Friday, December 27, 2013

Wrestling Is Presents: Ashes (Episodes 6 to 10)

Okay, if you haven't seen Episodes one through five, please click this link:

In the last blog entry I did was that the show, Ashes was about what happened at Chikara's last iPPV show, Aniversario: Never Compromise, which it did, but there is more to this story. As we last left off from episode five where Icarus seen Tim Donst working at a furniture store and acting so weird to Icarus, our story continues as Icarus is searching for Mike Quackenbush, the founder of Chikara and The Wrestle Factory. As you will see there is more then just what happened at Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise, but, Mike Quackenbush.

Ashes Episode six: "The Letter"

Icarus is reading a letter from Hallowicked while Icarus drives to the only building that where the guys got their start in, The Wrestle Factory.

There are some rumor that Icarus and Hallowicked were the first two to be trained by Mike Quackenbush, but, I can't confirmed it. Hallowicked can't speak, but he can write that good.

Ashes episode seven: "Sweat Shop"

Icarus enters the Wrestle Factory to see Hallowicked training with another wrestler when Hallowicked sees Icarus. Icarus and Hallowicked talks about Mike Quackenbush and Icarus ask Hallowicked if Quack left something behind, which he did as Hallowicked show him Quack's ring gear, which Icarus stole Quack's shirt, without Hallowicked noticing. Icarus ask Hallowicked about a new ring gear, maybe for Quack.

This episode is very weird as I am well know of hearing rumors that Mike Quackenbush retired from wrestling after he sustain an injury earlier this year. I am not sure if this series will explain that Mike is not retiring and maybe returning to wrestling. I am not sure. However, I been seeing there are rumors that Chris Hero might have something to say about Chikara and Quackenbush. But, that's nothing to do with Ashes, I think.

Ashes episode eight: "Dead Horse"

Icarus weaseled his way to a Ring of Honor event, just to find Eddie Kingston. The two talk what happened at Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise. Somehow Icarus knows that Eddie has the Chikara Grand Championship. But, Eddie shows off that he has the title with him.

Yeah, this is very odd. As you guys should be well know that Eddie Kingston is back in Ring of Honor again, this time with Homicide. The two of them are trying to raise hell against anyone in Ring of Honor. Eddie have been there more then once on the count it have to do with Chris Hero, during his first time. Icarus was the last opponent that Eddie faced in Chikara, before Eddie was back in Ring of Honor. Now besides Icarus, Eddie had to defend the Chikara Grand Championship against a lot of people since he won it. I know three others who he defend it, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Ray, and Tim Donst. They all tried to beat him, but lost.

Ashes episode nine: "Déjà Vu"

The tag team known as 3.0, made their way to Barrister R.D. Evans' office and ask if they seen Archibald Peck after Shane Mathews scared Evans. Evans explained the guys that Archibald Peck is in Parts Unknown. Shane wanted to make sure what Evans was saying and Evans clearly what he said. Scott Parker ask Evans where is Parts Unknown. Evans says that he don't know where it is at. Shane said that they should start looking and away Shane went while Scott and Evans watched him. Scott made some kind of remark about Shane and their situation and left leaving Evans on his phone.

As we last left off  3.0 was in episode four, where the guys figure out who was at Chikara Anversario: Never Compromise, when Condor Security invaded the main event of Icarus vs. Eddie Kingston for the Chikara Grand Championship and took out them, 3.0 learned it was Archibald Peck who witness everything back on June 2nd, 2013. However in this episode, Barrister R.D. Evans explain to 3.0 what he told Wink Vavasseur in the Chikara Season Eleven Epilogue, which Vavasseur ask him a question about the doppelganger Peck, in which Evans said, "Great Scott!" in the epilogue. Here is the link to the video:

The question remains is will 3.0 find Archibald Peck?

Ashes episode ten: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

The episode starts as some dude got a phone call from Icarus, but refused to answer the call. As the dude leaves, he hi fives Ultra Mantis Black. As the dude was about to exit, Green Ant and Fire Ant enters the place, which it's a bar. The Ants sit down as the bartender recognized them. Green Ant ask the bartender if he seen Solider Ant, but the bartender said that he heard that Solider Ant went awol. Green Ant said, "No. He resigned" Ultra Mantis Black chimes in about what went down in Philadelphia. Green Ant agrees what Ultra Mantis Black agrees to, but also he added that he left the colony behind as well. The bartender said that he thought Solider Ant quit the colony. Ultra Mantis Black said something to offend Green Ant, which Green Ant went off on Ultra Mantis Black. The bartender ask Green Ant that why did he and Fire Ant tried to save Solider Ant. Green Ant said that they never got the opportunity. Ultra Mantis Black chimes in and said, "Mr. Mike would destroy the remembrance of the Gekido". Green Ant is furious of what Ultra Mantis Black says. Ultra Mantis Black says that he had people in his darkest times to move mountains for him. The two argue about Solider Ant and assailAnt, which Green Ant said that he and Fire Ant have to fix. The bartender ask Green Ant what he was saying and Ultra Mantis Black says that assailAnt still wears the colors of the Swarm. Green Ant gets very angry of what Ultra Mantis Black says. The bartender ask if assailAnt is still in the colony. Ultra Mantis Black says that those two are the reason why they are here without him. Green Ant is so furious of what Ultra Mantis Black said and he threaten to kick his butt. As  Green Ant was yelling at Ultra Mantis Black, Amasis of the Osirian Portal and a friend of his get up and tried to make sure that Green Ant don't cause a brawl against Ultra Mantis Black. Ultra Mantis Black turns the tables on Green Ant and he blackmails him saying that he would reveals about Green Ant and assailAnt. Green Ant grabs Ultra Mantis Black by his weird shirt and says to him that he would harm him. Ultra Mantis Black says that the truth hurts. It seems that Green Ant and Ultra Mantis Black tried to fight and the bartender ask them to stop, until Fire Ant puts his hand down and then he says, "The truth is I don't trust assailAnt either"

Here is the video:

The last time we seen Green Ant and Fire Ant was in episode 2 as the Ants were looking for Solider Ant and came to the house of what suppose to be Worker Ant and they ask if they seen him. Worker Ant said no. You can see the episode if you forgot already:

Now, what happened is that Ultra Mantis Black is one weird guy who did a lot of crazy things in Chikara. Mostly he had two stables that he had, The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, which consist of him, Crossbones, and Hydra. In some crazy storyline, Ultra Mantis Black gain a new member, Tim Donst, which it turn out to be a ploy by Mike Quackenbush in order to gain information about who taught Chris Hero the Chikara Special, a submission hold Quackenbush said that was Hero's weakness. He also traded Chris Hero for the Eye of Tyr (A storyline that was explaining of Hero's departure from Chikara), which Ultra Mantis Black needed to control some wrestlers of his choosing, which it became to Delirious. Other things were included to tie the Eye of Tyr, teaching Chris Hero the Chikara Special, was two men in white suits and masks warned Ultra Mantis Black to give up the Eye of Tyr and gaining a suppose cyborg wrestler named Vökoder. But it was revealed after Ultra Mantis Black trusted Vökoder with the Eye of Tyr, that he and the Colony got betrayed by Carpenter Ant and Vökoder at the Chikara show, Three-Fisted Tales on November 22nd, 2009. It was revealed on the show that the two men it white suits and masks to be reveal as the Swiss wrestler, Ares and the mask warrior, Tursas, Carpenter Ant reveal himself as Pinkie Sanchez, which he called himself Pink Ant, and Vökoder reveal himself as the man who Ultra Mantis Black trusted before, Tim Donst. Them, plus Daizee Haze, "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Ray, and fellow Swiss wrestler, Claudio Castagnoli (Now in WWE as Antonio Cesaro, one half of the tag team, The Real Americans with Jack Swagger and their manager, Zeb Colter better known to real wrestling fans as "Dirty" Dutch Mantel) to form Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Translate from German, "Brotherhood of the Cross"), which they all end up obeying to Ares, who is shown to be the leader of the group (One month later after the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes was formed, Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn joined a reunited Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli as the Kings of Wrestling in Ring of Honor. Hero and Castagnoli uses the BDK cross hand jesters as their own) and led them off to do the BDK cross hand jesters.

