Friday, January 15, 2016

Wrestling, wedding, pains, and madness...Lindsie Starr goes a ranting!

Yes, I am really nuts to say that, because I am blogging as we speak. I am wanting to tell you a few things that are coming to mind.

First off...for those in the Chicago area, please go to AAW, TONIGHT! It's their first show of 2016 and you do not want to miss it! The first show is called The Chaos Theory and it's a very decent card. Matches will include my top man, Chris Hero taking on against Sami Callihan, who was seen in Jessicka Havok's Instagram, asked for a released from WWE, and a force to be reckon with; Abyss who will be wrestling against Ryan Boz (with Iron Curtain as backup as what Benjamin Boone tweeted), AAW Heritage Champion, Davey Vega will put the title on the line against AR Fox, and AAW Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Kingston will put the title on the line against Trevor Lee, plus more. All information is available on AAW Facebook Page:

Second, Smash Wrestling is having their first show of 2016 tomorrow. It is a wrestling war against Combat Zone Wrestling! The card is stacked and it will include many talent, including the main event of Sami Callihan vs. Johnny Gargano for the Smash Wrestling Title! All information is available on the Smash Wrestling Facebook Page:

Speaking about Johnny Gargano, he propose to his wrestling girlfriend, Candice LeRae, one half of the tag team, World's Cutest Tag Team (with Joey Ryan), a few days ago, with an elaborate plan that involves using pieces of a custom puzzle of the two that Candice had to put together while being in Japan with Joey Ryan during a tour with DDTPro. According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Gargano gave the pieces of the puzzle to Candice on New Years Eve in 11 envelopes, but not to open until she got to Japan. During the tour, Candice saw that the pieces were coming together of the two of them, but one piece was missing. Candice return to the states and when she got home, more stuff was leading her to Gargano and the final puzzle piece, which Candice could not read it, but, Gargano did end up proposing her anyway and Candice said yes. The two are set to be married in September.

Article of Johnny Gargano proposes to Candice LeRae, by Ryan Satin, can be found at this link:

Note: Gargano is Smash Wrestling Champion and AIW Head Trainer with Candice. Candice is a former PWG Tag Team Champion with Joey Ryan. Gargano and Candice battle out two times in AIW and one time at Smash Wrestling.

So, I do wish the happy couple a lot of love!

Okay, on a personal matter, I, Lindsie Starr, got hurt again by rehurting my left bicep. I was recovering from the last one that took place a few days before Chris Hero's birthday, when I tripped and fall from the entry to my bedroom. This could take longer than before.

On top of that, I also got word from LuFisto via Facebook that she is wrestling in a tournament for the Keystone Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Championship, since she mention that she wrestling against Kai Katana. However, I went to seek more information from Keystone Pro Wrestling and there are a few names I know: Tim Donst, David Starr, and Jigsaw. So, did I forget it is tonight? Yes, I told you now! SO GO! And for anyone see Tim Donst, tell him to send me, Lindsie Starr, a message on Facebook if he is not knocked out! Information of the show is on Keystone Pro Wrestling's Facebook Page:

Yeah, I am so done!
Lindsie Starr

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

AIW reveals first show of 2016 and Ethan Page is in a Trial Series?

Okay, I made a promise in my last blog and I am here to tell you that Absolute Intense Wrestling's first show of 2016 is called, Don't Feed Us After Midnight on February 12 and somehow there might be one match could be announced, but, it is not official as of yet.

The flyer for it features Bunkhouse Buck and Col. Robert Parker, who if I am not mistaken, used to managed and team up with the now founder of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett during 1988 (tagging) and 1998 (managing). Bunkhouse Buck is the original member of the Stud Stable.

Here is the flyer from AIW's Facebook page:

So, it's possible that the first match is a tag team match rematch from last month between Bunkhouse Buck and Jock Samson (With Col. Robert Parker) vs. Dick Justice and Marion Fontaine. The possible match came on a promo by Dick Justice. Here is the video:

I don't know as of yet. But, I will check with AIW on Facebook. There will be more matches announced at a later time, especially I want someone to kick Ethan Page's ass, because of last month's cheating victory with a FIREBALL?

