Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seth Rollins being a heel again is going to be a good thing

Note to all readers: I see what happened through twitter as I still am mad that what WWE has done to Chris Hero for not giving him a chance to create a storyline and releasing him on the night I was watching Haven on Syfy. But, you need to hear this from me, something to understand why everyone should be behind Seth Rollins.

 Last night, a lot of fans are confused or livid. For my friend Domi, she is livid and I hate to say that she block him, which it's sort of a bad thing, but, she will need to get over this when she sees Seth Rollins wrestle again, being shirtless. I know how she felt that what she saw was that Seth betraying Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. That doesn't mean that the Shield is over, it's just that Seth is with Triple H and Randy Orton as Evolution. I seen how this could be weird and all, just like when I seen watching Impact that around last year, when Sting was reforming the Main Event Mafia and have Kurt Angle was fine, but, when I heard Samoa Joe, Magnus, and even MMA star Rampage Jackson to be added to the stable, I felt at first, this is weird, but, it's going to be better, because this time around, they are fighting against the Aces and 8s, led by Bully Ray. The outcome happened after the Aces and 8s were done, Magnus became the champion, despite he went heel and the Mafia was done.

Now, I'm sure you have got to be wondering why does this apply to Seth? Well, it does, because he will be champion and you will see how it goes. I been doing stuff on Seth Rollins when he was known as Tyler Black and being the Ring of Honor World Champion and he also acted as the heel later on during his reign, due to rumors were flying that he was signed to WWE. Sure fans hated that he was moving on to bigger and better things. That doesn't mean you hate him for that. To hate someone you need the passion as what has been quoted by one Tim Donst on twitter and he's right. You need to hate them if they done something wrong to you. Like for an example, I hate Alex Shelley, because he block me from twitter without saying a word. That doesn't mean I really hate him because of his wrestling skills or him being friends with Chris Hero, it's just I hate him, because he did not say a word. Another one is Austin Aries. At first I hate him, because of what he did on Impact almost two years ago when he tried to hit on Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, just to reveal that she was in a on-screen relationship with Bully Ray, but, it's now how he tweets and I tried to mention him, but, not anymore. It's just hard to hate him, when I still like him, because he is someone just to watch, even now I can watch Impact because of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (and even MVP).

For my friend Domi, she should not be hating on Seth Rollins, because he's a heel again and being with Triple H and Randy Orton. That does not make any sense to hate him. That goes the same to every fan of Seth Rollins. If you knew him as Tyler Black, why are you still hating him? You should know better that he is going to be world champion again and it's going to be a good thing, a very good thing. As for Domi, once Seth is wrestling shirtless and has new ring gear, I'm sure she will see how much in great shape he is and he is the same man she knew when he was on NXT and when I told her about him.