Monday, June 20, 2016

Bad days in wrestling...

Before I go off typing this out, can you all pray for the families of the Orlando weekend tragedy? I know the news media is only focusing on the mass shooting in Pulse, but, it is more then them. Christina Grimmie, who was on the Voice season 6, which I would be watching on Mondays, got shot and died too. I feel so sad.

My title is saying it all, Bad days in wrestling.

Why would I say that?

Is it because of Chris Hero have been losing championship matches?


Is it because Tim Donst has not been wrestling because he is not booked often?

Sort of.

I guess I need to begin from there.

I woke up this morning and check my phone as usual of who has been tweeting by notifications. Usually it would be Wrestling Heads or any independent promotion that I set on or Santana Garrett or Ben Boone would be tweeting, however, I saw on my notifications that one fan who I follow that I rely on for results at every AIW show that he attends to, tweeted to Tim Donst and I was wondering what is going on and why. I had to see what he tweeted and to my surprise, I was in shock. This is the tweet Tim sent:

I guess I am starting to understand why he needed wrestling in his life. I guess Tim had a rough life and it would be tragic if Tim would lose his mother because of this act that happened. I knew about Tim's mother being re-married as what has been document in the documentary, Wrestle Donst Wrestle, filmed by Kenny Johnson, who I mentioned in my last blog because he worked on the Evolve Mini-docs on wrestlers who are being profiled before the next Evolve shows. Here is the documentary that I been boasting about:

If you watch it, you will see his mother and his step-father in that documentary. This was from last year that documents about his health to his return to wrestling and face against Nick Gage at AIW Absolution X (For those who don't know what that means, it is the roman numeral for 10). If you click the video and open it on YouTube, find my comment. You will see his mother responding to it.

I feel that this should not be happening to Tim and to his mother. I am still upset with Christina Grimmie's death by some derange man and the shooting that took the lives of 49 people at Pulse. Nothing should be so bad because of someone gets a gun and shoot at someone without explanation.

I pray for Tim Donst and his mother to be fine and put this senseless tragedy behind them. No one deserved this.

Lindsie Starr

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cody Rhodes wants who? And the Evolve 62 and 63 Preview

Yeah, I should had done this earlier, but I know about Cody Rhodes wants to wrestle in the independent scene and he has a list of wrestlers he wants to face. This is who he wants to face according a tweet he sent out days ago:

On his list, I notice that he wants to face against Chris Hero and I guess this is most defiantly have to do with the situation in NXT almost 4 years ago that involves Rhodes, Hero, and that guy who my friend Domi loves...who is it again? Oh yeah, Seth Rollins! You see Seth Rollins was the NXT Champion at that time and he was at a show set to defend the title against Cody Rhodes. However, they got interrupted by Chris who attack Seth! Of course, Cody's father, the late Dusty Rhodes was not going allow Chris screw his son's chance to be NXT Champion, so the match restarted, Seth got to Chris and the match ended. After the match, Cody toss Chris out of the ring.

Yeah, I know. You were wondering how that happened? Well there are key factors:
  1. Chris was wrestling in WWE NXT as Kassius Ohno which believe me it is a very corny name.
  2. Chris swore off at the beginning of the show that he would not be wrestling at all. What a heel!
  3. Chris was different then as he is now.
  4. Cody did easily throw Chris out then. I think if they do wrestle, Cody may have to consider other options.
  5. Seth Rollins had nothing much to do with it, but, then again he and Chris had a long rivalry.
Yeah, here is a video of the match. Note, Chris did not show up until the 19:20 mark:

So, I don't know when these two will be facing off. It could be at Evolve or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

Cody also want to wrestle against others including Kurt Angle and Mike Bennett, which it will be happening at Northeast Wrestling. Cody will be facing against Kurt one on one on August 27th, but, the night before, Cody will have his wife, Brandi in his corner, as he will go up against Mike who will have his wife, Maria in his corner! Yes, it is on Northeast Wrestling's website:

Also, Cody has on his list Pat Buck and I find out why Cody wants to face against the co-founder of WrestlePro:

There could be more names that could be happening. Find out by following Cody Rhodes on twitter.

