Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Last Goodbye My Angelic Cowboy (Posted on Triond on April 17th, 2011)

This was a poem that was saying goodbye to Lance Cade, who had died last year. I done this poem last year and posted on my Facebook account.
The last goodbye my Angelic Cowboy
It was a Friday afternoon,
Around 12:30 to 12:50pm,
I check up my phone.
I receive a couple of tweets on twitter that was sent to my phone.
I thought it would be the same boring stuff from Jeff Jarrett or Jeff Hardy or even Matt Hardy.
But, this time it was different.
Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore express out on twitter,
Saying that Lance Cade died.
I couldn’t believe it,
Until I went  onto, 
wrestling news website,
Saying what Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore said.
It was true.
I tried to shed a tear or two,
And went onto,
And tweet what I said,
That me,
MissLindsie is so upset that my favorite wrestler during 2003 to 2008,
Lance Cade has pass away.
I will miss him.
So does Candice Michelle.
Everyone was so upset,
Shawn Michaels.
If there was a way,
That I wish,
To turn back in time,
To get another chance to meet Lance Cade again,
And wish that I was with him in a relationship,
And tell him not to do it,
So he would not end up like he is now.
If I didn’t,
I would say to him,
Before he died,
I would say to him,
Goodbye my Angelic Cowboy,
And gave him a kiss.
That would be my wish.
But, it’s too late.
This is the last goodbye,
My Angelic Cowboy.
I must move on,
To a new sight to see,
A English wrestler,
only known in the WWE as Wade Barrett.
I will watch him, 
Like I watch Lance,
And someday,
Wade will be Champion.
But for now…
…I will remember Lance Cade, and watch Wade Barrett.
The End

A Fresh Start of Favorites (Posted on Triond on April 17th, 2011)

This is a poem that I created last year in order of dedicated to a few new favorite WWE wrestlers as much of reliving the old. More detail of the poem is below.
A fresh start of favorites
A fresh start of favorites
Two years ago,
My favorite wrestler,
Lance Cade was released.
A year ago,
Another of my favorite wrestler,
Candice Michelle was release as well.
I felt so sad.
I followed them through online,
And this is what happened to them now.
In May of this year,
Candice gave birth to a baby girl,
AkiAnne Rose.
In August of this year,
Lance died,
From heart failure.
It was a hard blow,
From father time,
And the Angel of Death to me.
Now I am with a fresh start.
A new favorite wrestler shined already.
He is wrestling as Wade Barrett.
He is from England,
But resides right now in Florida.
He is very handsome.
His role in wrestling,
Is being the leader of a evil group,
And he is the number one contender,
For a heavyweight championship,
That Randy Orton has.
Another wrestler,
I am hoping to see her real soon.
Her name is AJ Lee.
She is spunky,
But got real skills.
She is also nice.
My friend Reggie,
Likes her!

Memories (Posted on Triond on April 17th, 2011)

This is a poem which I was cracking up, because of what happened last year with the sudden changes of my former two favorite WWE wrestlers who left the company in 2008 & 2009.
All of those years happened and they returned.
The good,the bad, and sometimes the ugly.
How it is, can be worth it or not.
But these memories serve me and sometimes it comes to me.
How they are or what they were, is the key, of my insanity.
It is the right or wrong for it.

Thanks for Everything (Posted on Triond on April 17th, 2011)

This is a poem that I done and I posted on This is dedicated to Adam Copeland, aka WWE Superstar, Edge, who had retired from wrestling on Monday.
Thanks for everything
Thanks for everything,
For entertaining us.
Thanks for everything,
You used to be a pain.
Thanks for everything,
You gave us great matches, every last one.
Thanks for everything,
Lita was better than Vickie, and Vickie was such a pain.
Thanks for everything,
It really sad to see you go.
Thanks for everything,
Christian will seek revenge on Alberto Del Rio and will kick his butt, just for you.
Thanks for everything,
“The Rated-R Superstar” Adam “Edge” Copeland.