Saturday, February 27, 2016

What drove me to go over 6000 steps?

This entry is about my walking habits. I usually walk around 6000 steps, because I do it for my health. I usually do 6000 steps to roughly 9000 steps as what I use for my S Health app on my Samsung Galaxy S6, but there os something bother me as I am starting to walk again in the city. How the hell did I walk over 11,000 steps? Then it hit me. It was that wedding that my mother had to go to, but I forbid her to go, due to her knees and the rudeness that her friends are. The day of the wedding, October 10th, 2015, was the day I driven myself to go over my limits. Yes, I do have limits. I can't walk over 2 miles without getting dizzy as what happened that day. I walked almost 3 miles and despite that I had to get dinner, my steps were over 10,000 that day. I was not ready to go reach 10,000 steps at all. But, can be angry about something push it? I am not sure, but maybe. If I kept going at it further, I could been hospitalized. Usually when shows that involves exercises wants you to push you beyond your limits, you don't need it. If you want advice from me, figure out your limit. I am sure you can ask your doctor about it. As for me, I need to work on just limiting myself at 2 miles in my walk before I go to 3 miles, when I am ready.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A few wrestling topics to cover

Well, I am going to cover a few topics to talk about. Mostly about Friday Night and Saturday Night.

Engagements and deaths

Engagement: I want to congrats to Joey Ryan for proposing to his girlfriend Laura James. It was tweeted Saturday night (Everyone thought it was Sunday, but, please note it was still Saturday because of the time zones) by Skits and some others that Joey Ryan propose to Laura James in the wrestling ring, during a wrestling show in San Diego. I do wish the couple many blessings of their marriage.

Deaths: I want to send my condolences to Damien Sandow, who lost his grandmother, a couple days ago and tweeted that he has not been released by WWE, they let him take time off to be with his family. I first got word about it from

Chris Hero

Saturday night and Friday night, Chris Hero wrestled in tag team action with the two promotions, AAW and Smash Wrestling. On Friday Night, Chris Hero tag with Drew Gulak at AAW The Art of War against Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa. From the tweets that AAW posted on their twitter account, Chris and Gulak won. On Saturday night, Chris was in Smash Wrestling for their tag team tournament, F8tful Eight (For those who don't get it, the name is Faithful Eight) as Eddie Edwards' replacement, since Davey Richards injured himself during the TNA Impact UK Tour. For those who don't get about it, Chris and Eddie did tag before with Davey Richards in Ring of Honor. It was a six man tag with Larry Sweeney managing them and they did face the trio of Bryan Danielson, KENTA, and Roderick Strong. Also, Chris and Eddie went to war against each other in ROH in singles and tag with their tag team partners (Hero and Claudio Castagnoli...the Kings of Wrestling). From last night, Chris and Eddie ended up beating the Overdogs and made it to the four way tag team until they lost. I could not get much information since Beyond the 3 Count and Weekly Wrestling Podcast forget to mention about it and no one else use the hashtag #F8tfulEight.

But, I want to mention a few other things. I am not 100% sure about it, but, PWG All Stars Weekend Night Two for Chris Hero and Tommy End could be in jeopardy. Beyond the 3 Count retweeted Tommy End's tweet, which he tweeted that he strain both of his cruciate ligaments in his knees and will get them check out on Wednesday. I am not sure if this means any necessary that it could effect the tag team match comes March 5th. I will keep you updated on it. This is the tweet Tommy End send out:
(Update) Tommy End is pulled out of PWG All Stars Weekend 12 Night 2. His replacement is JT Dunn. So instead of Heroes Eventually Die vs. Matt Sydal and Ricochet, it's Death By Elbow vs. Matt Sydal and Ricochet. These are the tweets from PWG:

Plus Chris chime in:

Also, I want to add that anyone please refrain tweeting to Chris about this Cruiserweight tournament. Understand this, some of you think that Chris is weighing at his lowest, but, that's not true, because you must heard it from a podcast. Chris said that when he was in the WWE. He hasn't been in WWE in a while (Almost 3 years) and I don't think he will be in WWE anytime soon, unless they need him to do an interview about Claudio Castagnoli. I am not certain, but, Chris would be heading to Japan sometime in April, which I haven't heard yet. If he is, he will be in partake of the Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Tag League with Colt Cabana, as he did last year and the year before. But, understand that Chris has a busy schedule that includes wrestling at PWG, Evolve, Beyond Wrestling, and AAW between now and Wrestlemania weekend. So, please do not bother tweeting to Chris about anything WWE related.

