Tuesday, March 21, 2017

#IamaYouTuberandIamproudofit My father is making me insecure of me finding a job

I know I had to say what was on my mind. My father is making insecure of what I really know at best. Despite all he cares for is me finding a job and get out of the house. He does not want me to live in Bordentown anymore. My mother don't want to live in Bordentown either, but, she don't want to be far from her work either. My parents are so mess up and they don't respect me at all. They will continue to treat me badly until I cave. However, I will fight them on until they know is that I am trying to make it easier for them. Until then. This is a war that I need to do.

I am alone without my family's moral support. They are old. I am young. My brother does not care. As long as he gets to bowl.

I am me.

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