Monday, June 20, 2016

Bad days in wrestling...

Before I go off typing this out, can you all pray for the families of the Orlando weekend tragedy? I know the news media is only focusing on the mass shooting in Pulse, but, it is more then them. Christina Grimmie, who was on the Voice season 6, which I would be watching on Mondays, got shot and died too. I feel so sad.

My title is saying it all, Bad days in wrestling.

Why would I say that?

Is it because of Chris Hero have been losing championship matches?


Is it because Tim Donst has not been wrestling because he is not booked often?

Sort of.

I guess I need to begin from there.

I woke up this morning and check my phone as usual of who has been tweeting by notifications. Usually it would be Wrestling Heads or any independent promotion that I set on or Santana Garrett or Ben Boone would be tweeting, however, I saw on my notifications that one fan who I follow that I rely on for results at every AIW show that he attends to, tweeted to Tim Donst and I was wondering what is going on and why. I had to see what he tweeted and to my surprise, I was in shock. This is the tweet Tim sent:

I guess I am starting to understand why he needed wrestling in his life. I guess Tim had a rough life and it would be tragic if Tim would lose his mother because of this act that happened. I knew about Tim's mother being re-married as what has been document in the documentary, Wrestle Donst Wrestle, filmed by Kenny Johnson, who I mentioned in my last blog because he worked on the Evolve Mini-docs on wrestlers who are being profiled before the next Evolve shows. Here is the documentary that I been boasting about:

If you watch it, you will see his mother and his step-father in that documentary. This was from last year that documents about his health to his return to wrestling and face against Nick Gage at AIW Absolution X (For those who don't know what that means, it is the roman numeral for 10). If you click the video and open it on YouTube, find my comment. You will see his mother responding to it.

I feel that this should not be happening to Tim and to his mother. I am still upset with Christina Grimmie's death by some derange man and the shooting that took the lives of 49 people at Pulse. Nothing should be so bad because of someone gets a gun and shoot at someone without explanation.

I pray for Tim Donst and his mother to be fine and put this senseless tragedy behind them. No one deserved this.

Lindsie Starr

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