I forgot to add that I got word that at Evolve 57 (March 20th), Chris Hero maybe getting a title shot against Matt Riddle if Riddle can beat Timothy Thatcher at Evolve 56 (March 19th). Also, Chris will be once again wrestling against Zack Sabre Jr , but, it will be at WWN Supershow, Mercury Rising, on April 2nd. The information will be located on for Evolve 56 and 57 and for Mercury Rising. If you can't make it to those shows, stay tune for how you can watch it on iPPV with prices.

Tim Donst

I am sorta mad right now at Tim Donst for posting a photo of him and Adam Cole (BAY BAY) with a friend. Tim tweeted it Saturday night.
However, madness aside, Tim has a match coming up on March 5th at AIW Fullest House (We Hope!)  against Homicide!

Homicide vs. Tim Donst at AIW Fullest House (We Hope!) Taking from AIW Facebook Page.

This match is really interesting. I wonder how Tim Donst compares to the Notorious 187? It would be madness!

But, Tim Donst will be wrestling at Combat Zone Wrestling against an old foe, Danny Havoc. The reason why they are wrestling in March:

Danny and Tim had wrestled against each other before at AIW's first show of 2014:

I don't know what is going this time, but, I am sure that it could be something going on.

Bryan Danielson

I heard about Bryan Danielson retiring days ago and I wish him the best. I was going to blog about Bryan's whole entire wrestling career, but, it seems it was too much for me to put in. I know about Bryan before he came to WWE, when I read it in Shawn Michaels' biography book and know about him being the head trainer at the Ring of Honor Academy (Now ROH Dojo) by searching online. I did not know he wrestled against Chris Hero at ROH on numerous occasions and wrestled against Tim Donst only once in Chikara. Although, Bryan being in WWE was an eye opener and was a good way for fans get to know him. Bryan did deal with Michael Cole and The Miz during his time on WWE NXT that it also deal with Michael Cole bringing security that two of them were actually Ben Boone and Johnny Gargano, had to deal with Bryan and mostly chasing and separating Bryan from the Miz. 

AIW to hold a wedding

I did not put this with the engagement, because this is a storyline with AIW. It was announced at the first AIW show of 2016, Don't Feed Us After Midnight, that Dick Justice propose to Missy Hyatt after the six man tag team match and the wedding will be taking place at AIW Gauntlet for the Gold Eleven. I also heard that Dick Justice will be holding a bachelor party at AIW Fullest House (We Hope!), but, I don't know if it will be part of the show or not. So, if you want to see this, please go to the AIW Facebook Page or the AIW twitter account for more information.

So, until next time.
Lindsie Starr

PS. I will be tweeting every Saturday Night of Ring of Honor, since I got that. I haven't been watching Impact weeks ago since COMCAST ARE GREEDY PIGS!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

PTR Sites...

I am posting links of PTR sites...Pay to Read, I believe...but they will be pay to promote links. You can click on it and see if you want to go for it. But, in order to promote your PTP links, you may need to read the directions, because most PTR sites won't let you promote PTP links on traffic sites, rotators, and mailers, but want you to promote PTP links to other PTR sites.

Understand this, when you sign up for these PTR, you will be reading e-mails from them. You will be paid by a fraction of a penny or earn points, but, it will add up. Also the payments will be from either Paypal or Payza or alternative payments. I will give you my link for Payza so you can sign up for it.


I am going to tell you the name of the site, the restrictions, payments, and the link.

Here is the information:

Site 1: Whatcash
Payments: AlertPay, Paypal (Personal, Business, Premier)
Minimum cashout: $.10 (Not sure)
Pay To Promote Restrictions: Can't promote it on autosurf sites, iframes, or popups.
Pay To Promote payment rate: $0.02 per thousand hits.

Site 2: DonkeyMails
Payments: Okpay, Payeer, Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay
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Pay To Promote Restrictions: Can't promote it on autosurf sites, popups, iframes, or
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Site 3: Fast-PTR
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Minimum cashout: $0- you need 225 clicks and 5% in personal earnings from paid promotions. Could be more clicks.
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Pay To Promote payment rate: $0.40 per thousand credits

Site 4: No-Minimum
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Site 5: Road to 51
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Site 11: AfricanPTR
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Site 12: My-PTR
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I would post more up, but, please do not cheat. Always look for approve sites. If it's PTRs and if you don't see any on my list, feel free to ask me and I will see if I am on it or I will sign up and get it on the list.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today is a shocking day...escapism of a trap!

