Monday, September 30, 2013

WWE 2k14: NXT Championship belt in the game, but will the NXT roster will be in it?

According to my sources, WWE Games have release a photo of a championship belt, the NXT Championship, which it currently held by Bo Dallas and is set to defend the title against Sami Zayn (Formally El Generco of the independent scene), is one of the belts in the game. However, will the NXT roster be in the game? I hope so as a downloadable content, because if they are not, this would be a huge mistake, since I had to learn about the "Hero" storyline in WWE '12, when the voice behind Jacob Cass, the create a superstar, turns out to be none other than TNA Wrestling Superstar, Austin Aries. Which it was never mention much about it since the game was released two years ago.

This needs to be true!

Fake Wrestling Fans and anti-wrestling people

If you are a fake wrestling fan and/or an anti-wrestling person, you are not allowed to read this, comment this, and share it with you friends, because you do, I got an army of friends waiting to take you down and the police on standby to track you down!

This blog is about twitter users who are really are fake wrestling fans and anti-wrestling people. What do they do? Well, let me explain, fake wrestling fans will prove that they are not wrestling fans is by the photos of wrestling related and the non-wrestling related photos they post. If the post about less than ten wrestling photos and more than ten non-wrestling related photos, they are a fake wrestling fan. Here are a few more tips on fake wrestling fans on twitter:

  1. Their tweets on non-wrestling related are mostly on music groups and/or singers, (Ie. Justin Beiber, Selina Gomez, One Direction)
  2. Their header and/or background is non-wrestling related.
  3. They attack other twitter users about non-wrestling related topics.
If you have come across to them and if you ask them to unfollow you, but haven't, just report them and block them.

Now that is just fake wrestling fans, here are the details of anti-wrestling people. They will go after anyone who like wrestling and criticizing them on what they can do. Tonight, I am a victim, because two twitter users went after me about my fan fiction that I do of my favorite WWE NXT Superstar and independent wrestling icon, Chris Hero, also know to the WWE Universe as Kassius Ohno. Also upon him is my three friends, Valentyna, Dominique, and Naomi and plus my other favorite WWE Superstars Wade Barrett, Seth Rollins, and Justin Gabriel that they attack on. They are also being trolls. What you can do is report and block anti-wrestling people. They need to go away and leave everyone who loves this alone. I have a huge respect to everyone who wrestles and entertain the people. Those who started in the independent scene.

Thank you for reading this. I am sorry to those who end up reading this. My wrestling fan fiction is a hobby.

Lindsie Starr

Friday, September 27, 2013

Please check out!

Can you all go to It's a website that is on one of my favoritest Indy wrestling stars, Tim Donst. Yes, he has been trained by Chris Hero and it would be cool if you go check it out, PLEASE? Oh if you do, tell Tim that I, Lindsie Starr send you there. He follows me on twitter and you should follow him too on twitter: @tdonst

Lindsie Starr

Monday, September 23, 2013

Should you call someone stupid over a person who is a wrestler, but, has a different name?

I was thinking about this. If you follow me on twitter, what happened was days ago, I was called stupid, because someone was telling me, "Oh, Chris Hero is greater than Kassius Ohno", which tells me, "Wait, are you saying, one man, who is wrestling under a different name is greater then the name he used to had is better, or are you saying there are two men" which it's really silly, because the names are different, but, it's the same man. Now, that doesn't mean that you call me stupid. You could tell me, "Well, Chris' current gimmick and/or name is not good as what he was" and then I would say, "You could be right, but, just look at him, he have change by looks, because he is getting into shape, hopefully not as Seth Rollins, but, he is still have his promo and wrestling skills as the same. Sure I so hate the name, Kassius Ohno, but, you have to get used to it".