The other stable that Ultra Mantis Black formed with Hallowicked and Frightmare The Spectral Envoy, which started out as just a King of Trios team, but, became more as they feuded against the BDK, and their leader, Tim Donst (After Ares and Claudio Castagnoli step down. Castagnoli step down due to his committed to Ring of Honor & Chris Hero and eventually his signing with WWE).

So, Green Ant and Fire Ant are still looking for Solider Ant and also have to deal with assailAnt. I read about the comments on the video on YouTube that a lot of users are in shock that Fire Ant speak, because he never did. So, this is very interesting on what is going to happen to the Ants if they find Solider Ant.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

There is no crying in WRESTLING!

Okay, this blog explains about something happened last year. As you are well know that I am blogging about well, many things and most of all, it have to do with independent wrestling, but, I have to tell something and maybe give an ideal for a certain wrestler to take on this one:

TNA Superstar Austin Aries (c) 2013 TNA Wrestling LLC
Austin Aries
What does Austin Aries have to do with last year and my title, "There is no crying in WRESTLING!"?


Last year, Austin Aries was booked to face against Bobby Roode at Destination X 2012 and what happened, sure enough made me cry. See, Austin was doing his promo in front of Chrissy Hemme and he said that he is dedicating the match to his mother. I was surprised that he said that, but, what happened really done it. Apparently, I was watching the match and I thought, Bobby Roode have this match, Austin Aries is going to lose! But, I felt that Aries got this match, and sure enough, he did. Using every maneuver he knows, Aries sure enough pinned Roode for the win after using the Brainbuster on Roode. When I saw it online, I cried about it. If I was there seeing it live, let's just say, something weird would happen. I don't know if that would be the reason why I would love wrestling, but, I should never cry over something as this!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chris Hero vs.Tim Donst at Absolute Intense Wrestling show, Dead Presidents on 12/27 (Claudio Castagnoli's 33rd birthday)

So, Friday Night, November 29th, after waiting for well almost two bloody hours to watch National Wrestling Alliance Florida Underground Pro, just to watch Chris Hero in action against Jesus DeLeon and even catch Matt Morgan on iPPV, I decided to see Chris' twitter account to see if he tweet anything about his match or his opponent, but, he did. However, I catch this retweet from Chris from a twitter user who was at Absolute Intense Wrestling show, Hell on Earth 9, which I so want to watch and see a very interesting match, Michael Hutter vs. Tim Donst. This is the tweet said:

I was indeed in shock. I was like, aw man! I had a feeling about this and I tweeted to AIW and sure enough, Tim really knows!

So, this match is going to be crazy, yet, I don't know which side I am on to be honest. I know that both men will tear down the arena. However, there are going to be a whole lot of interesting facts between the two and it will be very unique. I know that it's going to be really crazy and most of all, Tim will see what Chris had learned during his 21 months in WWE's developmental, NXT. Now, the last time I seen Chris in a student vs. teacher match was against William Regal earlier this year on NXT, since Chris had to be the student and Regal as the teacher. I know how that went and I am pretty sure that Regal got out of hand as far as separating Chris' fingers, which Chris had to pop it back in after Regal had to be unconscious in order for Chris to pop his fingers back in. Now that is not the only thing that what the fans will expected to see. As I done my research on Tim Donst, I learn this will be his second student vs. teach match, since he already faced against Mike Quackenbush and if you know about Chikara and the match, you know how it ended.

Now before that match will happen, I recommend you check out Hero's and Donst's schedule this weekend.

Tim will be in Escondido Sports & Fitness Center in Escondido, California for a benefit show for titled, "Ring of Hope", which all money goes directly towards cancer research, on Friday. Here are the details from Tim's blog entry, entitled, "Somebody Please Pass The Chris Hero":

Chris has a double header as Saturday, he will be at CZW's Cage of Death XV against their current world champion, Drew Gulak in Voorees, New Jersey, and Sunday he will be at SMASH Wrestling against his old adversary, Lance Storm in Mississauga, Ontario. Here are the details for both shows that Chris will be on:

CZW Cage of Death XV:
SMASH Wrestling:

To see what is going on with the two men, I recommend to check out their twitter accounts. Follow Tim Donst at @tdonst and follow Chris Hero at @theChrisHero.

Lindsie Starr

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am such a mark.

So, this happened:

Yes, it's true! XD 

Pro Wrestling Legend Chris Hero (Top Left) and his student, Tim Donst (Bottom Right) tweets back to me! Also Daphne Oz of The Chew on ABC (Top Right) and Kristen Alderson who plays Kiki Jerome on General Hospital (Bottom Left) retweeted my tweets! Yes, Daphne retweets on Halloween and Kristen retweets on Thanksgiving! 

I am such a mark... ^_^

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Possible Thanksgiving plans, 5 Star Smash, Duke Mens Basketball game, Impact, and more.

So, this Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have possible plans. In my normal tradition as I was a young girl was that my mother would cook thanksgiving with my family, other times it would be at the nursing home with my great-grandmother on my father's side, but as we got older and my father left my brother and I, we end up having dinner at Charlie Brown's steakhouse with just the three of us, my mother, my brother, and me. One time we were joined by my mother's friend, Roberta. This year we maybe be joined by my brother's girlfriend, Miranda, who has some kind of sickness and her mother, who is battling brain cancer. I wish I had someone special to have for Thanksgiving, but, I don't mind the company of my brother's girlfriend.

So, if you seen in one of my blog entries about Tim Donst, then you want to read this next part. I seen through Tim's twitter account that he has a YouTube series coming soon called, 5 Star Smash, a variety talk show starting Tim, his high school pal Jimmy Viola, and Nikki Black, a young woman who is battling breast cancer at a very young age of 23. The show will be mainly surrounds pro wrestling as their guest for the first episode are Danny Havoc, who wrestles for Combat Zone Wrestling, and Jervis Cottonbelly, a mask wrestler who wrestles for Wrestling is Art and Wrestling is Fun. Tim tweeted from his twitter account to a response from a twitter user that the first episode will be up in a few weeks. I hope I will know by then, since I follow all three on twitter. You can follow them too. Tim's twitter handle is @TDonst, Jimmy's twitter handle is @JimmyValhalla, and Nikki's twitter handle is @NikkiBlackattack.