Before you all go crazy or wondering why I chose that title, I will explain. I was almost hurt today, because of my bookshelf went tumbling down because of the vibration. You are wondering why did it happened? Well you need to understand that it was not my own doing. I blame it on my father, since he got it and my mother was really knew it was not a good ideal at all. Especially when she wanted my father did not secure it properly. So, that's why I am nearly shaking and almost felt like I would have a heart problems like my brother does. I don't like it. Sure my father would blame me on this because he would say that I had too much stuff on it. In fact, he would be right if that would be the case. It was not about my stuff. It would be not securing it properly. If you want to know why the bookshelf need to be secured, it is because it is part of a combination with a sort of nightstand. I am trying to explain it as possible.

If you think that's not dangerous, then you are crazy. Ten of these could equal to one car accident...okay, maybe not a good ideal, but, I hear about it or read about it. But, I don't mean someone getting hurt...actually, I am thinking about my brother who got into two and not got harm, but is taking blood pressure medicine, because of it. I also thinking about one of my favorite wrestlers, Tim Donst, who got into one about two months ago and he was shaken and almost did not make it to the wrestling show he was on. I know I should never compare it, but, I could not help but to think about it!

Understand this, I am glad that I am not hurt at all. I will be doing cleaning today, despite the dust is in the way.

Lindsie Starr

Stay tune, I will be posting a few more entries today.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lindsie Starr family drama

I been thinking about last night about my mother said about my father and despite I tried to be fair to this family, I felt it's becoming a war. I want to ask one person who may know about something like this and for you are wondering, it is not Chris Hero. It is Tim Donst. From what I can tell from the documentary that was on him thanks to Kenny Johnson, Tim's mother got re-married, which I could tell that she got divorce or something that Tim did not mention. I know I don't want to pry into Tim's family life, since he's mostly focus on wrestling. I been thinking my mother want to move and she said that we would move to Pennsylvania or somewhere else in New Jersey. I would see the positive and negative of living in a city in Pennsylvania.

The positive is that we live real close to our family sports teams, anything that says Philadelphia. Another is somewhere around the Pittsburgh/Lancaster/Stroudsburg area and I would be close by to Tim Donst and his mother and I would be a state over in Ohio and I would be going to AIW and I could boost promotions in Pennsylvania. But, the negative could be that if we end up in a dangerous part of a city. But, then again, who knows. If staying around New Jersey, I do not want to be distance of my mother's work and my brother's work and school. But, my family are putting a strain to where we are despite we need to distance from my father, but I need to distance from my family. I would live some where. I could live in Pennsylvania. I would think to live in Florida and would be close by to Chris Hero and Santana Garrett, but the matter of my step-cousin on my mother's side, since she and her boyfriend are criminals and serving time and I don't want to speak to them. But, my great step-cousin may need a positive influence. Also, there is the matter of the Zika virus.

But, where else I would go? California? Maybe, but, the negative side is the earthquakes, but, I know Chris wrestle though an earthquake at a PWG show, but, I am not sure. Also, I could run to some famous people.

But wherever I go and whoever I meet, understand, my home I am in now will be always be home. Family, would be stained into my memory, but I need to explore to my inner emotions and see other people.

Lindsie Starr

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Who is the best tag team partner Chris Hero had?

Note: I work on this a few days after the tournament, but, I did not know how to end it.

I should done this after the Evolve Tag Team Tournament, but, I was so grumpy after finding out that Drew Galloway and Johnny Gargano beat Chris Hero and Tommy End from Thomas Richards, Co Host of the Uncle Mike and Tom Show podcast, on twitter, I was mad. Not to mention Drew is mostly seen on Impact Wrestling and is seen in Scotland's promotion, Insane Championship Wrestling and Johnny Gargano is seen on WWE NXT and mostly around AIW, Smash Wrestling, etc. But, I spoke to my friend Valentyna and I said to her that there should be a five way match between Tommy End, Colt Cabana, JT Dunn, Claudio Castagnoli, and Adam Rose. She agreed.

Before you all going to go crazy on me, why did I mention four other wrestlers with Tommy End, which two of them are on WWE's main roster. Well, they all have in common: tagging with Chris Hero as tag team partner for more then two times. I will set my explanation before you go ape on me.

Claudio Castagnoli (Aka Cesaro. Top left corner): Chris mention on the Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana (Episode 51), that he trained Claudio and I know they are tag partners when Claudio was with Arik Cannon during their early years in Chikara, roughly 11 years ago, but since Cannon left and some crazy of feuds and a stable, plus a reunion in Ring of Honor, Chris and Claudio, the Kings of Wrestling held tag titles. The last time everyone saw them tag on tv was 2011 in ROH and non-tv was in 2012 while they were in WWE wrestling as Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno, taking on the tag team of CM Punk and Seth Rollins (Formally Tyler Black).