I have a follower and sort of a friend named Skits, who lives in California and attends every Pro Wresting Guerrilla show as he can, which you can follow him on twitter, @SkitsIsOfficial and when I say to him, Kassius Ohno on twitter, he knows who the heck I am talking about. Even though, he really want me to say Chris Hero, he knows that I feel like a drone. I do, but, then there are so much stupid twitter users are going to wonder if I say, "Damn, look at Chris" and then I would get a response, like this, "Chris Jericho?" or "Chris Sabin?" I would be angry and just block the moron. Believe me this happened to me once, when I am talking about Sara Del Ray, someone thought I was talking about Sarah Stock, who was known in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Sarita, which I know. I had to clarified that I was talking about the NXT Diva Trainer, who has the nickname, "The Queen of Wrestling" as I like to also refer to her.

So, back to the story of what happened to me which I got into some war with that user. I end up blocking the dude who called me stupid. I confronted my friend, who is still following him and ask her, "Why are you say he is nice, when he called me stupid?" She tells me that she don't know. I feel that she don't understand what happened.

So, the moral of the story is, don't call someone stupid, it would offend someone, because you don't know if they are smart or not.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bitcoins...are they worth it?

You probably seen it on the news or on twitter, but what is Bitcoins? A Bitcoin is a currency that is digital and it's very wacky. In order to buy a bitcoin, first, you need a wallet. There are websites that let you either download a hardcopy of a wallet program or sign up and let it be and you can generate address for yourself to use to exchange currency. But, there is a catch, you can't use paypal. Yes, that is what I am saying. Paypal won't let you, because it don't accept the bitcoin as a currency and if you use it to buy and sell your bitcoins, it will shut your account down, even it was a mistake. However, you need a bank account. Now, currently, 1 bitcoin is equal to $133.63 USD according to I have a digital wallet account at Coinbase, which they store my bitcoins. Now, they are buying bitcoins at $123.32 USD and selling bitcoins at $123.31 USD, which it's $10.31 USD below the average bitcoin is at. (Well that is for buying, selling is $10.32 USD below the average bitcoin price) Now if you want to join me, use my referral link:

See, if you join and either buy or sell at least one bitcoin, I get $5 USD. I know that sounds weird and all, but, it's true. Now, if you don't want to pay over $100 USD for a bitcoin, here are a few tips to make a bitcoin.

  1. Perk Browser: It's an app that it is best if you downloaded on your Apple iPad. Once you downloaded, you can search online for words and it will give you a point, however you can do quick points, which it's offers that you can get. There are rewards for them and the points are the following: 600 points for .05 bitcoin, 1200 points for .1 bitcoin, 2400 points for .2 bitcoin, and 12,000 points for 1 bitcoin. 
  2. BitVisitor: This can start to help you out, since I made about $.17 USD worth of bitcoin. What you have to do is to use your address of your wallet and just enter catcha to every 5 minutes of a website. After you look on a website for five minutes, just click the green button that says next and you keep going at it. It will take I believe two hours to get it credit and yes, it will go into your wallet. You can try that. 
That is all of what I can give you for now. You can wait until I give you more or look on for more free bitcoins.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Debunk strategy guide: Probux and talking about Paypal

Okay, here is something you never expected to do. You are on a website doing Pay-to-click links, trying to make a few cents, but you see this site: and it's free, but there are a few things that you don't know. Well, I am going to show you.

After you have signed up on Probux (You can use my referral link: ), they said that the first 15 days, your goal is to get $.60. However, they said you will make $.04 a day, but never tell which advertising you can look at, but, I think, it would be the fixed advertisements that they want you to click, but, not every advertisement link. In order to get to $.60 in less then 15 days, is to click all the advertisements, and check back often, because they will put some links back up, before the reset that will be looking like this, 00:00. In fact, it has been six days and I so far is at $.5340, because the advertisements are getting me at more then $.04 a day. I could be making at least $.07 day. If I got on for 15 days, I could get $1.05 or go for the month, I could get $2.10, which I could rented 10 referrals. But, the Probux Strategy guide website recommend that you rent 3 referrals at $.60, which it's true.

