Monday, September 23, 2013

Should you call someone stupid over a person who is a wrestler, but, has a different name?

I was thinking about this. If you follow me on twitter, what happened was days ago, I was called stupid, because someone was telling me, "Oh, Chris Hero is greater than Kassius Ohno", which tells me, "Wait, are you saying, one man, who is wrestling under a different name is greater then the name he used to had is better, or are you saying there are two men" which it's really silly, because the names are different, but, it's the same man. Now, that doesn't mean that you call me stupid. You could tell me, "Well, Chris' current gimmick and/or name is not good as what he was" and then I would say, "You could be right, but, just look at him, he have change by looks, because he is getting into shape, hopefully not as Seth Rollins, but, he is still have his promo and wrestling skills as the same. Sure I so hate the name, Kassius Ohno, but, you have to get used to it".

I have a follower and sort of a friend named Skits, who lives in California and attends every Pro Wresting Guerrilla show as he can, which you can follow him on twitter, @SkitsIsOfficial and when I say to him, Kassius Ohno on twitter, he knows who the heck I am talking about. Even though, he really want me to say Chris Hero, he knows that I feel like a drone. I do, but, then there are so much stupid twitter users are going to wonder if I say, "Damn, look at Chris" and then I would get a response, like this, "Chris Jericho?" or "Chris Sabin?" I would be angry and just block the moron. Believe me this happened to me once, when I am talking about Sara Del Ray, someone thought I was talking about Sarah Stock, who was known in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Sarita, which I know. I had to clarified that I was talking about the NXT Diva Trainer, who has the nickname, "The Queen of Wrestling" as I like to also refer to her.

So, back to the story of what happened to me which I got into some war with that user. I end up blocking the dude who called me stupid. I confronted my friend, who is still following him and ask her, "Why are you say he is nice, when he called me stupid?" She tells me that she don't know. I feel that she don't understand what happened.

So, the moral of the story is, don't call someone stupid, it would offend someone, because you don't know if they are smart or not.

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