So, last night my friends Valentyna and Dominique watched Survivor Series and they saw their favorites and no offense to them, I did not see the PPV, since I am still a protesting not to tweet about WWE on twitter, due to the BS they done of Chris Hero and I still won't understand the real story behind Chris' release. I told my friend Karl that I am under protest not watching RAW or Smackdown due to the release of Chris, but Karl believes that Chris will return to WWE before Wrestlemania 30. I won't believe that until I meet Chris! However, what happened last night, I watched online a college mens basketball game as Duke University Blue Devils play against University of Vermont Catamounts. Not only did I see a very great game that Duke played, but, I was searching for someone. Yes, I was looking for Chris Hero, because Chris was at the game, supporting his favorite team, Duke, and I seen on his twitter account that he was at the game and wearing a Duke jersey with a black shirt underneath of the jersey, grey jeans, blue sneakers, and a grey jacket. Chris tweeted during the game last night where he was standing five rows behind Duke's head coach, Mike Krzyzewski or as the Duke fans would say, Coach K. I looked, but, I could not see Chris. I don't know who should I blame, but, I am not.

So, also this Thursday on Impact, we are going to see an eight man tag team match between Team Angle against Team Roode. I don't know who is going to be part of Kurt Angle's team nor Bobby Roode's team, but, I am pretty sure of an idea of who will be on both teams. For Team Roode, I am positive that Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kaz) and Chris Sabin will be joining Bobby and for Team Angle, it will be Gunner, Storm, and either Austin Aries or TJ Perkins (aka MANIK) would be joining Kurt. I heard about some spoilers that we might see a new TNA X-Division Champion in Austin Aries for his third reign, so it's possible that A Double will join Team Angle, since Sabin could be on Team Roode and Sabin would have the X-Division title on the Thanksgiving episode.

I want to touch on a subject about cancer and it's not just because I been followed by Nikki Black, but, it's a horrible illness. I know, WWE Diva Layla lost her mother to breast cancer, WWE Superstar Titus O'Neal lost his grandmother to breast cancer, TNA Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett lost his wife to breast cancer, WWE Superstar John Cena's brother battled against brain cancer and yes, I mention it earlier, my brother's girlfriend's mother is battling brain cancer. Each of them had support by family and friends. I also understand about getting treatment, is because my brother had battled against Leukemia for five years. Yes, Leukemia is a cancer that effects the blood or bone marrow. Thankfully it was blood and it really effected out of my brother, but it also affected my family, since my brother was in hospitals two to three months every time for five years. I tried to have a normal childhood, but it became a visit to the hospital after school until late at night. Yes, my brother was diagnose in November of 1993 at the age of 7 until 1998 at the age of 12 when he finally finished treatment and being remission since. While my brother was in the hospital he was visited by soon to be WWE Hall of Famer, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase while DiBiase was in WWE. So, with that being said, Nikki Black has being fighting breast cancer and being a stand up comedian like Tim Donst's high school pal, Jimmy Viola is so brave and so courageous. I hope when the first episode of 5 Star Smash, I hope to see Nikki and the boys, Jimmy and Tim. I forgot that Nikki has a tumblr site called, "I Don't Know Anything About Breast Cancer", which she tells of her journey of fighting breast cancer and shows that it's scary, but she embraces it. Here is the link:

One more thing, I am tweeting off what I am thankful for for four days. I am tweeting two things per day until Thanksgiving. So far, I am thankful for Dominique, Naomi, and Valentyna for sticking around for me for the past two years and I am thankful for Tim Donst who really being nice to me after we follow each other since then. Who else will I be thankful for? Stay tune!

Follow me on twitter: @MsLindsieStarr

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The loudness that is Gavin Loudspeaker: A Blog entry a-go-go!

If you seen the last Chikara iPPV, Aniversario: Never Compromise, you would remember a hair vs. hair match that pitted Tim Donst, the former Young Lions Cup champion and the last winner of the Cibernetico match against the ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker, you know how that match ended. However, I want to share with you the history and evolution of Gavin Loudspeaker.

Gavin Loudspeaker, or you can also call him Louden Noxious, has made his way through Kaiju Big Battel and Chikara as a color commentator, ring announcer, interviewer, and he can sing (But, not as good at Tim Donst). I been digging on Gavin and this is what I know of him. As Louden Noxious in Kaiju Big Battel, he cross paths with Chris Hero, the man who trained Tim Donst. Here is proof through the Kaiju Big Battel website:

Louden Noxious (Gavin Loudspeaker) interviews Chris Hero (Now known as Kassius Ohno on WWE NXT)
Now that was just the beginning on what Gavin Loudspeaker is. He appeared in Chikara as Louden Noxious and did commentary with Mike Quackenbush, but, he end up hosting the Chikara Podcast-a-go-go, a video entry of recapping the events with matches. But, before I show you when his first appearance on Chikara Podcast-a-go-go, check out these updates by Gavin (Note: I put them in a playlist, so just watch it):

Here is the first Chikara Podcast-a-go-go of Gavin Loudspeaker as Louden Noxious. In this episode, he and Bryce Remsburrg finished up what Mike Quackenbush and Wiggly started, the coverage of the Chikara Event, "Grit & Glory 2008" with a six man tag as Claudio Castagnoli teams up with Sonjay Dutt and El Pantera vs. Mike Quackenbush, Turbo, and Skayde. Follow that is a tag team match as Tim Donst and Hydra take on against The Super Smash Brothers:

Apparently, something happened during this episode of Chikara Podcast-a-go-go to Louden Noxious:

In this episode of Podcast-a-go-go, Bryce Remsburg and Wiggly explains to what happened to Louden Noxious as he becomes Gavin Loudspeaker:

Since then, he has been in Chikara Podcast-A-Go-Go and became the host of the podcast since. However, Gavin had some problems when he had a feud against Tim Donst that took place earlier this year. I don't know what is the story behind it, but, it led to a match at Chikara's iPPV, Aniversario: Never Compromise, which it became a hair vs. hair match. I seen some videos of what happen that led up to the match, including Tim cutting off some hair of Gavin and eating it. Although, Tim wounded up at the hospital three days after he ate Gavin's hair. The match took place by then. Gavin ends up winning the match.

So, here is the video list:

If you want to see the match between Gavin Loudspeaker vs. Tim Donst at Chikara: Anivesario: Never Compromise, go to


So, since Chris Hero returned to the independent scene, please feel free to check out It's good and yes, it's true. He has return and as Gregory Shane Helms said in Saturday night at Pro Wrestling Syndicate Pro Bowl, "The return and the rebirth of Chris Hero":

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chris Hero did what? this happened: 
I feel loved. Great now what will happen when Tim Donst find out? Oh crap!

Yes, Tyna told me to send it... 

Chris is awesome!

