Thursday, June 20, 2013

Austin Aries, CM Punk, Paige, Sting and the Main Event Mafia

Austin Aries
Since last Thanksgiving (2012), I have no longer follow Austin Aries on twitter and I did block him on personal reason, but the man never answer me. Okay, the second reason is no excuse, but the first, yes. Anyway, since then I been trying to avoid him at all cost while watching Impact Wrestling, however, he's been different. I notice that he has been using the rolling elbow into some of his matches as I seen with WWE's own Wade Barrett (Who has been using for a few months) and Kassius Ohno (The man formally known as Chris Hero, who has been using it for years, but it was in 2009 that he use it as his finisher). I feel that Aries is looking like Kassius Ohno, but I just don't know what to say about it.

CM Punk
When I saw CM Punk returning at Payback, he was going for the Wolverine (Marvel's X-Men) look, but, I feel he was more looking like Austin Aries per say 2011. I know what everyone thinks, but, it's what I am thinking of. It's just freaking me out, but we will see how Punk will be of the rest of this year.

Paige, the second generation of the Knight family of wrestling. Her mum and dad, Saraya and Ricky Knight are going to be proud of their daughter as Paige is crowned the first WWE NXT Women's Champion tonight during WWE NXT tapings at Full Sail University.

Congrats to her! ^_^

Sting and the Main Event Mafia
Last week on Impact Live, TNA Wrestling Hall of Famer and Wrestling Legend, Sting, made a statement about The Aces and 8s. He declared that Aces and 8s are like family and he need a family to help him out in the fight. He said that he is reforming The Main Event Mafia. If you don't understand about the Main Event Mafia, I will explain. Back in sometime of late 2008, Kurt Angle formed a heel faction, known as The Main Event Mafia, with then TNA Superstars, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Sting, and Scott Steiner, with the add on of Samoa Joe (and Taz who was managing Joe) in 2009 and unlikely alliance with Eric Young and his stable World Elite (Before Eric went face, form a relationship with ODB, and having his own show on Animal Planet, Off the Hook: Extreme Catches). They went in a war against the TNA Roster, but it got disbanded sometime in late 2009 or early of 2010. However, since Sting said last week, he is forming out the Main Event Mafia again. Whoever he has in it, they better be more better then before.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bad Parents...

I am watching ABC 20/20 and you know that it makes me sick that they do a show about bad parents. For example, a mother who divorced her husband and move away to Seattle, without her children, especially one who has Down syndrome. She don't really care for her kids and her ex don't mind. That's just an example of bad parenting. 

Why? Because, a kid or children mostly rely on their mother, or if the mother is, bad, they rely on their father. Until the kid can make it on their own.

Another thing, why would parents support their children's decision? I remember watching about the story of this Texan teen girl whose parents defy of her decision. Not to mention, the parents of the teen girl's boyfriend was supporting of the young couple. However, as I am watching ABC 20/20 the parents of the teen girl lying to the reporter. It was really sad that the teen girl's parents are not respecting their daughter's wishes. 

Even though, the teen girl is reconcile with her mother, but her boyfriend, now husband, has a fall out with his parents.

I am not a teenager, but if my mother won't respected my wishes, I would be astray from her. Still, my mother do respect my wishes.

Another thing, a mother who has big breast is really bad. Especially to kids who are being bullied and worry about her health. Not to mention embarrassed. It's just horrible for someone to do that. I feel sorry for the kids.

But, parents should never be bad when their kids want a party. Especially when kids said that there would be no alcohol beverages, but their friends bring it. The friends will make hell and the people will be blame. If any parents would allowed this, check the friends before or you will deal with an overzealous attorney. 

Also, dads should never to do stupid things. Especially to post on YouTube to see. Also, terrible things to do to your children is just strongly wrong.