Monday, September 30, 2013

Fake Wrestling Fans and anti-wrestling people

If you are a fake wrestling fan and/or an anti-wrestling person, you are not allowed to read this, comment this, and share it with you friends, because you do, I got an army of friends waiting to take you down and the police on standby to track you down!

This blog is about twitter users who are really are fake wrestling fans and anti-wrestling people. What do they do? Well, let me explain, fake wrestling fans will prove that they are not wrestling fans is by the photos of wrestling related and the non-wrestling related photos they post. If the post about less than ten wrestling photos and more than ten non-wrestling related photos, they are a fake wrestling fan. Here are a few more tips on fake wrestling fans on twitter:

  1. Their tweets on non-wrestling related are mostly on music groups and/or singers, (Ie. Justin Beiber, Selina Gomez, One Direction)
  2. Their header and/or background is non-wrestling related.
  3. They attack other twitter users about non-wrestling related topics.
If you have come across to them and if you ask them to unfollow you, but haven't, just report them and block them.

Now that is just fake wrestling fans, here are the details of anti-wrestling people. They will go after anyone who like wrestling and criticizing them on what they can do. Tonight, I am a victim, because two twitter users went after me about my fan fiction that I do of my favorite WWE NXT Superstar and independent wrestling icon, Chris Hero, also know to the WWE Universe as Kassius Ohno. Also upon him is my three friends, Valentyna, Dominique, and Naomi and plus my other favorite WWE Superstars Wade Barrett, Seth Rollins, and Justin Gabriel that they attack on. They are also being trolls. What you can do is report and block anti-wrestling people. They need to go away and leave everyone who loves this alone. I have a huge respect to everyone who wrestles and entertain the people. Those who started in the independent scene.

Thank you for reading this. I am sorry to those who end up reading this. My wrestling fan fiction is a hobby.

Lindsie Starr

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