Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

This is a weird title, but, I have to get it out of the way. Yes, Hanukkah has fall on Christmas...well it started yesterday on Christmas Eve, which it is also Chris Hero's birthday and uh...this happened:

So, uh yeah...I am so crazy!

But, while I am waiting for my brother to get up, I will be posting on my main YouTube channel a vlog and also will do a longest gameplay I ever done on my gaming channel, which it will be Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which it will be my gift for my subscribers! Although I lost two subscribers on my main channel in the last day or so, because it's YOUTUBE! So, if you want to join me on my main and gaming channels, please subscribe and also turn on the bell! The reason why is that you will be notified of my uploads and you won't be unsubscribed by those greedy jerks!

So, yeah, my main channel:

And my gaming channel, which I will have Minecraft: Pocket Edition up for today:

Understand this, I do want to reach the ultimate goal of 50 million subscribers like PewDiePie has and get the Ruby Play Button, but, I do want to get 100 thousand subscribers to get the silver play button and work my way up to 1 million subscribers to get the gold play button and 10 million subscribers to get the diamond play button.

If you don't believe me, then watch this:

100k silver play button:

1 million gold play button:

10 million diamond play button:

50 million ruby play button (aka PewDiePie's Brofist logo):

Please do not get mad at me. I see it like how I can. The videos are from YouTube creators I subscribe to.


Monday, December 12, 2016

So, back to the rumors again...

When will anyone learn?

So, last night, thanks to Smash Wrestling tweeting out about it, the usual rumor about Chris Hero returning to the WWE is once again, garbage. I made a video on my main YouTube channel last night and again today regarding of the rumor.

Here is my video from last night that has so far 25 views:

Now here is a video I made today:

Due to how things went down, Chris tweeted about it:

I somehow remember there were rumors like this about two years ago. Chris and I got livid and now it's happening again and people are either taking this seriously. I always rely on one person who would say if this is true and it's Chris himself. So, for anyone is believing the rumors, stop it. Chris tweeted about this and I made videos about it.

Lindsie Starr

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Spamming on blogger

I don't know what is going on, but, I been getting hit by a spammer. Someone who is pretending to be the website is being really annoying leaving comments every few minutes or so. I end up seeing it and remove it as spam, but, this person is really harassing me. I don't think there is any help. I wish there was like it is over at YouTube.

So, if you are considering going to spam me, you better think twice.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

So, blogger has new changes

So, it seems that blogger has new changes. I guess I like it. Still, I am on YouTube with vlogs and gameplays...