Yes...I found out thanks to Pat Lucey. But, who did Ethan Page wrestled last month at AIW Keep The Change You Filthy Animal?

Yes, Tim Donst. I am so awful. I got this from twitter...okay, it was from Donst's twitter account!

From what I could tell, Ethan used a fireball to get the victory. I haven't heard much from Donst since last month, since he tweeted about Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister passing. If all means necessary, Tim Donst is recooperating from getting a beating from Joe Gacy at CZW Cage of Death, almost getting into a accident, but damage the car he was driving, and taken a fireball from Ethan Page. Then again, I did something for Tim Donst for Christmas. Also, I found out that Tim did won some tag gold with John Gresham

So, if next month would be necessary, I would like to see if Tim Donst gets another chance against Ethan Page. But, if Page is going to play chicken, can I suggest Ben Boone to go after Page, please?

Yeah, sorry Gregory Iron. I think you need to give Mr. Boone a chance.

What the heck did I say that? I am older then Ben!

Well, speaking about Ethan Page, at the Evolve Weekend, he got three matches...A trial series. It was requested by Ethan Page via video:

So, I got an e-mail from WWN as their alerts and it stated that it was granted. The matches are the following for Page:

Evolve 53: vs. PJ Black
Evolve 54: vs. Sami Callihan
Evolve 55: vs. A member of an eliminated tag team from the tag tournament

Here is the flyer featuring Ethan Page and his opponents for that weekend (courtesy of WWN):

For the third opponent, I am thinking it could be Bill Carr from Team Tremendous, Tommy End, Drew Galloway, or even Chris Hero that Page could be wrestling against. I know Page and Chris wrestled almost a year ago in San Jose, but, I am not sure if that would be the case if Chris and Tommy get eliminated on the first night. So, whoever it is, Ethan Page got his work cut out.

I will seek more information within the upcoming days of the shows.

Lindsie Starr

Monday, January 4, 2016

Who is The Miracle? And more...

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years. I sorta did, despite I hurt myself days before and I am mad about Chris Hero and Colt Cabana not beating Lance Hoyt and Davey Boy Smith Jr for the Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Tag team titles again. Although me feeling sorry for Chris, I made a video for him...uh yeah.

Anyway, I do want to talk about what TNA has been playing, videos of what could be a wrestler called The Miracle. I don't know if this will be about a wrestler, but it could be two, Maria and
Mike Bennett. I am not positive sure about it, but with the rumors of the two going to TNA and them not resigning with ROH could be that it is them. It will be interesting to see what Maria and Mike Bennett will be doing in TNA. I seen Mike Bennett wrestle in ROH and he's real good.

Here are the videos of the Miracle:

I believe that we will find out about this tomorrow night on Impact.

I want to talk to you about Evolve weekend, which it is on January 22nd through January 24th. It is a tag team tournament to crown new Evolve Tag Team Champions and I am going nuts, because Chris Hero is mentioned in the e-mails that I got last month, but, the question is on my mind is why Tommy End? Who made this choice? I figure it could be Chris, but, I haven't heard a peep about it, because of Chris in Japan with Colt Cabana (Big in USA) wrestling against Killer Elite Squad and accepting Joey Janela's booking of him (Hero) vs. his Death By Elbow tag partner, JT Dunn. Although, this is a huge mystery on why Chris chose Tommy End over JT Dunn and Colt Cabana. Maybe Chris wanted to explore what he has, since he and JT Dunn are exclusive to Beyond Wrestling and anywhere around the way up north and he and Cabana are exclusive to Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. Then again, thinking about Chris and Tommy End, these two are in fact could be equal to Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions, War Machine. Then again, maybe there is another reason why.

