Monday, May 25, 2015

Nick Gage has made a huge mistake going after Tim Donst (DONST RETURNS TO ABSOLUTION)

I was in shock Saturday night. I was not hoping it was going to be true. But, it is. I was on twitter and see this tweet:

 I was in shock. My mind comes up thinking, Nick Gage made a huge mistake going after Tim Donst.

But, I had to know, what cause this match to happen. Well from what I can tell from fan, Reece Theberge in his blog entry of what went down Saturday night at AIW JT Lightning Tournament:
Then came the JT Lightning Memorial Tournament this weekend. I was happy to see Donst at the commentary station, seeing a possible future of his as a commentator should he retire. I sat in front of the booth for all the matches on the second day, and hearing his commentary was cool and funny as hell (Do not skip the first match on the upcoming GNO 15 DVD. The commentary by Donst makes it. #LikeAWreckingBall). After intermission, he requested mic time from Pedro De Luca and entered the ring, thanking everyone for the support. He said that if he were to retire today, he would have been happy, being able to be in the BDK, a two time champ, etc. But then Nick Gage (who is terrifyingly jacked) came out and told Donst to shut up and said that he was the man, not Tim. But then Tim dropped the bombshell and announced he is not retiring and is now cleared to wrestle and will beat Gage’s ass at Absolution.
 Well, it seems that who is the better man, Nick Gage or Tim Donst will be settled at Absolution 10 on July 10th. Follow AIW on twitter for tickets and information.

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