Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is it okay to call a song by a name that is meant to be a wrestling maneuver?

I had a hard time debating about this and even though I want to support Chris Spradlin aka Kassius Ohno, I don't know if this would be right. If you are aware of his entrance music name, "Hero's Welcome" that is performed by Cody B. Ware, you feel like this is cool? To me, this is adding insult to injury. I don't know who is to blame for this, but, if you think this is cool, well, you don't know much of him, Chris. I am sure that I can be back up by true fans of the 18 year wrestler and if they are truly are, they know too that it's an insult to injury.

If you know that Chris using that name, "Hero's Welcome" as a signature maneuver in his time in the independent scene as what he is know by, Chris Hero. I know that Chris has many songs that he use for his entrance to his wrestling matches, like if he was wrestling in Pro Wrestling NOAH, he would use, "Holding out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, which it was used badly for any commercial. Everytime I hear it, it makes me think of Chris. However, every wrestling fan who attend the shows would know when Chris comes out to the song that really means him, "Chris is Awesome" by the late Viro the Virus. When that music is starting, you know he's coming to the ring.

However, I have no problem towards Cody B. Ware, because after all, the man is responsible for Chris and his former student and tag partner, Claudio Castagnoli, aka Cesaro, entrance music, "K.O.W. (Kings)", which it's the entrance music for them with Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn, Kings of Wrestling, during their time in Ring of Honor.

Believe me on this, if you tell me that you're a fan of Kassius Ohno and Cesaro and say, I'm nuts, well, you don't know Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, because that's who I see in my eyes, even though Claudio tagging with Sheamus is fine with me, trying to be the oddest tag team since Matt Hardy and MVP. As for Chris, I don't know what to say. Actually, I wish he and Kevin Steen were not being the butt of the jokes every twitter user who are considering fans, because it's really mean.

I am sure somewhere, Triple H is shaking his head, regretting the choice of allowing Chris to be called Kassius Ohno again. He should take note from TNA Wrestling, when they brought back Austin Aries six years ago. They let him wrestle to the name he has. Ever since, he got popular, but, still being a jerk...okay, that's another blog entry for another day.

Also, Chris is bring his basketball theme ring gear is getting to me. I know he has two so far, the Boston Celtics green, white, and yellow ring gear that he has seen wearing since he debut that over in Pro Wrestling NOAH or was it somewhere else? Also, the Team USA white, red, and blue ring gear, which you will see in an upcoming episode or two of WWE NXT. I don't know how many more he will be wearing, but, I hope he will be wearing his Duke University one soon. After all, he needs it to bring luck to the men's basketball team.

What? Can I say something else too?

Okay, by the way, if you are on YouTube, I dare you to search for Cody B. Ware. Because the first thing that I see when I do, you will see Chris in the thumbnail of the first video. If you would, click it and then give it a thumbs down.

If you want to do some thumbs up on YouTube, check out these videos that Chris has used for his entrance music:

Bonnie Tyler's Holding out for a Hero (Chris use this song when he was in NOAH)

Viro the Virus' Chris is Awesome (Hero's entrance video that is used in promotions that have video screens)

 Cody B. Ware's K.O.W. (Kings) The official Kings of Wrestling entrance music.

I know I am crazy talking about the past, but, what I know, this is an act of war of what WWE has done.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bobby Roode's storyline is way too familiar.

Note: Spoilers are going to be revealed for an upcoming episode of WWE NXT.

So, it's sorta confirmed that Bobby Roode will be facing against Chris Hero. What? Do you have a problem with it? Well, if so, then you don't get it and I am not going to be talking about Chris. Well, actually not all to be that true, because this blog entry is about Bobby Roode.

I am really glad that Chris is getting a title shot if that will be happening, however the way how he and Roode being like this is way too familiar to me and here is the reason why. First read the spoilers:

Yeah, that's what is going on. However, I seen this before out of Bobby Roode and I am thinking why. As you will know Bobby had this storyline played out for him about almost five years ago. Yes, 2012, July precisely. But, this did not took place in Full Sail in Winter Park, Florida, for WWE NXT. This was at TNA Wrestling in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. See at that time, Austin Aries, who you know of him on commentary for WWE RAW as of now, was having a huge ultimatum from Hulk Hogan to have an opportunity to face Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight title or still be the TNA X-Division champion. Hogan gave A Double a week to think about it (or thereof, since it was the tapings and it was a week before the next episode of Impact on Spike TV). Aries told him of the third option that he will relinquish the X-Division title to get a title shot for the TNA World Heavyweight title, however, he wants anyone else who becomes X-Division Champion have the same opportunity as he does, which Hogan agreed to. 

Bobby Roode found out about it and what he did was in order to make Austin Aries really livid is Roode attack someone, which it was Chris Sabin, who was talking about his injuries that he has and Roode came out and attacked him with a crutch that Sabin was using. Roode taunt Aries by attacking Sabin, until Aries made the save. It was only so that the two will go at it at the TNA Pay-per-view, Destination X 2012, which that night broke me down in tears, that Austin Aries won. I was glad.

Yeah, but that was then and what the tweets that I show earlier is that of this happening, but a few things that you will understand.

1. In 2012, Bobby Roode attack Chris Sabin with a crutch, which prompt Austin Aries to save Chris Sabin. In 2017, Bobby Roode defeat No Way Jose and then attack him further, which made Chris Hero to save No Way Jose.

2. In 2012, Roode defend the TNA World Heavyweight title at a TNA Pay-per-view that was mostly center the entire X-Division, in the main event. In 2017, Roode will defend the WWE NXT Championship the night before WWE's most important Pay-per-view, Wrestlemania 33.

3. Roode's opponent in 2012, Austin Aries, has a lot of titles and accomplishments, besides having won the TNA X-Division Championship, he has been a two time Ring of Honor World Champion, and Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion with Roderick Strong. Roode's opponent in 2017, Chris Hero, has a lot of titles and accomplishments, included two tournaments last year with IWA Mid-South and AAW Pro, Evolve Champion in 2014, and two time Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion with Claudio Castagnoli, just to name a few.

Okay, I came up with three things, but, I could go further. Did I forget that both Hero and Aries went after each other within Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla? Well, yeah.

Anyway, Bobby Roode is going to be in a world of hurt when he is going up against someone who has been going at it most of his life. Either way, this match could be Pay-per-view quality.

Thank you for reading this,