We all need our Hero in the independent scene! :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Please join me to watch Dragon Gate USA iPPV: Freedom Fight! iPPV

Yes, I am here to share with you that this Sunday is the debut of Chris Hero at Dragon Gate USA. Please feel free to click the poster right there and join me to watch Hero's debut, which it's the start of his return of the independent scene after Chris got released from WWE back on November 8th. Chris will be facing off against the DG USA Open Freedom Gate Champion, Johnny Gargano. Also, here is the information of the full card for Dragon Gate USA: Freedom Fight:

Dragon Gate USA presents
Freedom Fight 2013 
Sunday, November 17th
Belltime - 7PM EST 
Brooklyn Lyceum 
227 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215 

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match 
Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Chris Hero

Grudge Match
Ricochet vs. Anthony Nese with Su Yung & Mr. A

The Final Chapter 
Open The United Gate Champions The Young Bucks vs. AR Fox & Masaaki Mochizuki 

Special Challenge Match 
Trent Baretta vs. Rich Swann 

International Tag Team Attraction 
Genki Horiguchi & Jimmy Susumu vs. The Bravado Brothers 

Bonus Tag Team Match 
Jigsaw & Fire Ant vs. Caleb Konley & Andrew Everett 

Establishment vs. New Talent Match #1 
Chuck Taylor vs. Mr. Touchdown 

Establishment vs. New Talent Match #2 
Jon Davis vs. Steven Walters

The iPPV is in three prices: $9.99 for Live Viewing Only!, $14.99 for Live Viewing and Video on Demand, and $24.99 for Live Viewing, Video on Demand, and DVD of the iPPV!

Also, check out other promotionals Video on Demand of other iPPVs!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cheap plug: T-shirts...

If you go on to, no it's not a virus, they just added Chris Hero. So, I'm here to do cheap plug for both Chris Hero and Tim Donst. Yes, please check them out as soon as you can!

Here are the links:
Chris Hero:
Tim Donst:


The passion and perks of being a wrestling fan/My crazy rant of what happened this past weekend.

If you already following me on twitter, @MsLindsieStarr, you notice since Saturday, I change my bio to suit my anger of what happened between Friday Night after the TV show, Haven to Saturday where I got so upset and felt making an ass myself:

Yes, I put that there. No offense to my friends, Valentyna, Dominique, and Naomi, who have their favorites still on the WWE roster, but, I'm hurt. I was in shock to say that WWE has made a huge mistake on it. Why? Well, for one thing is why they released Chris Spradlin and give such high praises for his pal and trainee, Claudio Castagnoli is that the difference is that Claudio has been in shape, since the two were a tag team in the independent scene years ago. A lot of dirt sheet websites accuse of Chris to be lazy and to be honest, those dirt sheets are lying, because they only report about WWE and TNA Wrestling, and not once look at the independent scene. But, I have friends who does go to the independent shows and I do follow a lot of independent wrestlers, like Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, Rhett Titus, and Tim Donst, who by the way followed me before, I decide to follow him, back in August this year. Now, I learned a whole lot about Chris during his time in WWE's developmental territory, NXT, which started from a video of a promo from Ring of Honor in 2006, when Austin Aries and Roderick Strong were mad, but calm as they are, speak out about their lost of their tag team match against the Kings of Wrestling, which Aries and Strong had the ROH World Tag Team titles on the line. As you can see, my reaction was first that I felt sorry for Austin Aries, because in his promo, Aries said that he got his ribs bruised by a briefcase that the tag team used on him (later on, I find out it was Claudio who had the briefcase and used it on Aries during the tag team match by a video someone posted on YouTube) and he cough up blood. Even though it was seven years ago, I felt bad. So, I had no other choice, but to dig to see who Austin Aries was talking about. So, I search on the Ring of Honor YouTube channel and found out who they are. I learn that the bald man was Claudio Castagnoli, and the one who could be identical to Triple H, Edge, or even the late Lance Cade, Chris Hero. Now the video I saw was either two or three years ago, but, what made me started to like him?

Well, to start, he has great promo skills and yes, I would say that his voice was like heaven to me, since I am a female. I had to dig in more to see if there any matches of him and sure enough, I find Chris' YouTube channel and watch the matches and maneuvers video clips and I was in awe. Because of that, I was defiantly really liking him so much. Ever since then, I was looking into videos on YouTube of Chris' matches and promos from either Ring of Honor, IWA Mid-South,  Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (Just previews or clips), Combat Zone Wrestling, and Chikara, while I was waiting to get to see the next episode of WWE NXT to see if Chris is on. I seen from that matches and promos during his days in the independent scene against Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, CM Punk, Rhett Titus, Kenny King, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Eddie Kingston, and yes, even promos on Claudio during their feud against each other and I seen a preview between the two men battling each other at a PWG show for the PWG World Title that Claudio was champion. As, I see that applied on WWE NXT, I was amazed about it. I notice that in Chris' promos, Chris would be wearing either his ring gear or wear t-shirts and jeans, however, one day as I was getting ready to celebrate my brother's 26th birthday last year (we went out to dinner, since we could not celebrated on that Tuesday), I get on to my iPhone and watch the October 2nd episode of WWE NXT, which in a minute in the episode, I see something very interesting when I see someone coming in and was approach by Dolph Ziggler's brother, Briley Pierce for an interview. I instantly figure out it was Chris, but to my surprise, damn, he look that very good. Chris was out of his element, but, I am surprised that seeing him wearing something different made me smile a whole lot. Chris has been in feuds during his time in NXT, especially against William Regal, which I felt nostalgic coming from those two, because I see that they use every single maneuver that they learn and despite Regal had to dislocated Chris' fingers during the match (Which Chris had to pop it back in), they brought me into appreciate Chris even more, after Regal beat him.

I spoken to my friend Valentyna about Chris if he ever joins the main roster, we both agree that it would be interesting to see him with Wade Barrett, since both of them have skills and performed in England and the United Kingdom and been trained by great European wrestlers (Barrett was trained by Robbie Brookside and Hero trained by William Regal, Dave Finlay, and Dave Taylor), it could work. Plus, they both look great in red wrestling tights. But, sadly, I won't have the chance to see that.

Now, I know you are wondering, Lindsie your blog title is called, The passion and perks of being a wrestling fan, where are the passion and perks? You are ranting about Chris Hero, but nothing else!

True, but, there is more to this. Now, I don't want you to go on twitter, find the first wrestler you find and say, "Hey! Please follow me!", because that is a huge no-no, because wrestlers don't like it. But, however, I do recommend to follow them, but, go and meet them, more then once, and then ask them if it's alright for them to follow you. If they say it's okay, do it right now in front of them, so they can know. Also, it's best to try to go to an meet and greet more then once. Also, don't send out a surprised tweet that you are being followed by them, that could start a bad way to interact with them. Also, be very nice to them. If you follow them and being a real pain in their side, you might be blocked by them. Don't say anything stupid to them either. That's grounds to be block by them. However, say something nice and they will respond back.

To be honest, I read by wrestlers, since I follow them on twitter, that fans really say stupid things and end up being block by the wrestler. Sometimes, there are fans who say stupid things like they want to marry them, but, it made the wrestler feel awkward. I should know, I seen it from Chris Hero on twitter. However, sometimes wrestlers act real strange, but, it's up to you to see what they are about. Believe me, like I said earlier, back on August of this year, I was followed by Tim Donst, and I was surprised that I find out that he is a wrestler and what is strange is his bio. This is what it says:

The instances I read the bio that says, "Former Young Lions Cup holder" it hit me. I figure out that Tim has been in Chikara and I end up looking in and soon enough, as I learned much of Tim, I take the chance to follow him. I really got scared to tweet to Tim, but, I end up doing it so and well, look at the first time I tweet to him:
You can tell, I was shy. However, you can see other tweets that I had with him:

You can see here, I tweeted about seeing Ethan Carter vs. Tim Donst on TNA Impact Wrestling and Tim retweeted it...


