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Tim Donst: The man, the wrestler, and cat owner...

Well, I want to tell a subject and I am...

I guess I could be in trouble with Nick Gage, but until he beats the 27 year old at Absolute Intense Wrestling Absolution X, he's not the man. Tim Donst is.

You are wondering, Who is Tim Donst?

Mike Hopes also known as Tim Donst, is a 27 year old pro wrestler who is currently wrestling for Absolute Intense Wrestling and will be in Combat Zone Wrestling on July 11th. He used to wrestle for Chikara Pro in 2007 until June of 2013, which it was his last match was against ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker (Also known as Louden Noxious of Kaiju Big Battel), which Donst lost. Donst has been trained by Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero, and Skyada. He started his training in 2004 until he debut in Chikara in 2007.

Tim had been in stables like the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (UltraMantis Black's stable) and Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Originally formed by Ares, now under the leadership of Jakob Hammermeier) during his time in Chikara. He team up with Hydra while part of the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple and after they both left the stable (They used the name Order of the Neo-Solar Temple when they team up and wrestled against tag teams like Dr. Cube's Posse from Kaiju Big Battel and then they known as the SeaDonsters after they left), because in the storyline, Tim was acting in front of UltraMantis Black in order to get details for Mike Quackenbush. One of the promos I saw on YouTube that Tim Donst was trying to figure out what UltraMantis Black wanted, which, Hydra tries to tell Tim, UltraMantis Black wanted the Eye of Tyr, a talisman that controlled wrestlers.

When Tim went heel in Chikara, he had to get rid of Hydra and then he was back in the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple as Vökoder, a mask man, who no one know who he was, until the November 22nd, 2009 Chikara show (It was the season 8 Chikara Finale entitled, Three-Fisted Tales), which Tim revealed himself as Vökoder (There was a second Vökoder, but that one was never been unmasked, but it was revealed to be the late Larry Sweeney), after he, Ares, Tursas, Pinkie Sanchez (Who returned to BDK sometime last year), Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Ray, and Daizee Haze, attack the face wrestlers. Tim ended up becoming the Young Lions Cup holder after beating Player Uno of the Super Smash Brothers in early of 2010. After Ares was out of Bruderschaft des Kreuzes and Claudio was signed to WWE after 2011, Tim was in charge, but, with Jakob Hammermeier, Steve "The Turtle" Weiner, and Veronica Ticklefeather, but, it was referred to as The Nest of Donst, but, when I tweeted to Tim Donst, almost two years ago about his PWI rank, well, I let you see his response (Click here)

Tim got more serious in 2012 in Chikara and refueled a feud against Eddie Kingston and Hallowicked (Pre-Eye of Tyr usage). Tim also won the Torneo Cibernetico in 2012. Also Tim was interviewed and made very uncomfortable to Leonard F. Chikarason. But, in 2013, up to Chikara last show before their hiatus, Tim had a rivially against Gavin Loudspeaker which led a match at Chikara final show of 2013, Aniversario: Never Compromise, which it was a hair vs. hair match. Gavin prevaled to defeat Tim, after Tim was betrayed by Jakob. That match was Tim's last match in Chikara. Tim was seen in Chikara's movie, The Ashes of Chikara, which they done it in video clips before the movie. In Tim's scene, he was working at a furniture store, when Icarus went to see him and tried to convince him to rally to get Chikara to return, but, Tim refused. That was Tim's final appearance in the promotion. Tim tweeted days later that he was no longer would be in Chikara.

