Sunday, April 19, 2015

Big in USA Pro Wrestling NOAH Tournament/Tim Donst returning?

I am not kidding with this. If you are wondering what this blog entry is all about, well you might want to sit down for this. I have two news to report. First, news going on outside of the USA...

Pro Wrestling NOAH is having their annual tournament, The Global Tag League Tournament, and my choice of the tag team, Big in USA, have dominated their first victory according to one half of the tag team, plus I double checked with Puroresu Spirit. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you who they are. It's Colt Cabana and Chris Hero! My bad!


Anyway, it was reported by Chris Hero that he and Colt defeated the Killer Elite Squad, Lance Hoyt (build as Lance Archer) and Harry Smith (build as Davey Boy Smith Jr):

However, to play it on the safe side, I went to double check with Puroresu Spirit:

GTL B BLOCK Match: Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Chris Hero & Colt Cabana 

◆Winner: Hero () following a Rolling Elbow on Archer. 
~ Hero & Cabana claim the win over the reigning GHC Tag Champions. 
~ Hero also managed to block the Killer Bomb to set up the finish.

Also, both Hoyt and Smith as the sore losers that they are, retaliate on Hero's tweet:

On other news regarding Chris Hero's former trainee (from his days at the Wrestle Factory), Tim Donst, could be returning to wrestling sometime next month. It was reported on by Maiken Scott, that after successfully having surgery from removing the tumor and it has not spread to his body, that Tim will not be seeking aditional medical treatment. I mention in my blog back in February that Tim announced on twitter about it. Even though, Tim mention to the fans at Absolute Intense Wrestling's I Choo Choo Choose You and Combat Zone Wrestling 16th anniversary show. I got word about Tim having surgery from Pocono Record. So, his recovery is going well, but, it won't be official yet of his return, until Tim Donst tweets.

Lindsie Starr

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