Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Google sends me this message, due to people from the European Union are reading my work...

I am going through my blogs and I get this message from Google:

European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent. As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies. You are responsible for confirming this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about this notice and your responsibilities.

Well, I did not see this on any news reports.

For those who are wondering, what is the European Union? Well, the answer is it's a Union of countries in Europe. Even though according to Wikipedia, there are 28 countries, it should be 29, but, since England and Scotland are counted as the United Kingdom. Besides that, there are 27 other countries.

But, I am confused about it. I don't know why this affect me, since I am an American and I know that the United States is not part of the European Union. So, why do I care? Right, my readers...well, if this is a problem, I should block those who is not allowed to see it, but it would be unlawful for my friend Valentyna... this is so confusing!

Anyone who can explain to me about this notice, feel free to leave a comment, just no cursing, unless you really need too.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Two things that I learned from this weekend so far

I am doing this and it is about wrestling. So far of this weekend was in favorable for Tim Donst and it had to do with me doing reddit.

What is reddit?

Reddit is a forum that talks about many subjects, including pro wrestling. I did part take in two Ask Me Anything on Reddit within a month and it involved with my two favorite wrestlers, Chris Hero and Tim Donst. About a month ago, I asked Chris about Nick Gage, due to me finding out that Tim Donst would wrestle against Gage and I was wondering if Chris did and he did respond. (Click here to read it.)

I am glad he told me. I did not know who else to turn to. In fact, Chris was right. I found out from Friday night that after Tim Donst beat Nick Gage, Gage attack him. I felt that Gage is a sore loser. However, on Saturday night, it was a different story. Let me go back on Monday night. While everyone was talking about the Monday night thing, I was on Reddit asking Tim Donst about his match against Joe Gacy, when Gacy lost the CZW Wired title at CZW Dojo Wars last Wednesday, Tim was sincere and he wanted to wrestle against Gacy for the CZW Wired title, even though I know that Gacy had to get the title back at the next CZW Dojo Wars. You can see it for yourself. (Click here for part one and part two of the reddit question/answer)

I seen Joe Gacy lose the title to Frankie Pickard on YouTube. But, I read on Twitter on Wednesday night before CZW New Heights that Gacy got the title back at Dojo Wars. With getting the title back and the match set for New Heights, it would be that Gacy would have to deal with a fierce Donst after Donst beat Gage at AIW Absolution Ten. From the fans, it was victory for Donst last night (Despite he cheated and I don't mind). It was for himself because he hasn't wrestled since December, when he won via DQ from Crimson and successfully won the tag team match with the Jollyville Fuck-Its against The Forgotten.

So, from Friday night and last night, beating Nick Gage and Joe Gacy was proven that cancer would not hold Tim Donst down. It makes the fans really happy. It makes him happy. It makes me happy. If you are reading this, you would be happy too. I know it was a promise Tim Donst done in CZW that he said on Reddit to me and it makes me happy.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Plagiarizing Poems...

My friend Valentyna tweeted to warn the poetry community about a twitter user who is plagiarizing poetry.
This is what she tweeted:
I don't condone plagiarizing poems. In fact, I do my own. You can check it out:

Just please do not plagiarize it. This is my poems of my friends, Valentyna, Naomi, Dominique, and our favorite wrestlers. Please do not make me take legal actions. I do own these poems, but, not the names. 

I really make these on my own. It really comes to my mind.


Thank you,
Lindsie Starr

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Is EC3 suitable to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

Note from Lindsie Starr: If you miss Impact Wrestling last night or will be seeing it this weekend, do not read this. It contain a spoiler.

Last night was really insane, Ethan Carter the 3rd beats Kurt Angle and he's TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I know you are going to say, Lindsie, EC3 is a terrible wrestler! He should not be TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Sadly, I would agree to it, if I did not know he wrestled against Tim Donst two years ago at AIW Absolution Eight and then again at AIW Hell on Earth Nine. Both men scored a victory in the the shows I named. In fact, you all should know that Michael Hutter (Yes, that's Ethan Carter's real name that he wrestled, I think) is not a bad wrestler at all. In fact, Hutter is finally what he does deserved in TNA then what he did and was when he was in WWE. When I watched Michael Hutter debuting in WWE NXT in 2010 (That a competition show before it became a wrestling show and a brand) as Derrick Bateman, I thought he is a goofy guy who loves America. But, with a few silly storylines, wrestling against Claudio Castagnoli one show and against Chris Hero on another show (just look for Derrick Bateman vs. Antonio Cesaro and Derrick Bateman vs. Kassius Ohno), I felt that WWE made Michael Hutter really stale. WWE released him in 2013.

When Tim Donst followed me on twitter in August of 2013, I end up looking about him and I did came across some videos of him and Michael Hutter as they were going at it at AIW Absolution Eight back in June 2013, I did not expect them wrestling against each other. In fact, when I found a video clip from AIW's YouTube channel, it seems the fans are really were divided between the two men. I did find out that Hutter beat Donst.

During the rest of 2013, I was watching Impact Wrestling and notice a huge promo, I did not know what was going on, until I find out Michael Hutter was debuting in TNA as Ethan, which it was revealed that he was Ethan Carter the 3rd, Dixie Carter's "nephew". It was really kinda annoying since he brags about being Dixie's nephew and he beats wrestlers. Even though he was being a pain, Hutter did return to AIW for Hell on Earth Nine against Tim Donst, but lost. In fact, Michael Hutter did praise Tim Donst, which it was really nice. In my opinion, for someone like Michael Hutter to do that, while being a character in TNA, really make me like him. However, it would be taking time to prove that Ethan Carter is not a awful wrestler, despite doing crazy storylines on tv and on TNA's YouTube Channel, including using Rockstar Spud as his lapdog, wrestling against legends and former TNA talent, and not to mention having a huge hatred for Robbie E on TNA's webshow, The Spin Cycle.

Everything really change for Ethan Carter, when he turned on Rockstar Spud, bring Tyrus as his bodyguard, and not to mention work his way (despite some cheating along the way) to becoming the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title, which it was hold by Kurt Angle. Even though, he did not get his title shot, until last night was really crazy. Ethan had to wait, due to Rockstar Spud was going for Option C (I call it the Austin Aries rule) and Austin Aries was cashing his Feast or Fired Briefcase at the same time, which Angle accepted both men and defeat about two weeks ago, Ethan did attack Angle and he wanted his title shot, which it brings to us last night.

I was amazed that both men fought real hard, but, sure enough, Ethan Carter got the victory against Kurt Angle. Ethan Carter is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Of course, the question will remain, is Ethan Carter going to bring the TNA World Heavyweight title to AIW? Only time would tell.

Did I forget that he still wrestles at AIW? Yeah, Michael Hutter still does (as EC3) and he is set to be in a ten man tag team Cleveland Streetfight match, teaming up with Raymond Rowe, Zema Ion, Matt Cross, and Samoa Joe, known as Dudes on TV (Hutter and Ion represent TNA, Rowe represent ROH, Cross represent Lucha Underground, and Joe represent WWE) against Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition, Alex Daniels, and Young Bucks, known as Team AIW at AIW Absolution Ten in eight days! That match is really cool!

So, bottom line, despite that he is a heel, Ethan Carter is a suitable TNA World Champion.

You can follow Ethan Carter on twitter, @EthanCarterTNA

Lindsie Starr