Friday, December 20, 2013

There is no crying in WRESTLING!

Okay, this blog explains about something happened last year. As you are well know that I am blogging about well, many things and most of all, it have to do with independent wrestling, but, I have to tell something and maybe give an ideal for a certain wrestler to take on this one:

TNA Superstar Austin Aries (c) 2013 TNA Wrestling LLC
Austin Aries
What does Austin Aries have to do with last year and my title, "There is no crying in WRESTLING!"?


Last year, Austin Aries was booked to face against Bobby Roode at Destination X 2012 and what happened, sure enough made me cry. See, Austin was doing his promo in front of Chrissy Hemme and he said that he is dedicating the match to his mother. I was surprised that he said that, but, what happened really done it. Apparently, I was watching the match and I thought, Bobby Roode have this match, Austin Aries is going to lose! But, I felt that Aries got this match, and sure enough, he did. Using every maneuver he knows, Aries sure enough pinned Roode for the win after using the Brainbuster on Roode. When I saw it online, I cried about it. If I was there seeing it live, let's just say, something weird would happen. I don't know if that would be the reason why I would love wrestling, but, I should never cry over something as this!

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