Adam Rose (Formally Leo Kruger. Below Claudio): I know this was way before Adam was made it to the main roster, but, when he was wrestling as Leo Kruger, Adam and Chris (as Kassius Ohno) was a really unusual tag team. Usually it was because how Adam was crawling under Chris' Those two were tagging much of 2012 and 2013 TV and non-tv wise, until WWE creative had some plans for both men. I wish they won the NXT Tag Titles.

Colt Cabana (Bottom Left corner): In 2014, Chris and Colt were going to Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Tag League and I don't know if they decided to be a tag team or as some troll would say that they were thrown, which I am sure they did tag before in their early years as was mentioned by Chris on The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana(Episode 51). But the name was an odd choice that I believe it was by NOAH or Colt or Chris came up with, Big in USA, but I am not sure. But, last year was really going well for the two as they did got two tag title shots against Killer Elite Squad ("The Psycho American" Lance Hoyt aka Lance Archer and Harry Smith aka "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith Jr), but failed to pick up the win. I am not sure what will hold for this year for the tag team.

JT Dunn (Next to Colt, middle): Late 2014, Beyond Wrestling was in a mess as JT Dunn and David Starr were going to kill each other because David could not win a match and blame it on Dunn's girlfriend, Kimber Lee. Dunn blames it on David, but for the final Beyond Wrestling show of 2014, saw a tag team was formed, Chris Hero and JT Dunn. By March of last year, a tag team name was created, Death by Elbow. Reason behind it? Both Chris and Dunn use elbows and when destroying David Starr roughly towards the end that was also involved Eddie Kingston. They were tagging until the final 2015 Beyond Wrestling show that somehow Joey Janela was allowed to booked Dunn vs. Chris, which Chris agreed to it. Note: Chris was in Japan for the Pro Wrestling NOAH Winter Navigation 2015/Destiney Show, when he accept Janela's booking. I don't know when we are going to see the last of Death by Elbow in 2016.

Tommy End (Next to JT Dunn. Bottom Right corner): I was in shock that I read in the WWN Alerts e-mails upon the Evolve Tag Team Tournament, during Evolve 53, 54, and 55. My mind was wondering on why they were tagging. I only know that they wrestled against each other in the UK, since their last encounter in 2014. But, after reading tweets from Thomas Richards, Co Host of the Uncle Mike and Tom Show podcast, I feel that I would love to see more of these two and I guess the name would work, Heroes Eventually Die. Chris came up with it, I am sure.

In my thoughts, I would like to see them in a match to see who would be the best, but ban Adam Rose's group and Nattie and Tyson Kidd from ringside and I would like to see it with Chris...okay, maybe not the last part. I know only one can do it: Evolve Wrestling.

But, I don't think that would happen at all.

Lindsie Starr

Who is the real Chuck Taylor?

I am going to be really angry and wrestling is going to be never the same. The dilemma is the following on what I know of:

I saw a retweet from Weekly Wrestling Podcast (Follow them on twitter @WeeklyWPodcast) of a twitter user Scoot Tatum, which it is "The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor and I was thinking that he was in a identity crises, but that was not the case. When I got to the twitter account of the one who was part of the Kings of Wrestling stable during 2007 in Chikara, this is what he tweeted:

I went to check this out and I was thinking that this wannabe who took this man's name and there was no reason of what I could find out. I do not know why Chikara allow this, but, this is really embarrassing, plus, how will he be booked in other promotions like PWG, AIW, Beyond Wrestling, and Smash Wrestling, just to name a few! In fact, does Trent Baretta know? Does Drew Gulak know? Does Excalibur know? Hell, I am going to regret it, but, does Chris Hero even know?

This better be fixed before PWG Bowie, otherwise, everyone is going to be so confused of the matter, especially, Dalton Castle:

I don't know you all, but, I could be in trouble if I call the one known as "The Kentucky Gentleman" this (as seen as this video):

By the way, this situation happened on National Pro Wrestling Day show.

I am hoping Dave Muscarella of PWPonderings can report more of this Chikara madness...

By the way, I am going to be posting a second blog about now...

Lindsie Starr

(Update) Nikolas Magee, who provides results on Wrestling Heads, posted the results of National Pro Wrestling Day. It seems the wannabe is actually Stokely Hathaway, the manager of Moose in Ring of Honor. He is the one who took it.