Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why this Wrestlemania weekend will suck for me!

Before you all get mad at me and tell me about that this Sunday will be great, think twice what this blog is all about. I am letting you know that this weekend will suck for me. Why? Because I have no clue on where Chris Hero and Tim Donst are going to be. Why did I say that? Well, it's because I don't know to be honest. Tim Donst was not announced by CZW for their Best of the Best show and Chris has not said a word or WWE NXT said anything if Chris will be part of the WWE NXT Supershow the night before Wrestlemania.

I wish this was like last year. Yes, last year. Last year, when everyone was in Dallas on one app I use to watch. I paid $60 for that weekend. Yes, $60 for 6 shows, that was $10 per show I paid for. Since Tim was on one show and Chris on three shows and I had two other shows to watch that included Kota Ibushi having revenge on the evil Dr. Cube on the Kaiju Big Battel show and the ladies of Shimmer to wrestle. Despite a few hiccups that I relay to FITE TV, which I don't think they were at fault, but, it could been Comcast, my internet provider or WWN, I was happy.

Now, this year is sad. Tim Donst is not booked on any indy show that is performing in Orlando and I have no clue what Chris Hero is doing. What's worse is that I don't know if Santana Garrett is booked and I wish they booked Ben Boone!

My luck.

I been going through a lot this year and it really sucks!

That's why this weekend will suck for me!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

The pro wrestling community is sad.

Yeah, a thousand apologizes for what I was saying in the beginning of this, but, what I was saying that Jim Ross was commentating on NXT when Chris Hero was in a feud against William Regal. I was really glad to see that he did.

Anyway, I was in shock last night that Jim Ross' wife, Jan, has died. If you don't know, the truth is that Jan was in her vespa, which it's an Italian Scooter, got hit by a 17 year old boy, who was driving an automobile, which I saw from the tweets that he send out was two days ago, but, it happened on a Monday. This is what Jim Ross tweeted last night:

It is a sad situation. I am sure everyone will be hating on the 17 year old, but, maybe the kid had to get home, so his parents won't yell at him. Think about it. I am sure most of you who are reading this, would be thinking about when you were 17, you were scared too, dealing with pressure by your parents to be home, because of a curfew, and I am sure that was going on with that kid.

Norman, Oklahoma Police are investigating of what happened and I can't share the information of what happened, because the news site's reporter expose the 17 year old's name and I am fearing that kid will get death threats from sickos who would find where the kid lives. If any news site expose that kid's name and cause death threats, they need to lose their job and be blackballed from doing anything that deals with the news.

That's my opinion.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

#IamaYouTuberandIamproudofit My father is making me insecure of me finding a job

I know I had to say what was on my mind. My father is making insecure of what I really know at best. Despite all he cares for is me finding a job and get out of the house. He does not want me to live in Bordentown anymore. My mother don't want to live in Bordentown either, but, she don't want to be far from her work either. My parents are so mess up and they don't respect me at all. They will continue to treat me badly until I cave. However, I will fight them on until they know is that I am trying to make it easier for them. Until then. This is a war that I need to do.

I am alone without my family's moral support. They are old. I am young. My brother does not care. As long as he gets to bowl.

I am me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

STARDOM's Io Shirai takes part in a WWE Tryout in Orlando

STARDOM's Io Shirai was rumored to be taking part in a WWE Tryout at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando with several other female wrestlers, Ingrid “Kira” Hoftun, Kamilla “Natasja” Tjöstland, Chik Tormenta, Delilah Doom, and Katya Kavaleva.

It is possible that Shirai and the other female wrestlers could be taking part of the Women's tournament, which it was not publicly announced by WWE, but, mention in the Fox Sports' Wrestling Compadres Podcast that it could be taking place this Summer.

Io Shirai is the ace of STARDOM and is the current World of Stardom Champion and one third of Artist of Stardom Champion.

Sources: http://squaredcirclesirens.com/io-shirai-takes-part-in-wwe-tryout/

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day: Indy female wrestlers

Before you all go hating on me, I do want to talk about the International Women's Day. It's a day to celebrate women who have broke barriers and those who are continue what they do. I am going to talk about a few women who are wrestlers who broke barriers themselves.

You know about Mae Young, the first woman to wrestle, but I want to tell you of two women who really broke barriers, LuFisto and Candice LeRae.

