Thursday, March 23, 2017

The pro wrestling community is sad.

Yeah, a thousand apologizes for what I was saying in the beginning of this, but, what I was saying that Jim Ross was commentating on NXT when Chris Hero was in a feud against William Regal. I was really glad to see that he did.

Anyway, I was in shock last night that Jim Ross' wife, Jan, has died. If you don't know, the truth is that Jan was in her vespa, which it's an Italian Scooter, got hit by a 17 year old boy, who was driving an automobile, which I saw from the tweets that he send out was two days ago, but, it happened on a Monday. This is what Jim Ross tweeted last night:

It is a sad situation. I am sure everyone will be hating on the 17 year old, but, maybe the kid had to get home, so his parents won't yell at him. Think about it. I am sure most of you who are reading this, would be thinking about when you were 17, you were scared too, dealing with pressure by your parents to be home, because of a curfew, and I am sure that was going on with that kid.

Norman, Oklahoma Police are investigating of what happened and I can't share the information of what happened, because the news site's reporter expose the 17 year old's name and I am fearing that kid will get death threats from sickos who would find where the kid lives. If any news site expose that kid's name and cause death threats, they need to lose their job and be blackballed from doing anything that deals with the news.

That's my opinion.


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