I felt that talking to Tim and help him to promote his website is a huge thanks for him to follow me and me following him. Otherwise, what do you think? 

That's how to be passion and the perks of being a wrestling fan.

Now, on to other matters. I do want to apologize to anyone to know how I was feeling during the weekend. It's not what I do expect to give a guy the chance to make it big. I feel that there are a lot of corruption could behind it. However, we won't know. A lot of people are suggesting that Chris Hero would be in TNA Wrestling or Ring of Honor, but, I say that won't happen until Spring of 2014, due to the WWE 90 days no TV competing claws, and since WWE had to air the three NXT episodes that has Chris has been in against Tyler Breeze and Alexander Rusev. Until then, it would give Chris a chance to rest, celebrate his 34th birthday, and hopefully to compete in the independent scene again. I would like to see Chris in a match against Tim Donst, since those two never faced against each other and this would a second student vs. teacher for Tim, since a few years ago or so, Tim fought against Mike Quackenbush, who also worked with Chris to trained Tim. It would be interesting and have fans to see two greatest wrestlers to go at it. 

Now, I read a blog by Andrew Riche, titled A Hero's Exit, on Place to Be Nation website, which he explains the whole career of Chris Hero and he believes that what WWE has done is a good thing and hope he would get a second chance as he compare it to Chris' rival, Austin Aries. However, there is a huge difference between Aries first and second run with TNA Wrestling to Chris' first and maybe only run with WWE, is that there was miscommunication between TNA Wrestling and Aries, which wound him back in Ring of Honor, but, when Aries return to TNA Wrestling happened after Aries had more feuds and winning the Ring of Honor World title again for the second time. I don't know if that is true, but, it was in the time of Aries' life that he needed something to do, since he was considering to retire from wrestling and pursue other things like acting (If you seen the Keri Russell Cover Girl commercial from 2006 and if you play WWE '12 Road to Wrestlemania Hero Story of Jacob Cass, you know what I mean by). Somehow he got the call to come back. Now, look at Aries, he's facing against Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bully Ray, and Chris Sabin while he is maintaining a regiment that he set himself years ago by eating healthy foods and training. Heck, Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode at Destination X last year for the TNA World Heavyweight title was the best match ever in 2012 and yes, it made me cry, because not only did Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode for the title, but, Aries dedicating the match to his mother is the sweetest thing he ever done. To be honest, I never see that in my life. 

For once, I'm hoping to get the chance to see Chris Hero. Maybe even Tim Donst.

Lindsie Starr

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chris Hero & Tim Donst

This blog entry is going to be on them. I haven't been myself since last night, when Scott Fishman tweeted that WWE release Kassius Ohno. A lot of twitter users are really livid and upset about it and so have I. On what purpose is his released? His attitude as news reports are saying. To be honest, I never seen one tweet on his twitter account where he got angry, except for when he got attack by Bray Wyatt for no reason. The real reason on the attack was that the bosses says that he needed to use weights. No offense, but, he's in the best shape of his life and you want to turn him into a bodybuilding guy? Yeah, no wonder fans hate you. 

Even, Marty DeRosa, Colt Cabana's pal is right, WWE screw it.

So, anyway, because of that mistake, fans would have to drive to gyms, amorys, and other places to see independent shows to host the man now formally known as Kassius Ohno, the King of the Knockout, the King of Honor, Chris Hero! 

Now, on top of that, I got very weird on twitter. I could not sleep because of that situation, I send out a very random tweet mentioning Tim Donst and I am sorry I done that. I pretty sure he might be worry about me on my crazy tweeting. I'm just fine, just highly disappointed to a wrestling company  who have shows that I been watching for almost 15 years, release one of the best wrestlers, who earn it in his career and also is the one who trained Tim Donst almost a decade ago!

If you are suspecting that Chris Hero would be on TNA Wrestling or returning to Ring of Honor, you want to wait until Spring of 2014, as per WWE 90 day no TV compete clause, because he has three more episode on NXT, since the internet reports said that his match against the former Brodie Lee was his last and they are wrong per usual. If they seen the spoilers, he has two matches against Tyler Breeze and one against Alexander Rusev.

However, Chris is already taken bookings. On November 16th, he will be at Pro Wrestling Syndacat in Rahway, New Jersey against Gregory Shane Helms and in December he will be at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in California. I don't know who he will be facing by then, but please follow PWG on twitter if you are going to be in California or live in California. 

Also, if you want to follow Tim Donst on twitter, it's @tdonst and if you want to see where he is wrestling, check out I know that tonight he's facing against Colt Cabana and tomorrow he's facing against Jervis Cottonbelly at Wrestling is Art show.

Lindsie Starr

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wrestling Is Presents: Ashes (Episodes 1 through 5)

Okay, Wrestling Is YouTube Channel has start posting videos called Ashes. Each video is titled and which I would call an internet show, I would call them episodes. So far they released five in total. The story is so far is about Chikara and what happened to the promotion when at their last show, Aniversario: Never Compromise got compromise in the main event, when, Wink Vavasseur, the Director of Fun, unleashed the whole entire Condor Security on Eddie Kingston and Icarus. Each episode has contain one wrestler, except for episode three and five, which Icarus is in both. I will mention what he is up to in the episodes.

So far in each episode of Ashes there are a total of 9 wrestlers. They are the following:

  1. Mike Quackenbush
  2. Green Ant
  3. Fire Ant
  4. Worker Ant
  5. Chuck Taylor
  6. Icarus
  7. Shane Matthews
  8. Scott Parker
  9. Tim Donst
Anyway, I might as well go into it. Here are the details of each episode:

Ashes Episode 1: "Prelude"

A construction worker is talking to a guy and explaining about doing some work on a building and he said that he needs it to do before the Allentown Zoning Board. The guy is not worry about it. The construction worker wanted to know what the guy is up to. The guy explains that he is going to train in pro wrestling. The construction worker ask the guy what is he is going to call it. The guy that is revealed to be Mike Quackenbush and says, "The Wrestle Factory".

Here is the episode:

This episode is what the story have been tell as how Mike Quackenbush open the Wrestle Factory over a decade ago in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I know only two have help Mike to train: Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli.

Ashes Episode 2: "Man Down"

Fire Ant and Green Ant are at a house to a guy in a wheelchair. According to the comments on the video post on YouTube, they say it's Worker Ant, but, I am not sure, but I would agree. Anyway, the Ants are looking for their friend, Soldier Ant, who has gone missing and they ask the guy in the wheelchair if he seen Soldier Ant. The guy said that he hasn't and then the guy give the Ants a box of something and he said that they learn enough and make him proud.

Here is the episode:

The story of the Colony (That's the name of the stable that had Fire Ant and Green Ant) is that they were trained at the Wrestle Factory under Mike Quackenbush, however who also was trained the Colony. According to Wikipedia, Soldier Ant, Fire Ant, and Worker Ant were trained by Chris Hero and Green Ant was trained by Claudio Castagnoli. Besides that, the Colony has some odd ants: assailAnt and Carpenter Ant. assailAnt is the new member of the Colony, replacing Soldier Ant, and Carpenter Ant is a traitor. Carpenter Ant betrayed the Colony when he joined Bruderschaft des Kreuzes and removed the mask to reveal himself as Pinkie "Pink Ant" Sanchez, which he has a mask that was in pink and white when he joined them, but, he was being a nutcase.