First, LuFisto. She is from Canada, but, she done plenty of things that she done. She was the first female wrestling in Combat Zone Wrestling and she had won the now defunct CZW Iron Man Championship. In fact, LuFiso has mostly dominate any match against both man and female. If you think I am crazy, here are some videos I recommend for you to see:

Candice LeRae, a California native, who is currently lives in Florida, with her husband, WWE Superstar, Johnny Gargano, was the first and only woman to wrestle in the promotion, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. She is mostly seen with her tag team partner and friend, Joey Ryan. They are known as World's Cutest Tag Team. She has gone to Japan and wrestled on DDT Pro with Joey Ryan. I know Candice LeRae had used to accompanying some wrestlers in PWG. Also, Candice did had wrestled in Smash Wrestling and Absolute Intense Wrestling where she wrestled against her husband, Johnny Gargano.

Some video can help:

 This is a documentary by Kenny Johnson

 Oh here is a video of Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan in tag team action:

There are some other women who I follow on twitter and Instagram that you should see how they wrestle.

Jessicka Havok:

Santana Garrett:

Mia Yim:

I forgot to mention there are some other women in the videos like Veda Scott and Jordynne Grace. If you like to see more, feel free to search on YouTube.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Austin Creed or Xavier Woods: The YouTuber and Wrestler that is on his way to 1 Million YouTube subscribers!

I don't know if you know that Austin Creed or should I call him Xavier Woods, is on his way to 1 Million YouTube subscribers on his channel, UpUpDownDown. 

I have not been watching him on RAW, but I heard many things about him since I had gave up watching him.

However, his YouTube side has been really well since he is on his way to 1 Million YouTube subscribers. I know that he has been playing video games with his fellow superstars and divas as well as special guests like vlogger/gamer YouTuber, Emma Blackery and Let's Make a Deal host, Wayne Brady.

Creed also has work with another YouTuber named Chris Denker who has well over 720,000 subscribers on some game plays and another YouTuber Andru Edwards who has well over 120,000 subscribers on contests or challenges.

But, I got mad at him once when he was on the NXT roster. Someone who was attending the show, saw Creed botch a maneuver at his opponent and broke their teeth. He was sorry by the face he had, but I got mad at him for a while, but things change and I forgive him.

He is still part of the trio, New Day, with Kofi Kingston and Big E and those three are looking for another tag team title run. I hope they do.

I hope Creed keeps doing well with wrestling and working on his YouTube Channel.

He also hinted that he has an upcoming Special Guest on his channel that made him and Kofi Kingston excited and Cedric Alexander fainted:

Congrats Austin Creed!

Lindsie Starr

Benjamin Boone: Pro wrestler and Bachelor hopeful

I have not talk about him unless you check my fan fiction. But, I am really kinda odd about what he is going though as his wrestling gimmick and maybe a new world. Ben Palicki, otherwise known as Benjamin Boone, wants to be on ABC's The Bachelor. Am I happy about it? Not really. But, I will give my support for him. I really like him and ever since I know about his cousin, Adrianne, a tv actress who done Friday Night Lights and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D plus working on an upcoming TV series with the creator of Family Guy and American Dad, Seth MacFarlane, Ben is really have been interesting to me.

I have been seeing the progression that Ben had went through, since he had his hand broken and I wish that he wrestles again with either AAW or AIW since it has been a while since he was in both. I am not sure if he will be because it's possible that Ben could get a tryout from the producers of The Bachelor to be on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. I don't know if he will, but if he does, he could be boosting himself to be more popular.

I know that no matter what, I still will like the guy. I don't know if I will watch him to see if he will be choose to be a husband for Rachel Lindsay or him to be chosen as the next Bachelor to find a wife.

Right now, I would give the world my fat to see Ben Palicki to wrestles against anyone. I am nuts, but this is me. I would like to see him wrestles at Evolve or PWG in front of the Wrestling Heads crew to see how he go against anyone. I would vouch for him, but it's best for someone who is a male wrestler who sees him in a ring like I do when I can go over the shows that he has done.

I know you have got to be thinking, that I am crazy, but I feel that Ben needs exposure and what if he does not get on the show? Then what?

I am just saying.

I hope for the rest of 2017 is the year, Benjamin Boone is his year to shine.

This interview from WWE is pure BS!

