Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Only time will tell that he will be okay.

I was talking a friend about some twitter situation, when I notice Tim Donst's blog that he posted over an half hour ago. In it I read about it and I notice that he is accepting the bad situation if the tumor become cancerous and spread. But, I want Tim's condition come out on positive side and I know that he will be okay and go back to the one thing he loves, pro wrestling. I don't want to see things negative. I already went through so much in my childhood when my brother was ill.

What I mean by is this, it was over two decades ago, I was just 8 years old and I was getting ready for school, when my brother, just 7 years old, has got sick. I wanted to stay with my brother, but my parents were really angry at me and wanted me to get to go to school. So, I did. I was really mad, but, at the time, I wanted to stay home, just to be with my brother, but, I think now that I should stay home then, in case I was sick too. When I was at school, my brother was at the doctor's office with our mother and when the doctor saw my brother, the doctor told my mother to take my brother to the hospital. I learned when I got home that he had Leukemia, a cancer that affects the blood cells. For the next five years, I watched my brother battle this. On some days I would visit him after school or weekends when he go in, other times, my brother is at school. Still, it was really hard to see my brother losing his blonde hair and eyebrows were nuts, because of the radiation, but, I tried to turn it into a joke by calling him baldy, because of a commercial I saw of a teen boy ate a Popsicle Rainbow pop and his hair was like the ice pop and by the time the teen boy finish it, the talking dog said, "Hey Baldy! Baldy!" because the teen boy was bald. I thought it would make my brother laugh, but instead, he did not get it. I was not teasing him. Although, I should dress as that dog and really done that.

When my brother got really better about 1998, I was really glad. Because of that, we had a puppy and my brother finished elementary school. Today, it would be almost four years, since our dog died, but, my brother is taking classes at community college and being a pain.

But, now I am watching someone who I really like. Tim Donst, a pro wrestler, who follow me on twitter (and I follow him back)  since August of 2013. I did not know much about Tim at that time, but, I end up do my research on him by looking through on YouTube. I found his promos and I get to hear him talk and I also find some of his matches too. Before long, I started to like Tim Donst. Because of that, I also learn stuff on him. I know that Tim was trained by Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush, and Jorge "Skyada" Rivera. I know that Tim did wrestle against Quackenbush in Chikara Pro, but, Quack beat him around 2009. I knew Tim wrestled against Chris at Absolute Intense Wrestling Dead Presidents, because at Hell on Earth Nine, after defeating Michael Hutter (or you can call him, Ethan Carter), Tim got on the mic and announced that he will be wrestling against Chris at Dead Presidents. Even though the day of the show, Tim got sick and ran a fever of a 105, but, still he went to perform that night. I heard that Tim beat Chris that night and it was really great. I end up seeing it in January 2014 by downloading it after buying it from Smart Mark Video. I saw those two really tore down the house. I see how much those two went at it and I was proud of both of them. After the match, Chris cut a promo and he was really surprised how far Tim came. Chris did said a lot of things, but he was amazed how Tim became, since their days at the Wrestle Factory.

After Chris talk, the two embraced with a hug and Chris telling Tim to get better. I knew that I see the best match in both of their careers. In September of 2014, Tim got a huge chance to win the Absolute Intense Wrestling Absolute title against then champion, Michael Elgin and a third wrestler, Josh Alexander at AIW WrestleRager, night one. Sadly both Tim and Josh could not get the win. However, luck would change as a good thing would happen again at night three of WrestleRager as both men would get their rematch, but it turn out sorta bad for Michael Elgin, when he was denied entry back to the United States, so the main event turn into a singles match for the vacated Absolute title. In an effort to claim the title for the second time, Tim Donst beat Josh Alexander for the Absolute title. I was really happy for him. I read tweets that Tim defend the Absolute title, but one title defense that Tim was suppose to happen is what is really going on now. You see if Tim did not had the tumor, he would had wrestled against Rickey Shane Page for the Absolute title and I would really love to see how that went. But, that did not happen, because of the tumor in his kidney and he had no other choice but to relinquish the Absolute title. Even though the title is now in the hands of Josh Alexander, maybe one day when Tim gets better, those two wrestle again at any AIW show, without Veda Scott in Josh Alexander's corner.

If you want to read Tim's blog, please click here. I did leave a comment. Also if you want to buy Tim's tees, click here.

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