Well, that was the Chikara story of Tim's career, now, I tell you about Tim in Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Tim debut in Absolute Intense Wrestling in 2011 and got into matches and feuds, including trying to get a title shot against then Absolute Champion. Johnny Gargano, going up against a stable called NIXON, still feud against Eddie Kingston, and also got into many matches, mostly against Michael Hutter (Also known in TNA Wrestling as Ethan Carter) at Absolution 8 (June 2013) and Hell on Earth 9 (November 2013), Chris Hero at Dead Presidents (December 2013) which I see that match as a downloaded video (I watch it in January 2014) and Tim really got sick that night, Danny Havoc at TGIF (February 2014), Eddie Kingston at Gauntlet for the Gold 9 (March 2014), Alex Shelly at Nothing But A "G" Thang (April 2014), Michael Elgin at Absolution 9 (June 2014), and Josh Alexander at Failure by Design (August 2014).

Tim also capture the Absolution two times, first one in July 2012 against Eric Ryan, Johnny Gargano, and Zema Ion (It was spelled differently according to the AIW website), and Tim's second came at WrestleRager Night 3 (September 2014) as he beat Josh Alexander for the vacated Absolute Title that Michael Elgin vacated the title for a rumor reason was that he was denied back to the United States. Tim also had defended the Absolute Title (second reign) outside of AIW in October 2014 against Matt Tremont and Nokken (He is a pseudo version of Tursas, but no beard and he can really talk and is Jakob Hammerier's right hand man). Tim defended the Absolute Title against Rickey Shane Page, Tyson Dux, and Josh Alexander at Hell on Earth 10 (November 2010) and Crimson at Charge it to the Underhills (December 2014) as a DQ due to Crimson's cohorts, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs attacking Donst, which Russ Myers and T-Money came to save Tim and turn it into an impromptu six man tag match between The Forgotten (Crimson, Whitmer, and Jacobs) vs. The Jollyville Fuck-Its (Myers and T-Money) and Tim Donst, which Donst and the boys of Jollyville defeated the Forgotten after a combination of maneuvers by the men on Crimson.

But, Tim ended up relinquish the Absolute title in February of 2015 as fans learned why he rushed to the hospital on February 13th, 2015 and was there for five days, plus seeking a second opinion. It was revealed at I Choo-Choo-Choose You, Tim was diagnosed having a tumor on his right kidney. I was in shock and I cried about it. Not only that was told, but, also, wrestlers came to give their support to Tim including Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer, Kevin Steen (Also known as Kevin Owens in WWE), and Ryan Drago (Also known as Simon Gotch in WWE).

It was revealed on an article done by Pocono Record (A local newspaper) on their website that not only it shown his real name, but, when Tim was schedule to have surgery after a charity variety show that donations go to Children's Cancer Association, with his friend, Jimmy Viola. Tim had surgery and it was successful. It was revealed on another website called Newsworks (A website own by WHYY a local Public Broadcast System Network) which the reporter Maiken Scott for The Pulse (A radio show for WHYY) revealed that Mike Hopes does not need further treatment as the tumor only confide to his kidney. I was glad to hear it. But, it was no word on the return of Stroudsburg's favorite son to wrestling, until it was revealed at the AIW JT Lighting Tournament Night Two last month, after being rudely interrupted by Nick Gage, that Tim Donst is returning to wrestling at AIW Absolution Ten next month.

Even though Tim wrestled at AIW, he wrestled a few WWNLive shows (And I wish to see more of him mostly at Evolve) last year as well as Ring of Honor's Future of Honor show. I know fans are also wanted to see Tim in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla too. But, for now, Tim is also scheduling the next night after AIW Absolution Ten, Tim will be debuting at Combat Zone Wrestling New Heights against CZW Wired Champion, Joe Gacy, which it was planned to take place at CZW Sixteen, but, since Tim having a tumor on his right kidney was going on, the match was on hold, but at CZW Tournament of Death 14, it was revealed by both men that they will go at it at CZW New Heights.

I told you about Tim Donst as the wrestler and the man, but, I did put in my title, cat owner. Yes, besides Tim being nice to his fans, wrestling his opponents, Tim is a cat owner. His cat, Hallowiskers, is a female Calico cat. He named her after his opponent, Hallowicked. I am guessing Tim got Hallowiskers during his feud against Hallowicked in 2012 and she got big when he took a picture of her and post it on Instagram. In fact, Tim has a tee of himself and Hallowiskers on ProWrestlingtees.com.