Before you all go and whine, just listen to me! I am going to break down this interview that is on WWE.com. As WWE failed to start in an article who written it. Just let you know, this could or could not be by Byron Saxton. Shall we begin?

(I hope you say yes)

Okay, the article that I got from twitter is entitled:

Exclusive interview: Kassius Ohno on his return to NXT

Which you all know that means, it's all about Chris Hero! Let's continue. Here is the narration:

When you make a return, do so with a bang. After a several-year absence, Kassius Ohno has done precisely that with his return, and by setting his sights on NXT Champion Bobby Roode. One week before his first match back – a championship showdown with The Glorious One – Ohno opened up to WWE.com about his time away from NXT, making his return and his agenda for the future.

Okay, before you all go crazy, let me define several from Merriam-Webster website:

Definition of several

1 a : separate or distinct from one another: federal union of the several states
b (1) : individually owned or controlled: exclusive: a several fishery — compare common (2) : of or relating separately to each individual involved: a several judgment
c : being separate and distinctive: respective: specialists in their several fields 

2 a : more than one: several pleas
b : more than two but fewer than many: moved several inches 
c chiefly dialectal : being a great many

In the article of the word several, we are going to use example 2b, which it's totally farfetched. Why? Well, it sounds like it has been 5 or 10 years, but, it's not true. If you recalled, Chris got released in November 2013 and was resigned in January 2017. So, if you want to know it's about almost four years.

Now, let's get to the interview Byron Saxton does with Chris:

(Just letting you know that I am changing the names around so you would get an ideal who these people are)

Byron Saxton: Now that you’ve had time to settle back into NXT, what has returning been like for you?

Chris Hero: I think “surreal” is probably the word that most accurately describes how it feels to be back at NXT. Everyone has been so welcoming, and the environment is a very positive and inspiring one. I'm extremely excited at the possibilities.

My take: Sounds like Chris felt welcome, which it is a positive thing.

Byron Saxton: It took you over 12 years to get an opportunity to join NXT. How did you deal with the emotions of seeing that dream slip away?

Chris Hero: I had a feeling things were heading down that path. I had a few weeks to internally address the frustration and disappointment, so the moment I knew I was leaving, I got right on the phone and started making calls. I didn't give myself a second to dwell on it. I was too busy ordering merchandise, taking bookings, reserving flights and visiting friends.

My take: Byron says that it took Chris 12 years, which I find it hard to understand, since NXT was first as a competition about 7 years ago and did not change to a show and roster until 5 years ago. However, I heard in many interviews since Chris was released for the first time from WWE was that Chris has been a long time fan of WWE and if I am not mistaken, Chris has been wrestling for 18 years, which it would be a stretch, since Chris has been wrestling in most of his time in numerous promotions, which some were close to me. When I found out he got released, he did made those calls, which I believe that he said on the Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana and some other interviews on other podcasts and shows. Shocking that Chris said visiting friends, but, he forgot to mention his mother, which well over a year ago, while Chris was in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH, trying to win the tag titles with Colt Cabana from Lance Hoyt and Harry Smith, his mother had a heart problem, and he found out once he returned.

Byron Saxton: You had already made quite the name for yourself on the independent scene. What was it like to go back on that circuit?

Chris Hero: I could not have asked for a better “hero's welcome.” My friends, the fans, my peers, they all made me feel right at home. It was vindicating. The reactions I received night in and night out, the caliber and variety of opponents I encountered over the last three years, have made me feel like the best wrestler on the planet.

My take: Chris had a huge welcome by his fans, when he took on against Gregory Helms at a show, when Chris got released. He had some crazy matches including Drew Gulak and Johnny Gargano, who are both are currently in WWE. However, since I had a meltdown or two when Chris took on against his former student, Tim Donst, was really shocking that they put on a clinic. Even though, it was really bad, because when I heard about the announcement that Tim wanted to face against Chris, that it when I freaked, yet, the night of the show that the two has gone at it, Donst was running a fever and after Chris got beat by Tim, he cut a promo, which I got mad at him about, but, it was really nuts. The second time...no comment. Although, last year, I wanted Chris wins the Evolve title again, but, that did not happened. THANKS GABE SAPOLSKY!

Byron Saxton: Did you ever expect to return to NXT?