Okay, I know I mentioned Evolve and I think it is time to go over the Evolve weekend...Evolve 62 and 63 preview!:

I know that there are questions looming and the one thing I am looking forward is the main event, I hope, between Timothy Thatcher the Evolve Champion to defend the title against Chris Hero, come tomorrow, but, I am kinda mad, because Gabe Sapolsky failed to mention if the Evolve championship belt would return to Thatcher, since Catch Point has the belt. There is a video on the WWN YouTube Channel of a mini-doc filmed by Kenny Johnson, who done the Tim Donst documentary, Wrestle Donst Wrestle, about the situation of how Thatcher lose it without defending it:

Most of the interviewing are with Catch Point members, Drew Gulak the leader, Matt Riddle the former MMA star who is the heavyweight of the stable, TJ Perkins the high flyer, and Tracy William who is Gulak's tag partner and they are the Evolve tag team champions. I want to note that Fred Yehi, who has been solely added to Catch Point since Dallas, has nothing to do with Thatcher. The whole video explains that how Catch Point has been on hellbent on Thatcher, even Thatcher really went and screwed Matt Riddle two times, with the second time Riddle hurt Thatcher and Thatcher getting mad and he push Gabe Sapolsky out of the way, which prompt Sapolosky to suspend Thatcher.

I feel that this feud can do without the Evolve title. I am very disappointed that Timothy Thatcher can not be a true champion when he can't defend the title against someone like Matt Riddle. I hope tomorrow there will be a new Evolve Champion in Chris Hero, because Chris Hero has been a true champion. If you don't believe me, then feel free to watch this mini-doc on Chris:

Another thing is that while Thatcher could be on guard for any members of Catch Point, one of them has a score to settle. You see, TJ Perkins and Drew Gulak got attacked by Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter. TJ and Gulak came to the rescue for Johnny Gargano who were getting attack by Carter and Galloway towards the end of Evolve 61, but it was Ethan Page who came and save TJ, Gulak, and Gargano from the two TNA heels, since they were waging a war against four wrestlers who three of them are going to be in the WWE Crusierweight Classic Tournament. Since it was announced at Evolve 61, TJ and Gargano will be wrestling against Galloway and EC3 in an Non-Sanctioned Street Fight at Evolve 62. Then at Evolve 63, Ethan Page will go one-on-one against Drew Galloway, while EC3 will be facing against anyone in the locker room.

Also, Johnny Gargano will be taken on against Drew Gulak, TJ Perkins, and Lince Dorado in some kind of match that is a prelude to the tournament at Evolve 63. There have no mention of who else, but, I am sure we could be seeing Tomasso Ciampa, Rich Swann, Zack Sabre Jr, Noam Dar, Jack Gallagher, Ho Ho Lun, or Akira Tozawa in Evolve. All but, Dar, Gallagher, Tozawa, and Lun have been in Evolve, so it is possible to see those who have not been in Evolve to debut. I haven't got word on who else will be in this suppose tournament, since WWE need to provide 21 more wrestlers. One who I would like to see in the tournament and should debut in Evolve is Mr. 450 Jesus De Leon. He was rumored to be in the tournament, but, since WWE has not confirmed it as of yet, it would be a very surprise to see him. I know that he wrestled against the legends Chris Hero and Rey Mysterio and it would be worth it for WWE fans to see him more, since the last time they saw him. I seen his transformation on Instagram and believe me I am in shock.

Before Drew Gulak will be joining Gargano and Perkins in the match at Evolve 63, Gualk and Tracy Williams will be defending the Evolve Tag Team Titles against the Bravado Brothers at Evolve 62. Lance and Harlem earn an opportunity last Evolve shows and I would like to see these two go at it. If the Bravado Brothers win and become the new tag team champions, they will defend them at Evolve 63 against the tag team of Jason Cade and Darby Allin. Darby will be really busy himself because he is going to be in Evolve 62 the night before as he is looking for revenge as he gets a rematch against Ethan Page from Evolve 59. Ethan Page prevailed at Evolve 59, but will Darby Allin will get the victory?

Here is Darby Allin's promo:

Here is the card for both shows:

Friday, June 10th, 2016
Bell Time - 9pm EDT
The Orpheum
1915 E. 7th Avenue
Ybor City, FL

EVOLVE Championship Match
Timothy Thatcher defends vs. Chris Hero

They have had two classics in the WWN Family, with Thatcher winning both times. Hero is now more determined than ever to become the first 2-time EVOLVE Champion. This will be epic. Who is your pick to walk out of Ybor City as the EVOLVE Champion? 

Me: Chris Hero becomes the 2-time Evolve Champion.

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match
Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams defend vs. The Bravado Brothers

The Bravado Brothers were the longest reigning DGUSA Open The United Gate Champions. They are on a hot streak after the last EVOLVE weekend. Can they unseat the current champs? 

Me: Yes, the Bravado Brothers will!

Non-Sanctioned Street Fight
Johnny Gargano & TJP w/ Stokely Hathaway vs. Drew Galloway & Ethan Carter III

This is one of the hottest and most talked about issues in all of wrestling. There will be no rules when the war comes to Ybor. Watch this for the full history. What do you think will happen when these four fight? 

