) for an easy withdraw. Now, MyBitMine right now will give you to mine gold when you sign up. Just easily solve a captcha and wait until 5 minutes to get gold. You can exchange gold for satoshis. You can withdraw to your earnings to your wallet, which it's 0.001BTC. However there is a one called SocialCoinWallet. You do not want to go there, because I haven't explore it and if you do, be careful.

Besides that you need to understand of denomination of bitcoin. I did mention satoshi, which it looks like this: 0.00000001BTC However we can show it like this: 1 satoshi.  In order to get 1 BTC you need to collect 100,000,000 satoshis. There are also a way bitcoin can be describe. Some people will say bits, which 1 bit equals 100 satoshis. In order to get 1BTC you need 1,000,000 bits. There are other ways to see bitcoin, but, I like seeing at satoshis or bits. A lot of people hear about bitcoin and they see it as bad, because it mostly involve in the black market, but, there are good in it. Small business are starting to use it and recently Microsoft and are using it. There are websites are using bitcoin in a good way over the bad. Also, some colleges are accepting bitcoins as a payment. However you need to be careful with the situation. If you come across a bad website like you did not get what you order or if you came across a website that says that you can double your bitcoins in a few days (They would specify it by hours) and you don't get your bitcoins back, you are very screwed. So, be careful!

Also, there is one site that is mostly be giving out bitcoins through twitter called Changetip. You can give someone a tip if you like what they say. You can collect your tip if someone gives it to you. You will know when ChangeTip twitter account mentions you. I know some do it like WWE Superstar Curtis Axel. You may have to keep an eye out, because mostly he does wrestling. But, there are others, including me! You can send me one by mention my twitter handle @MsLindsieStarr and how much you want to give me! I will know when ChangeTip mentions me and I will collect it. Just sign up to Changetip and add funds and mention me and ChangeTip's twitter handle @ChangeTip and the amount. Once that happens, I will see it. Go ahead and try it!

If you want to know about other cryptocurrencies, you need to use a exchanger to exchange your bitcoins to other coins, but, it will be lesser in cash. I will explain it in another blog.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Only time will tell that he will be okay.

I was talking a friend about some twitter situation, when I notice Tim Donst's blog that he posted over an half hour ago. In it I read about it and I notice that he is accepting the bad situation if the tumor become cancerous and spread. But, I want Tim's condition come out on positive side and I know that he will be okay and go back to the one thing he loves, pro wrestling. I don't want to see things negative. I already went through so much in my childhood when my brother was ill.

What I mean by is this, it was over two decades ago, I was just 8 years old and I was getting ready for school, when my brother, just 7 years old, has got sick. I wanted to stay with my brother, but my parents were really angry at me and wanted me to get to go to school. So, I did. I was really mad, but, at the time, I wanted to stay home, just to be with my brother, but, I think now that I should stay home then, in case I was sick too. When I was at school, my brother was at the doctor's office with our mother and when the doctor saw my brother, the doctor told my mother to take my brother to the hospital. I learned when I got home that he had Leukemia, a cancer that affects the blood cells. For the next five years, I watched my brother battle this. On some days I would visit him after school or weekends when he go in, other times, my brother is at school. Still, it was really hard to see my brother losing his blonde hair and eyebrows were nuts, because of the radiation, but, I tried to turn it into a joke by calling him baldy, because of a commercial I saw of a teen boy ate a Popsicle Rainbow pop and his hair was like the ice pop and by the time the teen boy finish it, the talking dog said, "Hey Baldy! Baldy!" because the teen boy was bald. I thought it would make my brother laugh, but instead, he did not get it. I was not teasing him. Although, I should dress as that dog and really done that.

When my brother got really better about 1998, I was really glad. Because of that, we had a puppy and my brother finished elementary school. Today, it would be almost four years, since our dog died, but, my brother is taking classes at community college and being a pain.

But, now I am watching someone who I really like. Tim Donst, a pro wrestler, who follow me on twitter (and I follow him back)  since August of 2013. I did not know much about Tim at that time, but, I end up do my research on him by looking through on YouTube. I found his promos and I get to hear him talk and I also find some of his matches too. Before long, I started to like Tim Donst. Because of that, I also learn stuff on him. I know that Tim was trained by Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush, and Jorge "Skyada" Rivera. I know that Tim did wrestle against Quackenbush in Chikara Pro, but, Quack beat him around 2009. I knew Tim wrestled against Chris at Absolute Intense Wrestling Dead Presidents, because at Hell on Earth Nine, after defeating Michael Hutter (or you can call him, Ethan Carter), Tim got on the mic and announced that he will be wrestling against Chris at Dead Presidents. Even though the day of the show, Tim got sick and ran a fever of a 105, but, still he went to perform that night. I heard that Tim beat Chris that night and it was really great. I end up seeing it in January 2014 by downloading it after buying it from Smart Mark Video. I saw those two really tore down the house. I see how much those two went at it and I was proud of both of them. After the match, Chris cut a promo and he was really surprised how far Tim came. Chris did said a lot of things, but he was amazed how Tim became, since their days at the Wrestle Factory.

