Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today is a shocking day...escapism of a trap!

Before you all go crazy or wondering why I chose that title, I will explain. I was almost hurt today, because of my bookshelf went tumbling down because of the vibration. You are wondering why did it happened? Well you need to understand that it was not my own doing. I blame it on my father, since he got it and my mother was really knew it was not a good ideal at all. Especially when she wanted my father did not secure it properly. So, that's why I am nearly shaking and almost felt like I would have a heart problems like my brother does. I don't like it. Sure my father would blame me on this because he would say that I had too much stuff on it. In fact, he would be right if that would be the case. It was not about my stuff. It would be not securing it properly. If you want to know why the bookshelf need to be secured, it is because it is part of a combination with a sort of nightstand. I am trying to explain it as possible.

If you think that's not dangerous, then you are crazy. Ten of these could equal to one car accident...okay, maybe not a good ideal, but, I hear about it or read about it. But, I don't mean someone getting hurt...actually, I am thinking about my brother who got into two and not got harm, but is taking blood pressure medicine, because of it. I also thinking about one of my favorite wrestlers, Tim Donst, who got into one about two months ago and he was shaken and almost did not make it to the wrestling show he was on. I know I should never compare it, but, I could not help but to think about it!

Understand this, I am glad that I am not hurt at all. I will be doing cleaning today, despite the dust is in the way.

Lindsie Starr

Stay tune, I will be posting a few more entries today.

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