I am thinking is WWN still have a working agreement with WWE? If so, who was suppose to be in the tournament with Chris Hero, if it wasn't Tommy End? I am sure it would be a certain Swiss Superstar was came to mind, but, since he is injured, Tommy End, the German powerhouse, must been an alternative choice. Still, I would like to hear it from Chris.

Also, in the tournament are Johnny Gargano and Drew Galloway, the Premier Athlete Brand (Caleb Konley & Anthony Nese), and Roppongi Vice (Trent Baretta & Rocky Romero). Why I am mention of those three tag teams? Well, as you are well know, Drew Galloway and Trent Baretta have beef against the Premier Athlete Brand throughout 2015 and also against each other. It was a crazy year for them. But, since So Cal Val, who represent Caleb and Anthony as the mouthpiece of the two, is causing hell against Trent. So, this is going to be crazy since Trent turn to his tag partner, Rocky Romero and Drew align with Johnny Gargano, who made a proposition for Drew Galloway.

Other names are in the tournament are the Evolve Champion Timothy Thatcher and Zack Sabre Jr, Drew Gulak and TJ Perkins, Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr), and The Bravado Brothers (Lance and Harlem). These names I see are going to be very interesting. I really want to know how Drew Gulak got TJ Perkins. I usually see him teaming with Chuck Taylor, but, this could be interesting.

Okay, I want to add something that came to me very shocking and word to the wise, everyone needs to go to this link and buy this:

Yeah, that is a DVD of Matt Tremont and Tim Donst. Almost two years ago, Matt Tremont challenged Tim Donst for the AIW Absolute title at West End Wrestling in Stowe, Pennsylvania and despite I did not go to see it or watch the match on DVD, I saw from twitter of who was at the show, that it got hardcore and Tim Donst won and retain the AIW Absolute title by forcing Tremont to tap out with handcuffs and a baseball bat. I can't explain how that happened, but, you can see the match for yourself if you get it.

The reason why I said this, is because this past weekend as Chris has got his butt whooped by Roderick Strong at PWG, Beyond Wrestling announced who Chris was wrestling. Yes, it is Matt Tremont. If it was Tim Donst, I would mention AIW Hell on Earth XI. Yes, I am in shock about it. I would like to see how Tremont and Chris would cut their promos against each other and mention that they got their butts whooped by Tim Donst.

Also on the Beyond Wrestling card titled, The Dream Left Behind, for January 31st are AR Fox vs. Tracy Williams in a submissions match, Matthew Riddle vs. Chuck O’Neil in a grudge match, and Sami Callihan and Chris Dickerson vs. Kimber Lee and Heidi Lovelace in a revenge match because Sami and Dickerson attack Kimber Lee last month at Beyond Wrestling Fete Finale...okay, someone mentioned that Donovan Dijak was getting beat up while trying to save Kimber Lee last month. Information is available on Beyond Wrestling's website:

I know there will be more announced later on this month.

I want to mention about the show of Smash Wrestling vs. Combat Zone Wrestling, but, since Smash Wrestling has not book Chris Hero, I won't say as much, unless they want to make me livid and not to mention everyone at AIW if they dare to book Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst, but, that is not the case. Although, Smash Wrestling have been making Fourth Gunn livid since they book Tarik vs. Drew Gulak. Why would they? I guess torment and payback for what they did to Scotty O'Shea and the rest of the Smash Wrestling roster. From what I could tell on twitter, Tarik and Drew Gulak were not happy, but, they have been force to by the Smash Wrestling staff. Tarik will be representing Smash Wrestling and Drew Gulak will be representing CZW.

Speaking about Scotty O'Shea, he's wrestling against the CZW president, DJ Hyde, for the show. I don't know how that happen. If you are wondering how I know Hyde is the CZW president? Well, there was a press release about a deal and Hyde was mention.

All information of Smash Wrestling vs. CZW are available on Smash Wrestling website:

Well, that is all I am covering for today. I will be looking in at AIW and see if they have anything planned for their first show of 2016. I do want someone to at least whoop Ethan Page. It is payback for throwing a FIREBALL at Tim Donst last month!

Lindsie Starr