Ashes Episode 3: "Garbage"

At a Dragon Gate USA show, Icarus was watching an eight man tag team, featuring his pal and former member of Team F.I.S.T, Chuck Taylor. After the show, Icarus tried to get backstage to see Chuck Taylor, but he was denied, because he was not part of Dragon Gate USA. Outside, Icarus waited for Chuck Taylor to come out and the two talk. Icarus was trying to convince Chuck about what happened at Aniversaro: Never Compromise, but, Chuck convince Icarus to get new ring gear and try to get bookings. As Chuck was about to drive off, he tells Icarus that he needs to change or his career will too. The last thing Chuck was telling Icarus to call him and then he drove off. Icarus shakes his head.

Here is the episode:

Icarus has been part of a tag team and stabled called, Team F.I.S.T. with originally, Gran Akuma, and before Chuck Taylor was added to the trio. The three men were in fact part of the stable, The Kings of Wrestling, in Chikara with the late Larry Sweeney and the two original members of the Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. They got so out of control when Claudio and Chris start to fell apart and Chris tried to kept the stable in tact, but, it got worse. After that Team F.I.S.T stay together, until Gran Akuma was betrayed by Icarus and Chuck Taylor and was replaced by Johnny Gargano.

Ashes Episode 4: "Thwarted"

While on an elevator to the top of a parking garage, the tag team known as 3.0, friends, Shane Matthews and Scott Parker talk about what happened at Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise. The two tells about what happened during the main event and why they left after their match. Scott Parker said that what happened at the show they have to go back to the end. Scott wanted to know is who was there when the stage falls. Shane Matthews said that Wink Vavasseur has been off the radar for months. Scott agrees. Shane suggest about the band geek, which Scott said, "Archibald Peck?", which Shane agrees. Shane believe that Archibald Peck knows what happened at Aniversario: Never Compromise. Scott like the ideal and the two are on the hunt for Archibald Peck.

Here is the episode:

I don't know what to say about Shane Mathews and Scott Parker. All I read through Wikipedia that they won the Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas two times. I would admit that Shane Mathews is very crazy and Scott Parker keeps it together.

Ashes Episode 5: "Fickle"

Outside of an antique store, Icarus, in his car, has just finished drinking coffee or tea and thinking about what Chuck Taylor told him. All of a sudden a guy comes out of the antique store which caught Icarus' eye. Icarus went inside of the store and said, "Donst, I know you are not happy to see me. But, we need to talk". Apparently the guy in the store is Tim Donst. Tim was really happy to see Icarus. Tim tells Icarus that he needs to eat lunch. Icarus don't mind at all. So, the two end up talking while Tim is having lunch. As the two talk, Icarus wanted to talk about what happened at Chikara Anivesario: Never Compromise and trying to get the gang back. Tim froze for a moment in between of what Icarus is saying, until Icarus mention about what happened at the show, which Tim thought for more then a moment. Tim snaps out of it and tells Icarus to say hello to Hallowicked. As Icarus is leaving, Tim caught up to him and give Icarus the Young Lions Cup to give to Jakob Hammermeier and tell him that Tim is sorry. Icarus takes the cup and put it in his car. Icarus sighs and he mocks Tim. Icarus has a hissy fit. Then, Icarus pulls out a notebook and permanent marker and cross off something. Then Icarus drives with the GPS on his iPhone is on.

Here is the episode:

Some YouTube users said that there were references into this episode, which I could agree on. 1647 Republic Road is the location of the Wrestle Factory is at. The antique store, which someone said furniture store is where Tim Donst and Hallowicked had a fight in one. However, I also know a few other things. For an example, what Tim is eating is a salad, but it might be vegan, in which this is referred to Bryan Danielson as Tim had fought against him when Bryan got fired from WWE before he was rehired again. Another one is that blue button shirt and white shorts, which I don't care about the color button shirt, but that button shirt and shorts are referred to Tim's music video "Who is the Man", in which Tim sings about him and Hallowicked over the Young Lions Cup. Another thing is when Tim gave Icarus the Young Lions Cup to give to Jakob Hammermeier, Tim was the reason why Jakob lost to "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti as the Young Lions Cup was on the line. I don't know what the story about Icarus and Tim Donst if they ever feuded, but, I know about Tim and why he froze when Icarus mention about Aniversario: Never Compromise.

Tim Donst has been trained by Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero, and Jorge "Skayde" Rivera at the Wrestle Factory. Tim made his debut in 2007 an got into crazy feuds including Eddie Kingston, Ultra Mantis Black, Mike Quackenbush, Hydra, Player Dos, Hallowicked, and most recently, Gavin Loudspeaker, which prompt into a hair vs. hair match at Aniversario: Never Compromise, which Tim lost. Tim is currently has been seen at Wrestling is Fun, Wrestling is Art, Absolute Intense Wrestling, and Eastern Pennsylvania Wrestling Entertainment Underground, which he is currently the Underground US Champion. Tim is on twitter and tweets mostly about what he likes, hates, loves, and he will talk about anything at all. He is really nice. Also, he follows anyone if they ever talk about wrestling. Tim had a match against Michael Hutter at a Absolute Intense Wrestling show and lost. I really like Tim. I found out about this episode through Tim's twitter account.

I don't know when there will be more episodes, but it might be within the next few months or so.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Independent much they changed in years...

Okay, I made a similar blog entry about some changes of one of the best and legend of the Independent Scene, which he is currently with WWE, Chris Hero. As you know, it was to celebrate his 15 year in pro wrestling (yes, if you follow him on twitter, @KassiusOhno, and like his Facebook page, he really mean it. He posted like a month ago). Now it came to me to a surprised how much fit Chris has been, since, I watched that music video that Dave Prazak made for Chris and it's on his (Chris') YouTube channel, months ago. Let me show you what I mean by:

This is a screen shot from the music video on Chris:

Now fast forward to when Chris was in Ring of Honor and was managed by the late Larry Sweeny:

And now, let me show you what he looks like now:

Yeah, that photo is from WWE NXT Facebook page. I wish I can show you more, but, this blog needs to continue.

Now, what prompt me to do this entry? Well, I will admit this. It has to do with Chuck Taylor, who years ago, was part of the Kings of Wrestling stable in Chikara and a few years ago, he got his butt kicked by Austin Aries at Evovle 6. However, Chuck Taylor looked like some kinda dork in high school, you so do not want to be with. See what I mean by in this screen shot:

Yes, that's Chuck Taylor holding the Chikara Young Lions Cup with Larry Sweeny (Red shirt), Chris Hero, and Mitch Ryder (no relationship to Zack Ryder). But, here's something else to hear about. As I read Tim Donst's second blog entry on his website,, about some wrestling and other things, Tim posted on his blog an Instagram link of himself going after Fire Ant (yes, that's a wrestler), which I find out that it's Chuck Taylor posted the video clip on his Instagram account, but, I was surprise to see that Chuck changed. Chuck was going off as what he is suppose to be in his current gimmick as a Kentucky Gentleman, but, I have to say is wow. He looks like a model, but, it's more historical. Let me show you what I mean by:

That is straight from his twitter account:
I am surprised that he changed like Chris did too.

