Monday, September 30, 2013

WWE 2k14: NXT Championship belt in the game, but will the NXT roster will be in it?

According to my sources, WWE Games have release a photo of a championship belt, the NXT Championship, which it currently held by Bo Dallas and is set to defend the title against Sami Zayn (Formally El Generco of the independent scene), is one of the belts in the game. However, will the NXT roster be in the game? I hope so as a downloadable content, because if they are not, this would be a huge mistake, since I had to learn about the "Hero" storyline in WWE '12, when the voice behind Jacob Cass, the create a superstar, turns out to be none other than TNA Wrestling Superstar, Austin Aries. Which it was never mention much about it since the game was released two years ago.

This needs to be true!

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