Friday, June 14, 2013

Bad Parents...

I am watching ABC 20/20 and you know that it makes me sick that they do a show about bad parents. For example, a mother who divorced her husband and move away to Seattle, without her children, especially one who has Down syndrome. She don't really care for her kids and her ex don't mind. That's just an example of bad parenting. 

Why? Because, a kid or children mostly rely on their mother, or if the mother is, bad, they rely on their father. Until the kid can make it on their own.

Another thing, why would parents support their children's decision? I remember watching about the story of this Texan teen girl whose parents defy of her decision. Not to mention, the parents of the teen girl's boyfriend was supporting of the young couple. However, as I am watching ABC 20/20 the parents of the teen girl lying to the reporter. It was really sad that the teen girl's parents are not respecting their daughter's wishes. 

Even though, the teen girl is reconcile with her mother, but her boyfriend, now husband, has a fall out with his parents.

I am not a teenager, but if my mother won't respected my wishes, I would be astray from her. Still, my mother do respect my wishes.

Another thing, a mother who has big breast is really bad. Especially to kids who are being bullied and worry about her health. Not to mention embarrassed. It's just horrible for someone to do that. I feel sorry for the kids.

But, parents should never be bad when their kids want a party. Especially when kids said that there would be no alcohol beverages, but their friends bring it. The friends will make hell and the people will be blame. If any parents would allowed this, check the friends before or you will deal with an overzealous attorney. 

Also, dads should never to do stupid things. Especially to post on YouTube to see. Also, terrible things to do to your children is just strongly wrong.

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