I guess you want to see what Tim Donst look like? Well okay...

Yeah, you thought, I would post it on here, but you can click at this link:

It's the four photos of Tim, when he was in Chikara. They range from 2007 to 2012. Well, here is what Tim is looking right now by this video post by Chuck Taylor on his Instagram account, where Tim was tying his sneaker when he sees an old foe, Fire Ant:

However, I am going to try to give you a better glance at Tim once the Eastern Pennsylvania Wrestling Entertainment have their show. Yeah, Tim tweeted and mention on his blog that he is going to be wrestling in their show and he is their US Champion.

Monday, September 30, 2013

WWE 2k14: NXT Championship belt in the game, but will the NXT roster will be in it?

According to my sources, WWE Games have release a photo of a championship belt, the NXT Championship, which it currently held by Bo Dallas and is set to defend the title against Sami Zayn (Formally El Generco of the independent scene), is one of the belts in the game. However, will the NXT roster be in the game? I hope so as a downloadable content, because if they are not, this would be a huge mistake, since I had to learn about the "Hero" storyline in WWE '12, when the voice behind Jacob Cass, the create a superstar, turns out to be none other than TNA Wrestling Superstar, Austin Aries. Which it was never mention much about it since the game was released two years ago.

This needs to be true!

Fake Wrestling Fans and anti-wrestling people

If you are a fake wrestling fan and/or an anti-wrestling person, you are not allowed to read this, comment this, and share it with you friends, because you do, I got an army of friends waiting to take you down and the police on standby to track you down!

This blog is about twitter users who are really are fake wrestling fans and anti-wrestling people. What do they do? Well, let me explain, fake wrestling fans will prove that they are not wrestling fans is by the photos of wrestling related and the non-wrestling related photos they post. If the post about less than ten wrestling photos and more than ten non-wrestling related photos, they are a fake wrestling fan. Here are a few more tips on fake wrestling fans on twitter:

  1. Their tweets on non-wrestling related are mostly on music groups and/or singers, (Ie. Justin Beiber, Selina Gomez, One Direction)
  2. Their header and/or background is non-wrestling related.
  3. They attack other twitter users about non-wrestling related topics.
If you have come across to them and if you ask them to unfollow you, but haven't, just report them and block them.

Now that is just fake wrestling fans, here are the details of anti-wrestling people. They will go after anyone who like wrestling and criticizing them on what they can do. Tonight, I am a victim, because two twitter users went after me about my fan fiction that I do of my favorite WWE NXT Superstar and independent wrestling icon, Chris Hero, also know to the WWE Universe as Kassius Ohno. Also upon him is my three friends, Valentyna, Dominique, and Naomi and plus my other favorite WWE Superstars Wade Barrett, Seth Rollins, and Justin Gabriel that they attack on. They are also being trolls. What you can do is report and block anti-wrestling people. They need to go away and leave everyone who loves this alone. I have a huge respect to everyone who wrestles and entertain the people. Those who started in the independent scene.

Thank you for reading this. I am sorry to those who end up reading this. My wrestling fan fiction is a hobby.

Lindsie Starr

Friday, September 27, 2013

Please check out!

Can you all go to It's a website that is on one of my favoritest Indy wrestling stars, Tim Donst. Yes, he has been trained by Chris Hero and it would be cool if you go check it out, PLEASE? Oh if you do, tell Tim that I, Lindsie Starr send you there. He follows me on twitter and you should follow him too on twitter: @tdonst

Lindsie Starr

Monday, September 23, 2013

Should you call someone stupid over a person who is a wrestler, but, has a different name?

I was thinking about this. If you follow me on twitter, what happened was days ago, I was called stupid, because someone was telling me, "Oh, Chris Hero is greater than Kassius Ohno", which tells me, "Wait, are you saying, one man, who is wrestling under a different name is greater then the name he used to had is better, or are you saying there are two men" which it's really silly, because the names are different, but, it's the same man. Now, that doesn't mean that you call me stupid. You could tell me, "Well, Chris' current gimmick and/or name is not good as what he was" and then I would say, "You could be right, but, just look at him, he have change by looks, because he is getting into shape, hopefully not as Seth Rollins, but, he is still have his promo and wrestling skills as the same. Sure I so hate the name, Kassius Ohno, but, you have to get used to it".

I have a follower and sort of a friend named Skits, who lives in California and attends every Pro Wresting Guerrilla show as he can, which you can follow him on twitter, @SkitsIsOfficial and when I say to him, Kassius Ohno on twitter, he knows who the heck I am talking about. Even though, he really want me to say Chris Hero, he knows that I feel like a drone. I do, but, then there are so much stupid twitter users are going to wonder if I say, "Damn, look at Chris" and then I would get a response, like this, "Chris Jericho?" or "Chris Sabin?" I would be angry and just block the moron. Believe me this happened to me once, when I am talking about Sara Del Ray, someone thought I was talking about Sarah Stock, who was known in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Sarita, which I know. I had to clarified that I was talking about the NXT Diva Trainer, who has the nickname, "The Queen of Wrestling" as I like to also refer to her.

So, back to the story of what happened to me which I got into some war with that user. I end up blocking the dude who called me stupid. I confronted my friend, who is still following him and ask her, "Why are you say he is nice, when he called me stupid?" She tells me that she don't know. I feel that she don't understand what happened.

So, the moral of the story is, don't call someone stupid, it would offend someone, because you don't know if they are smart or not.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bitcoins...are they worth it?

You probably seen it on the news or on twitter, but what is Bitcoins? A Bitcoin is a currency that is digital and it's very wacky. In order to buy a bitcoin, first, you need a wallet. There are websites that let you either download a hardcopy of a wallet program or sign up and let it be and you can generate address for yourself to use to exchange currency. But, there is a catch, you can't use paypal. Yes, that is what I am saying. Paypal won't let you, because it don't accept the bitcoin as a currency and if you use it to buy and sell your bitcoins, it will shut your account down, even it was a mistake. However, you need a bank account. Now, currently, 1 bitcoin is equal to $133.63 USD according to I have a digital wallet account at Coinbase, which they store my bitcoins. Now, they are buying bitcoins at $123.32 USD and selling bitcoins at $123.31 USD, which it's $10.31 USD below the average bitcoin is at. (Well that is for buying, selling is $10.32 USD below the average bitcoin price) Now if you want to join me, use my referral link:

See, if you join and either buy or sell at least one bitcoin, I get $5 USD. I know that sounds weird and all, but, it's true. Now, if you don't want to pay over $100 USD for a bitcoin, here are a few tips to make a bitcoin.

  1. Perk Browser: It's an app that it is best if you downloaded on your Apple iPad. Once you downloaded, you can search online for words and it will give you a point, however you can do quick points, which it's offers that you can get. There are rewards for them and the points are the following: 600 points for .05 bitcoin, 1200 points for .1 bitcoin, 2400 points for .2 bitcoin, and 12,000 points for 1 bitcoin. 
  2. BitVisitor: This can start to help you out, since I made about $.17 USD worth of bitcoin. What you have to do is to use your address of your wallet and just enter catcha to every 5 minutes of a website. After you look on a website for five minutes, just click the green button that says next and you keep going at it. It will take I believe two hours to get it credit and yes, it will go into your wallet. You can try that. 
That is all of what I can give you for now. You can wait until I give you more or look on for more free bitcoins.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Debunk strategy guide: Probux and talking about Paypal

Okay, here is something you never expected to do. You are on a website doing Pay-to-click links, trying to make a few cents, but you see this site: and it's free, but there are a few things that you don't know. Well, I am going to show you.