After Chris talk, the two embraced with a hug and Chris telling Tim to get better. I knew that I see the best match in both of their careers. In September of 2014, Tim got a huge chance to win the Absolute Intense Wrestling Absolute title against then champion, Michael Elgin and a third wrestler, Josh Alexander at AIW WrestleRager, night one. Sadly both Tim and Josh could not get the win. However, luck would change as a good thing would happen again at night three of WrestleRager as both men would get their rematch, but it turn out sorta bad for Michael Elgin, when he was denied entry back to the United States, so the main event turn into a singles match for the vacated Absolute title. In an effort to claim the title for the second time, Tim Donst beat Josh Alexander for the Absolute title. I was really happy for him. I read tweets that Tim defend the Absolute title, but one title defense that Tim was suppose to happen is what is really going on now. You see if Tim did not had the tumor, he would had wrestled against Rickey Shane Page for the Absolute title and I would really love to see how that went. But, that did not happen, because of the tumor in his kidney and he had no other choice but to relinquish the Absolute title. Even though the title is now in the hands of Josh Alexander, maybe one day when Tim gets better, those two wrestle again at any AIW show, without Veda Scott in Josh Alexander's corner.

If you want to read Tim's blog, please click here. I did leave a comment. Also if you want to buy Tim's tees, click here.

Thank you for reading this!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

I am out of the loop because I am waiting to hear from Tim Donst

I am just sitting with my laptop and listen and putting together a video list of Ryan Drago's independent scene days before he is now known as "Quite Manly" Simon Gotch of the tag team The ValluVillans. I am doing this blog entry because I am waiting to hear from Tim Donst. I forgot to update scheduling for Chris Hero, PJ Black, and Drew Galloway...well mostly Chris Hero, since he tweeted his schedule for the rest of this month including tomorrow at Smash Wrestling Any Giving Sunday 3.

The reason why I am waiting for Tim Donst is because I haven't heard if the tumor on his right kidney has got worse or not. I know that this is a very long time. I been very worried about him. I got other things going like my daily regiment of doing my ViSalus shakes and assisting my mother for the annual 5K race which it's next Saturday. I do wanted to go see Tim in Philly, but it's the night before the race and it's just bad. Yeah, I guess I need to explain. Tim is hosting a variety show that was put together by his friend, Jimmy Viola, and since Tim can't wrestle until the tumor is gone, this was the only thing going on. All of the profits are going for a very good cause. The information is on his twitter account.

I will post another entry of my reaction of Tim Donst's blog entry. It's kinda sad of what is going on and my situation could be worse.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Smiley 360 Kit: SweetTarts Ropes

So, I signed up for this SweetTarts Ropes Kit by Smiley 360 for free. I was waiting to see what I got. It seems that I got 12 ropes in two packages, one that has four and the other has eight. Each package has two calories count, 140 and 180 per serving, but each rope is 45 calories. It has a good flavor, but I wonder if there any other flavors?

Anyway, the kit want me to do some stuff with it...putting the rope on my finger can go more then 30 seconds. It was impossible to roll the rope from my forehead to my mouth. But, I am going tag a few people on twitter. :)

So, I am going to share this.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Indy Wrestling Schedule: This weekend (3/6), March, April, and May

NOTE: Until further notice,  all appearances of Tim Donst is pulled. The reason why is explained at this blog entry:
Under circumstances, Tim Donst will not be able to be wrestling until sometime between late April (If he has the surgery in March) to the summer (Depends on the recovery and when he is cleared). That depends on if the surgery goes well and the tumor is benign (Not cancerous). Otherwise I will mention it further.

I am posting the schedule of what I know of PJ Black, Chris Hero, and Drew Galloway. This is what I know so far:

This weekend


Drew Galloway is set to defend the Evolve title at Evolve 38 against Roderick Strong in a steel cage. Chris Hero is also schedule to be on the show. He is wrestling against Drew Gulak (Yet again).



Chris Hero is wrestling against Tommy Dreamer at Family Wrestling Entertainment


PJ Black is wrestling at Preston City Wrestling in a tournament. His opponent is El Ligero.

3/15/2015: Chris Hero returns to Smash Wrestling as he wrestle against Tommaso Ciampa at Smash Wrestling Any Giving Sunday 3.

3/21/2015 & 3/22/2015:

PJ Black is debuting at Premiere Wrestling Xperience (Same promotion that housed Chris Hero in November 2013 PWX I Need A Hero, Drew Galloway in November 2014 PWX What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger and Tim Donst in January 2015 at PWX Taken By Force 3). No word on who his opponents are. Tweet of the announcement:

3/26/2015 through 3/28/2015:

Gabe Sapolsky, the Vice President of Dragon Gate USA and owner of Evolve Wrestling has announced on twitter (He tweet a link) that PJ Black will be wrestling against Drew Galloway on Thursday and Ricochet on Friday. No word on who Drew Galloway is wrestling on Friday and no word yet on who Chris Hero is wrestling on Thursday and Friday. However, on Saturday, Chris will be leading a team of five (Himself and four others) against Colt Cabana's team (Himself and four others). No word on who is on which team. Information:

Update: Gabe also announce that on Saturday, PJ Black will be wrestling against AR Fox (Who is returning from an injury), Chris Hero will be wrestling against Timothy Thatcher. The reason why, months ago in August, Timothy Thatcher won Style Battle, however, Chris came out and attack him, because of losing a match. This is one of two matches Chris will be wrestling since he will be wrestling in Wrestlecon Supershow in a ten man tag team match as his team will be facing against Colt Cabana's team. According to Wrestlecon, Colt's team name is Team Funny Draws Money and Chris' team name is Team Chris Hero Ain't Nothing to F*ck with. (That's the name of one of Chris Hero's tees that are sold at Pro Wrestling Tee's website)

Drew Galloway is booked at Insane Championship Wrestling in Glasgow, Scotland. He's set to defend the ICW World Heavyweight title against Joe Coffey at ICW Barramania.



Chris Hero is wrestling against Tommy End at the next PWG Show.

4/24/2015 & 4/25/2015

Drew Galloway is debuting at Scottish Wrestling Alliance Zero 1 Scotland. No word on who he will be wrestling. Flyer of the show:



PJ Black is debuting in Destiny Wrestling against Brian Cage. Information:


PJ Black is debuting at House of Glory. His opponent is AJ Styles! Information:

5/30/2015 & 5/31/2015

PJ Black is enter at Southside Wrestling Speed King 2015 Tournament.

That is all for now. If there is more, I will update in a new blog.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gregory Iron reminds me that I have to be a fan to Tim Donst

I was on Facebook and saw a link from Tim Donst and it was an article or blog entry from Gregory Iron. Gregory talk about Dennis Stamp, a legend in Pro Wrestling, who haven't wrestle since the early 1990s, had his first match in AIW, by teaming up with Dick Justice (Yes, that's his ring name, please don't get mad at me) and Grado, who is a huge Madonna fan, who wants his friends to use the hashtag #SayYesMadonna to get her approval for one of her songs that he can use for TV, but, sadly, she hasn't responded yet. The trio wrestled against Gregory and his boys of his stable, the Iron Curtain. Stamp, Justice, and Grado did win.

Gregory did also bring something to the fans who would be reading it, but, it sure made me remember why I feel so hurt inside as much outside with my workout with 8lbs dumbbells (Weider) while trying to do some Crossfit exercises that I can find online (Ya'll can blame Seth Rollins for it since he is mostly does tweet about it besides what he does in WWE), Tim Donst have a tumor in his right kidney. When I heard the news that Friday night by Dave Muscarella (Aka Cartoon Dave as what his twitter display name says) when he was attending the AIW show, I Choo-Choo-Choose You. I was thinking around the weekend especially on Valentine's Day what was wrong with Tim, when he tweeted. I thought he got ill or needed his appendix removed, but I did not know that he was suffering pain that he thought it was because of his matches, but, it was more than that. It was that he had a tumor. I cried in my own home. I told my friends Valentyna and Anne what happened. They too knew and I am sure they shed tears too, because they know someone who I really like, besides my brother's lady friend, Rita.

Gregory detail on how he knew about Tim during several occasions including both men had a tryout with WWE at Ohio Valley Wrestling, before WWE had to distance themselves and only have one developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling (Now NXT). I was kinda shock that they were in the same place that house Drew Galloway, Colt Cabana, Matt Morgan, Cliff Compton (Both times as Domino with Deuce and Cherry and as himself), CM Punk, Stu Sanders (Both Sanders and Galloway ended up in FCW), and even the late Lance Cade. Gregory also mention about Tim's time in Chikara and ending up at AIW. Gregory did wrestle against Tim and also DJ Zema Ion (Yeah, Zema is a legit DJ. I seen a video clip on the TNA Wrestling YouTube channel) in a three way dance.

Also, Gregory did mention that Tim got a really positive vibe from Mick Foley. He also forgot to mention Tommy Dreamer tweeted to Tim too. Yeah, I don't blame him if he did not know. I was kinda livid at Dreamer posting a photo of himself with Thea Trinadad and Austin Aries for his birthday and the next thing you know, Dreamer tweets to Tim. I wonder if Mick told him or Dreamer saw Mick's tweet to Tim? Gregory did said that he was on a show with Foley and he thank him for making Tim's day. I thank Foley too...kinda a little bit overkill if you ask me.

Gregory finished off something that it was really do make sense. He said:

Tim, you may be down right now, but you’re far from out. I know you can fight this. Don’t worry. You don’t have to battle this alone. As Josh Prohibition said, “Wrestling is a brotherhood. Tim– we have your back.”
Gregory and Josh are right. The wrestlers do (Except for Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, which I haven't seen one of them send a tweet to him! Let's just say that the former duo are playing tag team replacements) have his back, but, they are not alone. So do I am my friends and I am sure the fans do too.

There has been a catchphrase Tim says, but, he ends up saying "Catchphrase!" like if anyone gets it. Well, if you don't, I do. It's goes like this:
Karma isn't real...but Tim Donst is.
Read Gregory Iron's article:

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