Chris Hero: I didn't. I followed NXT loosely over the years, but I had kept myself so busy that I never really entertained the thought of what it would be like if I were to come back.

My take: I never thought the same, but, I been reading tweets on how things were going for Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro). Otherwise, I was tracking Chris, Donst, Santana Garrett, or Ben Boone within the last few years. Especially when Chris was in Japan and either Donst or Boone was recovering from something that was preventing them to wrestle.

Byron Saxton: What lead to your return?

Chris Hero: When I left, I was told that the door wasn't closed. I'm not the type to burn bridges anyway, so I just kept traveling and getting better at my craft. Eventually, someone reached out to see if I was interested in returning. After a bit of deliberation, I decided that it was something I needed to do.

My take: Well, he said that he wouldn't burn bridges. I think he said that when he tweeted like a few days or more after he got released. The someone who reach Chris out was either William Regal or Triple H, so to play it safe and if you search for an article on ESPN of an interview from William Regal and a comment from WWE United Kingdom Champion, Tyler Bate, it would be Regal.

Byron Saxton: What drove that need to come back?

Chris Hero: I’ve worked hard not to let my previous tenure define my career. I knew I didn’t have to come back to prove myself to anyone. What I need [to do] is to come back and accomplish all the things I failed to accomplish my first time here. I also need to reach those goals for anyone who has ever believed in and supported me.

My Take: I been supporting Chris when I first lay on my eyes on him on that June 2012 and I had to dig information about Chris and even Claudio, no thanks to another WWE Superstar, Austin Aries. I want to continue to support him as much as I can, but, with this second run in WWE, I feel distance to him and if all means necessary, I would fight everyone and see that 6' 4" man! That or I do a crazy collab with Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) and he surprised me during a video recording that Chris comes in and I turned red.

Byron Saxton: Since your return, what kind of reaction have you gotten from those who know you?

Chris Hero: Well, my mom has supported me in everything I’ve ever done. To be honest, though, I’ve been floored by the outpouring of support from friends, fans, acquaintances and peers, both past and present.

My Take: Some of my videos can sum it up:

Byron Saxton: What’s the difference between the Kassius Ohno from three years ago to the Kassius Ohno of today?

Chris Hero: Aside from about 50 pounds? [Laughs] I'm smarter. I've matured and I don't have a chip on my shoulder. I'm more comfortable and I know my worth. 

My Take: Chris is priceless to me. Otherwise, I got nothing else to say.

Byron Saxton: Now that you’re back, it seems that your objective is clear.

Chris Hero: My focus is zeroed in on the NXT Championship. I have accomplished everything I've ever wanted, everywhere I've ever been. Championships, tournaments, you name it. The NXT Championship is something that I don't just want, it's what I need. I plan to become the face and ambassador of NXT. I want to bring the absolute best in-ring action all over the world.

My Take: No offense to Bobby Roode or even Shinsuke Nakamura, but, THIS IS CHRIS HERO'S TIME! You guys are cool, but, Chris needs to shine, since Claudio did not win any titles during his run before being called up.

So, if you want to see the full interview without my takes, click here: http://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt/article/kassius-ohno-exclusive-interview-nxt?sf60487349=1

If you like what I said, feel free to share this to everyone.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, March 3, 2017

This would be great, but, it's just a fantasy match that won't happen...

This is the most ridiculous title, don't you agree? Well, it is, but, there is a reason for it. It actually have to do with two of the greatest tag teams in my opinion, should face each other in a wrestling promotion. But, you are wondering where and who. Well, this will get me in sorta trouble, but, I am thinking of the tag team duo that was really cool during their time in WWE, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. I know you would be saying that it is crazy, but, why those two?

Well, during 2005 through 2008, those two were fun. Made me really get behind them, despite they broke up in December 2005, but reunited in early of 2006, but, they end in May 2008 during their WWE run, but, then after both men got released in 2008. They did reunite in the independent scene in 2009. I wish that before Cade's passing on August 13th, 2010, they would had a chance to wrestle in the Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Tag Team Tournament. It was something I figure that out after Cade has pass away.

But, you are wondering, if they did, who they would face? Well, I did not know some, but, one tag team who did compete. Yes, I am talking about those two, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, the Kings of Wrestling.

Sink it in.