However their math could be way off. With the rental referrals are active and you making $.04 a day, you could be making $.10 a day. However, I will see that, once I start renting the three referrals and hope that they are all active.

I know that people are having an issue with Paypal, and I did a little, due to my password needed to be change. However, I do recommend it then what other options to get your money, because I heard the others have more problems than Paypal does. But, not only that, they have an app for you smartphone and it does come in handy, when you forgot your wallet, because retail businesses are using it, including Home Depo, Toys R Us, and Baby R Us, and local businesses are using it and it's easier to use, but just make sure you have more then $20.

Okay, back to the strategy guide, being debunk...

If the guide says that I would get $.06 a day from the rented referrals, I would make $.13 a day, which after a week, I could made $.91, which it would cover my rental referrals, plus I get an extra $.30. But, I am not sure if the rental referrals would make $.06 a day. It could be more or less that depends on when I activate it. When I mean more, it could be more, due to that they could make more then what the guide says, but, it could be less, due to one of the rental referrals is not active. I will get to know more when I reach $.60 and I will start the rental referral progress.


Okay, I got my $.60 and now I put it in my rental balance, so by tonight, before I will earn more money, I will rent the referrals. I am going to see how much I will make with the rental referrals.

Also, the guide does not mention about ProCoins. ProCoins can be earned under offers. If you have a strong computer with anti-virus software, try to do most offers, otherwise, just watch the videos. Once you do, you will earn coins, but, they are not valid yet. You will have to wait a whole month to have it valid. If you go to the ProCoins link, you will see what you earned, however, it says that it is pending. Once the month is up, you will get them. Now, if you get 5000 coins from ProCoins, you can exchange it for $5.

Another way to earn money that the guide don't mention is ProGrid. About 20 clicks per day, you can try to get something that is $.10 or maybe $5. It depends on how you click. It's sort of going at random, but, you can not earn money from all your clicks per day. So, what I am saying is that it could be coming at random to earn it. I haven't got it yet.

Now, the guide has not told what is the minimal for the cashout that you need to do. You need to earn $5 to cashout. However, there might be fees involve, so I don't know what the fees will cost me. So, stay tune!

(UPDATE) I decided to do rent the referrals now, then tonight. I want to see what I am going to expect. Also, look for the updates on your bottom right that says, Latest News. It will tell you if they are doing a discount fee on upgrading you membership. On the guide, it says the membership fee for gold is $80 for a year, but, right now it's on sale for $72, that's an $8 savings. I will keep updating my progress on this and hopefully I get the money I will need to go for gold membership.

(2nd update) I went to check up something that is different from what the guide said, due to the website's calculator. With a standard account, plus 200 referrals (Rented or Direct) and average of 6 clicks per day, you would be making $6.04 a day. I don't know where the guide says that you would be making $4 a day? I guess they believe it's 4 clicks per day. I guess they did not find the calculator on the ProBux website. If you want to see the calculator on the Probux website, click here:


I bought the rental referrals yesterday and click the links of my view ads last night. However, yesterday, I notice that so far, my one of rented referrals click already for time, which I got $.02. I am going to wait for a week. If my other two rented referrals don't click, I will recycle them. I notice on the guide that it said that to say that they wanted you to use that auto to buy more automatically, but, I recommend that you don't, because you need to save it so you can replace invalid referrals that you rented. I believe they are $.07 to recycle it if you are a stander or gold member each week, but if you are ultimate, you can wait every four days. If you become my referral, you can really help me cover my rental referrals fees and help me achieve the highest membership, ultimate. Ultimate membership cost $800 a year and I would like that and so I can get the maximum of  4000 referrals. If you can click six times, I will get more money. In return, I will help you promote your referral link.

I had check up on my rented referrals and only one still is making me money. They click three already and it's possible that is only the active one. Still, I am going to wait until the week is up and then I will have to see if I need to recycle two or all three.