Sunday, June 18, 2017

My thoughts on the outcome of NJPW Dominion & my prediction on some of the matches in the NJPW G1 Special in Los Angeles

Note: These contain spoilers of the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dominion show and I highly suggest you go watch it before you read this.

This is going to be very crazy, but, I had a feeling of what is going on right now as of late with watching New Japan Pro Wrestling Dominion show as I will be hopefully watching the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Special in Los Angeles by going on to Sling TV to open a 7 day free trial account, so at least I can watch Jim Ross call the matches with Josh Barnett especially the Kenny Omega vs. Michael Elgin in the first round of the IWGP United States Championship Tournament.

I know this is going to be very weird, but, before I focus on the G1 Special, I want to address the Dominion show. What do I think about it? Well, until the final two matches, I thought it was okay in a way, but, with KUSHIDA winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title was fine and The Young Bucks and Guerrillas of Destiny winning the tag titles were good and in a heel way, the two matches were standing out the most were the IWGP Intercontinental Championship that had Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Tetsuya Naito for it, which I really wanted Tanahashi to win, due to what I saw on Twitter that from the gifs creators on twitter that Naito was disrespecting the IWGP Intercontinental Championship by damaging the title in one of the matches during the Best of the Super Juniors tournament days. The other match was the main event between Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega, which it was a rematch from the Wrestle Kingdom show, that ended up to be a time limit drawl, which I would love to see them go longer, which I will explain that later on.

When I watching the show, the IWGP Intercontinental Championship match, the comments from both Tanahashi and Naito was hard to understand, but, the video footage says it all. Naito damage the title that he disrespect it and Tanahashi wanted restore the honor of the title, since he beat Shinsuke Nakamura for it in 2014. I feel that Tanahashi was indeed the one to defeat Naito, since he confronted Naito on the final day of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament and challenge him.for the title. I never felt that I would choose someone who is outstanding as Hiroshi Tanahashi, but since Tanahashi is consider to be a legend and has been wrestling for almost 18 years, I had to go with him and as crazy as it seems, he is a rockstar to the fans. Tanahashi being the best IWGP Intercontinental Champion since the inaugural champion, MVP, who should had more title runs in WWE before he left, but didn't.

As for the main event between Kazuchika Okada against Kenny Omega, I never see two men would go far as they could with only two counts was going, the rest of the Bullet Club showing up in support for Kenny without interfering the match, Cody almost costing Kenny the match by throwing the towel, but Nick and Matt stop him, Gedo by himself watching Okada almost losing the match or almost winning the match, no sign of the rest of Chaos because Roppongi Vice were embarrassed and other members of Chaos were recovering from the beating of the gauntlet or were part of the lumberjack death match between Hirooki Goto against the leader of Suzuki-gun, Minoru Suzuki, who is the current NEVER Openweight Champion. The match ended to a drawl, but, I felt they could go for another 35 minutes or so, because I really wanted Kenny Omega to win and if they would gone for 95 minutes, they would be the longest match ever and beating the match that currently stands out there of 93 minutes of a championship match that was in IWA Mid-South between two guys who you and I know, goes by the names of CM Punk and Chris Hero. Yes, Chris Hero won the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight title in 93 minutes against CM Punk and if those two could do it, I feel Okada and Omega can for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and beat it.

But, I know that wouldn't happen, because after the match, both Okada (Who got confronted by Cody, who he's challenging him at the G1 Special in Los Angeles, as well as he is already challenging Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Championship at Best of The World) and Omega (Who said that he failed as the leader of the Bullet Club, but, The Young Bucks and the rest of the Bullet Club says that he has not failed them) really was going to pass out from the match. It was sad enough that nether man won or lost. But, they both deserve my respect as a fan that both of them really make me enjoy the match.

Now, to the G1 Special and the matches that is making me kinda worried. Kenny Omega vs. Michael Elgin. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I am wondering who made that decision to book that match for the first round of the IWGP United States Championship Tournament? I am kinda freaking out because Elgin has already whoop Kenny and I hate Elgin for beating Tim Donst over at Absolute Intense Wrestling for the Absolute title and also beating CHRIS HERO in IWA Mid-South to challenge the champion! WHY? WHY ELGIN? Kenny has his work cutout and if HE CAN BEAT MICHAEL ELGIN, he has to face what he wanted out of Adam Page, to win the IWGP United States Championship!

