Friday, April 29, 2016

The craziness that is Lindsie Starr as she opens about Tim Donst and the confusing tweets

Yeah, I am feeling so awful and I got Tim Donst confused. What am I talking about? Days ago, I saw a tweet from Tim Donst and he misread my tweets, because my birthday is not until a week from today, which it is May 6th. I got too excited, because his former trainer, who he beat two times at AIW, Chris Hero got verified on twitter. I wanted him to be verified as a birthday wish for me and I also wanted Tim Donst too. Somehow Tim misinterpreted my tweets and then somehow tweeted under one of my tweets. So, I went to apologize to him so many times. I don't know yet if he knows. This is what I tweeted that sums up what happened:

I guess you can say that I got so worked up because after finding out about Chyna's death, with Skits...okay, I have notifications on and he tweeted about it and I had to see. I felt so upset that she did not deserved to die. I don't care if she died because of drugs. She was everyone who looked up to. I was hoping that Tim would remember, but, I wasn't sure. I know that at the upcoming AIW show, JT Lighting Tournament, Tim will be one of the participants of the tournament as well as one of Chyna's friends, Billy Gunn.

I know that Tim Donst is looking forward to meeting the legendary Billy Gunn. Maybe both will get to the finals of the tournament or maybe they will be facing each other at the first night. Who will know.

As for next week. I will be waiting for everyone on twitter to tweet to well as CHRIS HERO! But, I am going to let Tim slide. Besides that, I want him to focus his match that he has at North Virginia Pro Wrestling.

Lindsie Starr

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Chris Hero is verified on Twitter!

So, I am very happy about this! If you read my blog entry title, it is so true! I did not realized about it until last night, when Chris tweeted to Mojo Rawley. In fact, here is a screencap to prove, I AM NOT JOKING AROUND!

Yeah, that's from my iPad Mini 2. Busted!

Why does Chris should be verified?

Well, I am going to list it:

  1. He has been on WWE NXT, but, as Kassius Ohno, but, the icon is still him, which it was when he was wrestling on a NXT show, but, someone made that for him. I should talk to him to change his icon. But, that's up to him.
  2. He has been on Japanese TV: Yes, I think that should count too. Chris has been wrestling on TV when he was wrestling with Pro Wrestling NOAH.
  3. He has been ROH TV before Comet: When ROH was on HD Net, he did wrestle with Claudio Castagnoli as the Kings of Wrestling, but, before the reunion, Chris was managed by the late Larry Sweeney. Chris last wrestled on ROH TV was before the Comet move, that it was in 2014.
  4. He has been part of a weird movie that was made by Max Landis on Triple H: Don't ask me about that one. I could not stomach that one in, but, my friend Anne can validate that one.
  5. He has done a commercial: An Italian twitter user tweeted a video of a gem, that it was a commercial of a Italian Fast Food called Valburger. In the commercial, there is a video of Chris wrestling against an opponent in front of fans, mostly young ones. The next scene is a boy walking home from school, when he is confronted by three boys, who is about to bully the boy. The boy tries to scare the the trio of boys who is about to bully the boy, and they ran, but, it was not the boy scares the trio. It was revealed from the camera, that the trio of boys ran away, because Chris was behind the boy! In the end, Chris and the boy hang out. The commercial finishes with Chris speaking in Italian. 
I came up with five reasons. 

Do you have other reasons why? Rumors do not count. Sorry.

Now if Facebook and Instagram can do the same. Also, YouTube should restore his account.

Yes, I do slay!

That is not what I mean by!


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Friday, April 8, 2016

Please do not disrespect the wrestlers by calling them a name that is offensive or say anything is offensive

I am so going to hate myself for this, but, it was brought to my attention after being shock by CZW star, David Starr (We are not related in anyway) after he like my tweet about a week ago from the CZW Welcome to the Combat Zone, that David was indeed very upset, due to the fact a fan was being so rude to him. I don't know what it was, but, it was something that have to do with him being Jewish.

For those who are trying to understand the difference between the two of us, I, Lindsie Starr, who took the last name Starr as an alias, is Christian, though, I took it because the first person came to my mind was the vegan wrestler, Austin Aries, who was at that time in TNA Wrestling wrestled in late 2006 to early 2007 as Austin Starr. David is Jewish. He is after I read a note that was pinned to his Twitter account (@TheProductDS). I gain more information about what happened when I got onto the CZW YouTube Channel. It seems that some fan cross the line and said something offensive, which David gets on the mic and fired back. This happened the weekend before the WWNLive Shows, which it was the CZW iPPV, Proving Grounds. I found out more that when David was overseas to wrestle, he visit a concentration camp. He was not happy for someone to say something derogatory towards him. David does not like it when someone have to say something offensive because he's a heel, it would help the show, but it is not.

I have to agree with David. It's not really nice at all. Believe me on this, last year, I made a blog about a twitter user who bitch about attending a PWG show, because of her husband and made fun of the fans and Chris Hero. I got really angry about it. Because of that, I took screencaps of her offensive tweets and then reported and block her. Sure it's not a good thing, but, really? She actually should be humiliated because she thinks it is okay to humiliate people she don't know of. Believe me, there is a line between being respectful and being disrespectful and that bitch cross it. I am sure the husband was embarrassed.

For those who want to read about my blog, here is the link:

Also, here is my tweet from last week:

Also, here is the video:


However, wrestlers are like you and me everyday. They are not like gods or anything. They even were bullied. Why I am I saying this? Well, Alpha-1 Wrestling, a Canadian wrestling promotion, made a video about some of their talent and staff being bullied in their youth and they are campaigning to stop bullying. Watch the video:

If you are wondering, yes, that's Ethan Page's voice you are hearing. He is one of the owners of Alpha-1 Wrestling.

So, believe me, if you are angry and making mean comments to the wrestlers because of you being a bully, talk to someone about it.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Lindsie Starr