Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Independent much they changed in years...

Okay, I made a similar blog entry about some changes of one of the best and legend of the Independent Scene, which he is currently with WWE, Chris Hero. As you know, it was to celebrate his 15 year in pro wrestling (yes, if you follow him on twitter, @KassiusOhno, and like his Facebook page, he really mean it. He posted like a month ago). Now it came to me to a surprised how much fit Chris has been, since, I watched that music video that Dave Prazak made for Chris and it's on his (Chris') YouTube channel, months ago. Let me show you what I mean by:

This is a screen shot from the music video on Chris:

Now fast forward to when Chris was in Ring of Honor and was managed by the late Larry Sweeny:

And now, let me show you what he looks like now:

Yeah, that photo is from WWE NXT Facebook page. I wish I can show you more, but, this blog needs to continue.

Now, what prompt me to do this entry? Well, I will admit this. It has to do with Chuck Taylor, who years ago, was part of the Kings of Wrestling stable in Chikara and a few years ago, he got his butt kicked by Austin Aries at Evovle 6. However, Chuck Taylor looked like some kinda dork in high school, you so do not want to be with. See what I mean by in this screen shot:

Yes, that's Chuck Taylor holding the Chikara Young Lions Cup with Larry Sweeny (Red shirt), Chris Hero, and Mitch Ryder (no relationship to Zack Ryder). But, here's something else to hear about. As I read Tim Donst's second blog entry on his website,, about some wrestling and other things, Tim posted on his blog an Instagram link of himself going after Fire Ant (yes, that's a wrestler), which I find out that it's Chuck Taylor posted the video clip on his Instagram account, but, I was surprise to see that Chuck changed. Chuck was going off as what he is suppose to be in his current gimmick as a Kentucky Gentleman, but, I have to say is wow. He looks like a model, but, it's more historical. Let me show you what I mean by:

That is straight from his twitter account:
I am surprised that he changed like Chris did too.

I guess you want to see what Tim Donst look like? Well okay...

Yeah, you thought, I would post it on here, but you can click at this link:

It's the four photos of Tim, when he was in Chikara. They range from 2007 to 2012. Well, here is what Tim is looking right now by this video post by Chuck Taylor on his Instagram account, where Tim was tying his sneaker when he sees an old foe, Fire Ant:

However, I am going to try to give you a better glance at Tim once the Eastern Pennsylvania Wrestling Entertainment have their show. Yeah, Tim tweeted and mention on his blog that he is going to be wrestling in their show and he is their US Champion.

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