So, that's it. You can follow Tim Donst on twitter @tdonst. Also check out AIW on twitter for Absolution Ten at @AIWrestling and CZW for New Heights at @CombatZone. Also, want to buy tees of Tim Donst? Go to ProWrestlingtees to see his tees and others! Also, you can ask Tim anything on July 6th on Reddit. Details: (Click here)

Thank you for reading.
Lindsie Starr

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I maybe blogging about pro wrestling for Wrestling Heads.

(6/7/2015) As of 2:39am, I, Lindsie Starr, will be blogging for Wrestling Heads. I am going to be sorting this out with Skits, who runs the website with some others. I feel I am betraying some wrestlers I won't mention, but, I don't know.

I maybe going to talk about independent wrestling. I maybe talking about TNA Wrestling. I don't know yet. I will update maybe.

(Update: 6/11/2015) I post my first blog and I will share with you what I said:

Hello Wrestling Heads fans!
My name is Lindsie Starr. I am a pro wrestling fan. I watch mostly TNA Impact Wrestling for the past nine years, but, I used to watch WWE programs for almost 15 years, but sadly, I had to quit due to the storylines were not good and they released my favorite wrestler, who we all know him as Chris Hero. I do have interest of the independent scene and I been followed on twitter by some of the promotions in Illinois, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I could list who are my favorite wrestlers, but, I will mention some when I am going to give my thoughts about WWE Superstars Goldust and Stardust’s father, Dusty Rhodes, who pass away this morning.
I knew much of Dusty on WWE RAW, since his sons are on the main roster and I learned that he did appear in TNA during the early days before TNA got a TV deal. I am sure that Dusty really love his sons. I remember Dusty was on commentary with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on RAW back on December 10th, 2007, when his son, Cody (Stardust) team up with Hardcore Holly and going for the WWE World Tag Team Titles that was held by Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Dusty watched and said about his son, his tag partner, and their opponents. I am sure Dusty was proud of Cody, since Cody and Holly won that night.
I read about Dusty ended up working with NXT talents before his passing. From Chris Hero (Who is in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH tour entitled Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial Tour) tweeted (Who was in WWE for 22 months):
Wow. At a loss. Dream was always great to me & I’ll forever cherish the time I was fortunate to have spent listening to him. RIP.
Also, WWE Champion Seth Rollins tweeted with a photo of him, Dusty, and Triple H the night he was crowned as the first WWE NXT Champion.
I do remember watching an episode of WWE NXT when then US Champion, (Antonio) Cesaro (Better known as his real name Claudio Castagnoli) wanted to wrestle against then WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio (Now Alberto El Patreon), but, Dusty came out and mistakenly said that Cesaro was from Sweden before Cesaro said he was from Switzerland. The cameraman showed Cesaro’s face and he was mad, before Dusty revealed that Cesaro would be wrestling against then WWE NXT Champion, Big E.
We will miss you Dusty! Thank you for being so kind to Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli and rest in peace “American Dream”!
Lindsie Starr
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Smash Wrestling charity event

So, today Smash Wrestling is going to give wrestlers to go up against the Indy legend, Chris Hero. Why? Oh it's a charity. We the fans raise $3315CAD (or roughly $2663.83USD as what Google currency converter says) and Chris Hero will be wrestling for three hours for charity. It will go to ALS of Canada. If you know about Chris Hero's wrestling career, you recall that Chris wrestle for 93 minutes (or 1 1/2 hours plus three minutes for you want to be more serious) at IWA Mid-South against CM Punk (here comes the boos!) for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight title. Actually you can see the match!

Yes, that's from IWA Mid-South's YouTube channel. As you know Chris was way different 12 years ago to now. I will say ring gear is one, but, look at his face and hair. If you are a woman like me, you will get it.

I know Chris can do it! :)

Lindsie Starr

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