As for Okada, he has his work cutout too. Because Cody, the son of WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes, is on a title spree as he is going to be challenging Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Championship at Ring of Honor Best in the World 2017 and if Daniels lose the title and Cody does the same to Okada and Okada lose the title too, Cody will be the FACE OF BOTH RING OF HONOR AND NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING as their champion! Cody will carry two titles and he will be book on all ROH and NJPW shows! Also that would put him in the spotlight of Being the Elite YouTube series, which it could be bad in my opinion, because there will be no love for Marty Scurll or the Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) themselves. In fact it would be Cody for the next few months until he loses both titles!

I know this is so much crazy as I said before in the beginning of this, but, that is what I am expecting the outcome it would be on night 1 of the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Special. Either that or the opposite of what I said. I would want Okada to retain because I want to see Okada and Omega go at it one more time with no time limit, if Omega does get eliminated in the first round of the IWGP United States Championship tournament or anywhere else in the tournament.

I hope you all understand what I am saying. Thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Will Tim Donst be ever booked again?

I don't know what is going on with Tim Donst, since he was not wrestling last weekend. He was hanging with his cousin's wife while she was on Twitch streaming games, which I could not watch them, due to my laptop I am using is acting up and really bites when it comes to streaming and watching videos. But, enough about me, this is about Tim Donst. As you are well know that I am very worried that he has not been booked for this weekend, Absolute Intense Wrestling JT Lighting Tournament, because he's their champion, the Absolute Champion and for the last few tournaments that I am well known about, because of Tim, this is the second time he is not in the JT Lighting Tournament. You are wondering, "Why it is the second time?" and I am going to explain.

Two years ago, Tim Donst did not part take in it due to his health. He had a tumor on his right kidney and had to get it removed, which he could not wrestled until he was cleared to wrestle, which he had after the tournament ended. The following year, he did, but did not win. As far as I been following that promotion, I don't know why, but, at least the Absolute Champion would be booked, but, now I don't know if Donst will be booked, since he is the Absolute Champion, he might be.

But, that's not the only promotion I am worried. Combat Zone Wrestling has not been booking Tim Donst either. I don't recalled when he wrestled last with CZW, but, I don't know if he will be booked with them, but, he needs to be booked with them. At least for another Tournament of Death, since he was in it last year and got featured in a documentary by Vice on HBO and on the Vice YouTube Channel. I don't know if that really helped out Donst's popularity, but, at least they show him as what happened, when he lost to Rickey Shane Page in the first round.

I wish other promotions could book him, like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, AAW, Beyond Wrestling, Progress Wrestling, Smash Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling, just to name a few. I wish I could advocate for him, but, that's really up to him and his fellow wrestlers who are currently in them. It would be worth it that he would wrestle in PWG, so Skits could see him wrestle live. I feel he would be going up against some of the legends and icons of New Japan. Heck, if he was in AAW, he would go up against Sami Callihan or put on a clinic against Eddie Kingston. Progress Wrestling or any of the UK wrestling promotions should book Donst against Marty Scurll, Pete Dunne (If he is allowed to, since he has a contract with WWE), Tyler Bate (Same thing), and Zack Sabre Jr., just to name a few. I don't know how I can put this, but, this is one thing I know.

But, one, which that may force him to be permanently be signed with them and maybe scouted by WWE is World Wrestling Network, mostly with Evolve and FIP, but, that means he can't go nowhere without permission.  However, he maybe scouted by WWE talent agents and could be considering to be signed with WWE, which it could be very bad, because of money that I can't afford to watch.

I am just putting into my thoughts into this and deep down inside, I would answer my own question:

Will Tim Donst be ever booked again?

Yes, he will.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Marty Scurll should win New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of The Super Juniors

Hey everyone, long time no see...well, unless you have been on the Wrestling Heads website, I been posting almost daily of the results for mostly New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of the Super Juniors tournament. You are wondering, "Lindsie, why are you doing that? You should be focusing on Chris Hero or Tim Donst" and you are correct in a way, but, I am putting Hero on the back of my mind for now and as for Tim Donst, I am kinda worried about him not being booked since he won the AIW Absolute title for the third time and what's worse, CZW has not booked him too. But, that will be another blog entry. But, I want to talk about Ring of Honor's most unique British import, "The Villain" Marty Scurll and his changes within the last week or so.

If you are watching Ring of Honor or watching and subscribe to Being the Elite, the channel owned by Nick and Matt Jackson, Marty Scurll had became the newest member of the Bullet Club, replacing Adam Cole, who is rumored and maybe be confirmed to be signed to WWE. If you were watching War of the Worlds live or on PPV last Friday and have not seen Being the Elite and have to wonder what was said after Cole was knocked out in New York, you should go watch all 53 episodes of Being the Elite series. I know I said all, but, you need to see how Cole and Scurll got into the series plus you get to see the Young Bucks are on the road and also see Kenny Omega too.