Me: This could be bloody and Stokely needs to be far away from the match. It is not his foreplay, because he has been wrestling in Chikara, but, I don't think he wants to deal with Galloway and Carter. It would be likely that Galloway and Carter could win, but, I need to cheer for Candice LeRae's fiancee and TJ.

Special Attraction Match
Matt Riddle vs. Cedric Alexander

This first-time-ever match marks the return of Alexander to EVOLVE. Alexander is no longer the youngster he was in EVOLVE several years ago. He returns as an established wrestler. Can Riddle keep his win streak going? 

Me: I don't know if Riddle had a winning streak. Didn't he take a loss from Thatcher? I guess that does not count, since Thatcher cheated! I wonder how these two would play, but, I guess Riddle could have the victory.

Special Challenge Match
Anthony Nese vs. Fred Yehi

Both of these very talented athletes need a win here. This could steal the entire show. Who will get the much needed victory?

Me: I hope this is not turned into a title match for the FIP Heavyweight title that Fred Yehi is the champion. I would say that Fred Yehi needs this victory way more then Nese, since Nese is a pathetic dork who can't beat Ethan Page.

Rematch Ethan Page vs. Darby Allin

 Allin earned his EVOLVE debut from a WWN Seminar/Tryout, but Page made short work of him. Allin now has a rematch. Can he save his dream?

Me: I would like to see Allin win this match.

Saturday, June 11th, 2016
Bell Time - 8pm EDT.
Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex
363 North Parramore Avenue Orlando, FL

 WWE Cruiserweight Flashpoint - A Prelude To The Tournament Elimination Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Drew Gulak vs. TJ Perkins vs. Lince Dorado

 All four of these individuals are confirmed for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. This match is sure to feature the type of athletic wrestling Triple H talked about in yesterday's NXT conference call. There is no telling what will happen here, including some possible late addition(s) to this contest. This match is a big opportunity with the wrestling world shining a spotlight on it. 

Me: If by means necessary we could see the return of Rich Swann (Or anyone else) or we could see someone new. I am sure that who is going to win would be TJ Perkins.

 Anything Goes
Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Page

 Wrestling's hottest war rages on in Orlando this Saturday. This is a rematch from EVOLVE 60, a bout that Galloway won after a low blow. This time, it's all legal. This is sure to be a fight as it's Anything Goes! 

Me: I am sure that Ethan Page could win, otherwise I will send a tweet out that a certain someone should wrestle again him!

Ethan Carter III has an open contract to fight any member of the EVOLVE roster!

 A member of the EVOLVE roster will step up to fight EC3 this Saturday in Orlando. Get ready for war. Who will sign the open contract? 

Me: Here is a hint: IT IS NOT CHRIS HERO! I am putting that out there unless he wants to, he has to be in London by Sunday, I am not sure if Chris will be. But, it would be crazy to see two men who got their butts kicked by Tim Donst! Yeah, let's leave it like that.

Non-Title Match
EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher vs. Tracy Williams

 Thatcher's road of "redemption" hits Tracy Williams here. Although this is a non-title match, it is sure to be pro wrestling at it's best. 

Me: I am not sure if Thatcher will be champion, but, I hope Tracy Williams beat Thatcher.

Special Challenge Match #1
Matt Riddle vs. Trevor Lee

 This first-time-ever match sees Lee finally return to EVOLVE while Riddle looks to take on new opponents. Who do you think will win?

Me: I am surprised that Trevor Lee is allowed to come back. I haven't seen Trevor Lee since CZW Welcome to the Combat Zone in April, so this is a long overdue. So, I am looking to see this go down, but, like Lee's match against Hero, Riddle wins.

 Special Challenge Match #2
Fred Yehi vs. Cedric Alexander

Both these talented wrestlers will need a win to get into the top 5 here. This is sure to be very competitive. 

Me: This one could be the most exciting match. Yehi is really have been on a role since FIP and since he is part of Catch Point, Yehi could win it.

 Tag Team Attraction
 The Bravado Brothers vs. Jason Cade & Darby Allin

 The Bravado Brothers could enter this match as EVOLVE Tag Team Champions after their title match the previous night. They are one of the most established teams on the independents. Cade & Allin are looking to build their reputations. Will they be hungry enough to defeat the regular team?

Me: This one could be well be the best. I looking forward to be seeing things from Cade and Allin.

Well, that's it. If you want to join me of watching Evolve 62 and Evolve 63, click here to sign up and buy the shows now:

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