After you have signed up on Probux (You can use my referral link: ), they said that the first 15 days, your goal is to get $.60. However, they said you will make $.04 a day, but never tell which advertising you can look at, but, I think, it would be the fixed advertisements that they want you to click, but, not every advertisement link. In order to get to $.60 in less then 15 days, is to click all the advertisements, and check back often, because they will put some links back up, before the reset that will be looking like this, 00:00. In fact, it has been six days and I so far is at $.5340, because the advertisements are getting me at more then $.04 a day. I could be making at least $.07 day. If I got on for 15 days, I could get $1.05 or go for the month, I could get $2.10, which I could rented 10 referrals. But, the Probux Strategy guide website recommend that you rent 3 referrals at $.60, which it's true.

However their math could be way off. With the rental referrals are active and you making $.04 a day, you could be making $.10 a day. However, I will see that, once I start renting the three referrals and hope that they are all active.

I know that people are having an issue with Paypal, and I did a little, due to my password needed to be change. However, I do recommend it then what other options to get your money, because I heard the others have more problems than Paypal does. But, not only that, they have an app for you smartphone and it does come in handy, when you forgot your wallet, because retail businesses are using it, including Home Depo, Toys R Us, and Baby R Us, and local businesses are using it and it's easier to use, but just make sure you have more then $20.

Okay, back to the strategy guide, being debunk...

If the guide says that I would get $.06 a day from the rented referrals, I would make $.13 a day, which after a week, I could made $.91, which it would cover my rental referrals, plus I get an extra $.30. But, I am not sure if the rental referrals would make $.06 a day. It could be more or less that depends on when I activate it. When I mean more, it could be more, due to that they could make more then what the guide says, but, it could be less, due to one of the rental referrals is not active. I will get to know more when I reach $.60 and I will start the rental referral progress.


Okay, I got my $.60 and now I put it in my rental balance, so by tonight, before I will earn more money, I will rent the referrals. I am going to see how much I will make with the rental referrals.

Also, the guide does not mention about ProCoins. ProCoins can be earned under offers. If you have a strong computer with anti-virus software, try to do most offers, otherwise, just watch the videos. Once you do, you will earn coins, but, they are not valid yet. You will have to wait a whole month to have it valid. If you go to the ProCoins link, you will see what you earned, however, it says that it is pending. Once the month is up, you will get them. Now, if you get 5000 coins from ProCoins, you can exchange it for $5.

Another way to earn money that the guide don't mention is ProGrid. About 20 clicks per day, you can try to get something that is $.10 or maybe $5. It depends on how you click. It's sort of going at random, but, you can not earn money from all your clicks per day. So, what I am saying is that it could be coming at random to earn it. I haven't got it yet.

Now, the guide has not told what is the minimal for the cashout that you need to do. You need to earn $5 to cashout. However, there might be fees involve, so I don't know what the fees will cost me. So, stay tune!

(UPDATE) I decided to do rent the referrals now, then tonight. I want to see what I am going to expect. Also, look for the updates on your bottom right that says, Latest News. It will tell you if they are doing a discount fee on upgrading you membership. On the guide, it says the membership fee for gold is $80 for a year, but, right now it's on sale for $72, that's an $8 savings. I will keep updating my progress on this and hopefully I get the money I will need to go for gold membership.

(2nd update) I went to check up something that is different from what the guide said, due to the website's calculator. With a standard account, plus 200 referrals (Rented or Direct) and average of 6 clicks per day, you would be making $6.04 a day. I don't know where the guide says that you would be making $4 a day? I guess they believe it's 4 clicks per day. I guess they did not find the calculator on the ProBux website. If you want to see the calculator on the Probux website, click here:


I bought the rental referrals yesterday and click the links of my view ads last night. However, yesterday, I notice that so far, my one of rented referrals click already for time, which I got $.02. I am going to wait for a week. If my other two rented referrals don't click, I will recycle them. I notice on the guide that it said that to say that they wanted you to use that auto to buy more automatically, but, I recommend that you don't, because you need to save it so you can replace invalid referrals that you rented. I believe they are $.07 to recycle it if you are a stander or gold member each week, but if you are ultimate, you can wait every four days. If you become my referral, you can really help me cover my rental referrals fees and help me achieve the highest membership, ultimate. Ultimate membership cost $800 a year and I would like that and so I can get the maximum of  4000 referrals. If you can click six times, I will get more money. In return, I will help you promote your referral link.

I had check up on my rented referrals and only one still is making me money. They click three already and it's possible that is only the active one. Still, I am going to wait until the week is up and then I will have to see if I need to recycle two or all three.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photographers vs. Fan photos/True wrestling paintings vs. fan wrestling painting

I am here on a MAJOR topic. I have been a very angry mood, due to photos of WWE NXT shows that has been taking by fans, which shows me that they only care for their favorite NXT Superstar and/or Diva. It's really sad that they can't take photos of the whole show. With that said, they take photos and they post it on twitter. However there are photographers. One in specifically, Joe Hrycych, has been taken photo of WWE NXT shows and he does not take his favorites, but, the whole entire show. He is not just doing it for himself, but for everyone who wants to see. I really respect Joe for what he has done. It really makes me smile a whole lot just to know how Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno to the WWE Universe) is doing. I know that wrestling news websites are waiting for photos on twitter, but, I had to share the photos from last week's NXT show to my friend Karl and explain to him that Joe is excellent on what he can do.

Now, there is fans who are in painting or drawing of their favorite WWE Superstar and/or Diva and it just makes me feel iffy on some. One fan, who I block on twitter, but, I won't mention their name, has done a minimal of art on subject of their favorite WWE Superstars, Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli), Seth Rollins (Tyler Black), Dean Ambrose (John Moxley), and Roman Reigns. I seen it and I feel it's not good, because I don't see how it good to in compare to Rob Schamberger, extraordinary wrestling artist, who done paintings of not just WWE Superstars and Divas, but, NXT Superstars and Divas, Pro Wrestling legends, TNA Wrestling Superstars and Knockouts, and independent wrestlers. His painting start at $100 and prints start at $25 on his store. Some of Rob's work of wrestlers that I really like are the following:
Austin Aries
Beth Phoenix
Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno)
Mitsuharu Misawa
Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)

All of these work by Rob Schamberger is on his website:

Now there is another artist, current TNA Superstar Sam Shaw, has been doing wicked drawings. If you follow him on twitter (@RealSamShaw), he post a photo with his e-mail. I don't know how much he is asking for, but, if you do, please tell me. His works so far are some WWE Superstars and some TNA Superstars. I am going to be a sly devil and admit that I would like to see if Sam would draw Austin Aries and Chris Hero from PWG show Ninety-nine, where Chris defended the PWG World title against Austin Aries back in April 2009, just a few months before Austin Aries beat Jerry Lynn for the ROH World Championship.

Bottom line, I have respect for people who can do more than their favorites.