I am sure you are going to be asking me, "Lindsie, I am kinda confused already of what is going on. What does this have to do with Scurll should win Best of the Super Juniors?" and I will tell you. If you did not know, Kenny Omega had declared that Scurll should win the tournament, because, well he helped out the Young Bucks steer away from Adam Cole per say of Being the Elite episode 52. Yeah, I know that is a spoiler, but, it's really what happened. I feel that watching Scurll for what I can see on either his time in Evolve Wrestling or being currently in Ring of Honor, Scurll is sure to win. I have no objection if anyone else who is in the tournament should win, but, since Will Ospreay, Kushida, and Ricochet, the past three winners of the Best of the Super Juniors are in it, I feel this could be bad, but then again, Jushin Thunder Liger is in the tournament, who won three times under three different years before 2010s decade began, which the last one he won was in 2001. But, I don't think Liger would win, because he had his third straight loss to Scurll as of this time of me doing this blog. However, since B Block has not their third match as of yet, but, if I would think there might be a favor to this would be ACH to make it to the finals and go up against Scurll in a British vs. American match in front of fans of New Japan could be a ROH PPV match.

Anyway, I am really favoring Scurll and because the time I was tweeting on a match he had against Johnny Gargano, despite he lost, Marty notice and like what I said. By the way, it was Evolve.

Until next time...


Saturday, May 6, 2017

It is my birthday today and I feel there is one...I don't know if I should say it.

I am really having a hard time getting to sleep, because today is my birthday and all I want is a tweet from Chris Spradlin aka Kassius Ohno and I am sure he won't tweet today, let alone, he's so focus on wrestling in the WWE and I want him to do well, but, at what cost? EVERYTHING WAS FINE WHEN HE WAS IN THE INDYS AS CHRIS HERO!

My heart would be happy, but, it can't be as of now.

Oh why me? Why I love this man?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Drew Gulak campaigning for a better WWE 205 Live?

I so need to make sure this is true, but, I am sensing something that Drew Gulak is doing and why I have a feeling that this happened before. If you don't know what I am talking about is that the latest of WWE 205 Live is getting to be really interesting, because of some of the guys that I like and know of since Chris Hero left WWE in 2013. I know this is 2017 and Chris is back in the WWE, but, I am not going to be talking about him, okay...well, I am going to mention him because of Drew Gulak.

I read off a review from Wrestling Head's reviewer, Jack Wannan, from this week's 205 Live and since I follow Drew Gulak on Instagram, hinting of what he might be doing in 205 Live has something he did before. When Chris wrestled against Drew at CZW Cage of Death XV (Note this was the first match, due to Chris went to ROH Final Battle to surprise then ROH World Champion Adam Cole and Matt Hardy that would lead a championship match in 2014), Drew came out with Kimber Lee and some other wrestlers as part of a stable Drew created. Called "The Campaign For a Better Combat Zone" or "The Campaign", Drew was trying to make CZW better. I haven't get the ideal of why, but, I wanted Chris be the CZW World Heavyweight Champion for the second time. Drew did retain the title and Chris left.

However, as I dig into what the deal of Drew Gulak and his stable, "The Campaign" and why this will apply to WWE 205 Live is going to be a doozy. First, let's look at the creation of Drew's stable, "The Campaign". The creation happened prior to Drew Gulak wrestling against Chris Hero at CZW Cage of Death XV and prior to Drew Gulak winning the CZW World Heavyweight Championship, the creation of "The Campaign" started back of January 2013, when Drew Gulak got attack by "The Front" a stable created by Sozio. Gulak had wrestlers that he had involve in his feud against Sozio and "The Front" were Kimber Lee, Mr. Tofiga, Dewey Donovan, and Alexander James. They were the heels of CZW, but, if I had watch them, they were more face then heels, since Sozio and "The Front" attack them for no reason.

Here is the video:

It seems that the reason why "The Campaign" was created to deal with having a better CZW, without "The Front" attacking them and other wrestlers.

How this will apply to WWE 205 Live? Well, this is going to be very odd, since both Drew Gulak and Kimber Lee are in WWE, but, Drew is in WWE 205 Live and Kimber Lee is on WWE NXT, which she made her appearance on the show under her real name, Kimberly Frankele against Heidi Lovelace, but, under her WWE name (Which by the way it's corny) Ruby Riot. I don't know if Kimber Lee would be in WWE 205 Live, but, that depends on when if she is ready.