Yes, I know now those two are in the WWE and are in their own situations, with Claudio tagging with Sheamus and Chris going into war against Bobby Roode and maybe also dealing with Shinsuke Nakamura that could lead to an epic triple threat at NXT for the championship, before Wrestlemania. What? Can I not predict that?

Sure, I know that I am really crazy, but, hear me out. If that would happen, you would see in two outcomes that you would had to find out on YouTube, but, I know it would be madness and it won't happen.

But, let me break it down for you to understand this.

Cade and Murdoch has won the WWE World Tag Team titles three times during their WWE run. Their tag team finisher is called Sweet and Sour, which it is a Lariat and Chop Block combo. Their best feud in their WWE run would be against Matt and Jeff Hardy. The most unlikely match they had was a handicap match that forced the tag team duo to team up with Umaga against John Cena and Candice Michelle. I was really upset that night that I refused to watch it. I had to look by then and sure enough, since Jeff Hardy had to rescue Candice from Umaga's viscous maneuver, leaving John Cena to deal with Cade and Murdoch to end the match. I was really upset that match should not happened, because of those who I like...I should say, used to like.

Everything change, because of those three, which I don't want to go in, because this is my fantasy match I need to get into.

Now let me get into about Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. If you know by now, you know that these two were the best in the independent scene and in Ring of Honor. Also, Chris trained Claudio. They have been a tag team for well over a decade, before Claudio was signed to WWE in 2011 and Chris in 2012. The last time those two were a tag team was in WWE when they wrestled against CM Punk, an adversary and friend of Chris Hero and Tyler Black...what? Right, I meant to say Seth Rollins, but, ehh, he is still Tyler Black to me, jerk! I was going to say that Tyler Black had wrestled against Chris also, but, not as much as CM Punk did. Not to mention, Chris and Claudio had Aksana in their corner, which it was SUPER GROSS! If anyone who should be in the corner of those two, it should be Sara Del Ray! Yes, I do mean it.

During their reunited in Ring of Honor, starting in December 2009, Chris and Claudio had Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn, who was previously with The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards), but, they were mostly with Chris, were with the guys in their promo...

I know that Chris and Claudio had won tag titles from Chikara, CZW, Ring of Honor, and other promotions, and feuded against each other. Plus, their finisher that is mostly been use, the KRS-ONE (Kings Reign Supreme Over Nearly Everyone).

So, the two tag teams would be looking strong, but, do they have a weakness? Sort of. You have to look at it what I know of. For Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch is that their partnership as a tag team can be bad if by any means necessary that one of them is dominate to the other, henceforth Lance Cade who would be the dominate one, since he said that he carried the tag team as what he told Joey Styles on WWE's website, which it's not there. You would have to find it online somewhere.

As for Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, if Sara and Shane are at their side, they could be a distraction as their weakness, but, Sara can fight as well as Shane. However, if the guys are playing as the heels they are likely a hinder, but, at the same time they can be a factor for the guys victory.

Either way, if their maneuvers could be greatful, but, how this would end could come in favor to Chris and Claudio. However, Cade and Murdoch could have a chance.

I hope you enjoy this entry, but, it would be madness.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Don't blink! You might miss a Tim Donst match!

So, yeah, this is a ridiculous title. I guess I need to explain. If you haven't seen Tim Donst's match from CZW Eighteen, well, thanks to CZW to put it on YouTube. It is almost two minutes of the video, but, this is the match:

I feel that CZW is channeling one of WWE's old storylines that I seen and funny enough, the difference of the two is that Donst is not champion. I know I had to say some of it. I want to go on further, but, a lot of people can be mad at me for this.

Of course you can see their reaction. Tony Deppen has some cruel words, but not that cruel:

Donst on the other hand, well...just watch:

I know that Deppen is mad because Donst almost hurt him and he said that he should check on his well being...well, Tony Deppen, wrong wrestler, you want Donst's former trainer, Chris Hero, who is in WWE...under the NXT Brand as...*ahem*...Kassius Ohno... -_-

If Deppen want to lay insults to Donst, just mention Chris Hero and the CZW World Heavyweight title and how Donst would not be like him! Actually...no, I am thinking that Tim Donst would read this and he will be mad at me.

Speaking about Donst, he has been lately adding more of the insults to Deppen:

The irony into this is Deppen like Donst's tweet! Oh brother.

Well, this is my cue to end this blog, otherwise, I could be in more trouble.

Donst still rules.