As for Drew Gulak, he is mostly is trying to do what he can do, by making it better, but, without any high flying maneuvers, but that is what mostly of 205 Live. But, who will join Gulak? I don't think it will be TJ Perkins, because he does high flying maneuvers, including the 450 splash that he and Austin Aries use to end their matches. I don't know if anyone else, but, if Drew wants to establish this, he will need someone who is like him.

By the way, if you are wondering, why did I choose TJ Perkins and not anyone else on the 205 Live? Well, Drew Gulak and TJ Perkins were once part of a stable Gulak made in Evolve back a while ago called Catch Point and I don't think TJ would, despite both men are heels.

So, what do you think? Do you think Drew Gulak is starting to campaign for a better WWE 205 Live?

Monday, April 17, 2017

The YouTube Restriction Mode and why Wrestling Promotion Channels should not worry

Note: I will have a video on my YouTube Channel explaining this, so if you want to see that, please go to my channel to subscribe:

I should say something about this days ago since Absolute Intense Wrestling posted on Instagram and I am going to say it, so if you are a fan of the indy scene or the three companies, WWE, TNA, and ROH, please read this and share it or if you are watching this on my YouTube channel, please share the video.

I, Lindsie Starr, as a fan of every pro wrestling and a YouTuber, I had know about restriction mode for a few weeks that has been addressed by a fellow YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, who has a lot more subscribers than I do, but, I am not going to hate the man. He state about the situation of restriction mode:

If you are confused about this, Phil has talk about the restriction mode that it is happening to a lot of people like him and others, even though he was pointing out that the whole entire LGBTQ+ community of vloggers like Gigi Gorgeous (transgender/lesbian who does makeup and beauty), Tyler Oakley (gay who does video of any topic of his choice), and others.

However, I don't think any wrestling promoter should be worried as long as their fans are not on restricted mode.

Also, I want to point out that on PWPonderings, a column was on the subject of YouTube restriction mode and the ad ban, which took place last month, due to what it had to do with YouTube not terminating channels that have to deal with terrorism and anything that was not friendly to them, however, this is actually really started back in January, when Wall Street Journal went on a binge of attacks on the most popular YouTuber, PewDiePie, who has well over 54 million subscribers as of me typing this out, stating that he was an anti-Semite, and claims that nine videos he done prove that he is, but, taken the videos out of content, which it is wrong. The videos that they were stating were about how he was frustrated with YouTube. In February, everything fell apart for him, when Wall Street Journal kept attacking him by going to his network, Maker Studios, and push them back to a wall forcing Maker Studios to drop him, despite Maker Studios were going to be dropping a lot of their YouTube creators. I don't know if this prompt ad companies to ban YouTube, but, they are people suggesting it is, even though, there are those who are not friendly.

However, I know YouTube has made changes to their standers of ads that you need well over 10,000 views lifetime and you can check that on the Analytics in the Creators Studio, like I do, due to my video on a subject, I will talk within the next few days. Yes, it's about wrestling.

To wrap up this blog/vlog, I will ask for you to understand that if you are a wrestling promoter out there, who has a YouTube channel, you do not need to worry. As long as you have loyal fans who has a YouTube account and does not have restricted mode and also has more then 10,000 lifetime views to get your videos monetize, you should be fine. Otherwise, there are other platforms out there.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why this Wrestlemania weekend will suck for me!

Before you all get mad at me and tell me about that this Sunday will be great, think twice what this blog is all about. I am letting you know that this weekend will suck for me. Why? Because I have no clue on where Chris Hero and Tim Donst are going to be. Why did I say that? Well, it's because I don't know to be honest. Tim Donst was not announced by CZW for their Best of the Best show and Chris has not said a word or WWE NXT said anything if Chris will be part of the WWE NXT Supershow the night before Wrestlemania.

I wish this was like last year. Yes, last year. Last year, when everyone was in Dallas on one app I use to watch. I paid $60 for that weekend. Yes, $60 for 6 shows, that was $10 per show I paid for. Since Tim was on one show and Chris on three shows and I had two other shows to watch that included Kota Ibushi having revenge on the evil Dr. Cube on the Kaiju Big Battel show and the ladies of Shimmer to wrestle. Despite a few hiccups that I relay to FITE TV, which I don't think they were at fault, but, it could been Comcast, my internet provider or WWN, I was happy.

Now, this year is sad. Tim Donst is not booked on any indy show that is performing in Orlando and I have no clue what Chris Hero is doing. What's worse is that I don't know if Santana Garrett is booked and I wish they booked Ben Boone!

My luck.

I been going through a lot this year and it really sucks!

That's why this weekend will suck for me!