Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chris Hero vs.Tim Donst at Absolute Intense Wrestling show, Dead Presidents on 12/27 (Claudio Castagnoli's 33rd birthday)

So, Friday Night, November 29th, after waiting for well almost two bloody hours to watch National Wrestling Alliance Florida Underground Pro, just to watch Chris Hero in action against Jesus DeLeon and even catch Matt Morgan on iPPV, I decided to see Chris' twitter account to see if he tweet anything about his match or his opponent, but, he did. However, I catch this retweet from Chris from a twitter user who was at Absolute Intense Wrestling show, Hell on Earth 9, which I so want to watch and see a very interesting match, Michael Hutter vs. Tim Donst. This is the tweet said:

I was indeed in shock. I was like, aw man! I had a feeling about this and I tweeted to AIW and sure enough, Tim really knows!

So, this match is going to be crazy, yet, I don't know which side I am on to be honest. I know that both men will tear down the arena. However, there are going to be a whole lot of interesting facts between the two and it will be very unique. I know that it's going to be really crazy and most of all, Tim will see what Chris had learned during his 21 months in WWE's developmental, NXT. Now, the last time I seen Chris in a student vs. teacher match was against William Regal earlier this year on NXT, since Chris had to be the student and Regal as the teacher. I know how that went and I am pretty sure that Regal got out of hand as far as separating Chris' fingers, which Chris had to pop it back in after Regal had to be unconscious in order for Chris to pop his fingers back in. Now that is not the only thing that what the fans will expected to see. As I done my research on Tim Donst, I learn this will be his second student vs. teach match, since he already faced against Mike Quackenbush and if you know about Chikara and the match, you know how it ended.

Now before that match will happen, I recommend you check out Hero's and Donst's schedule this weekend.

Tim will be in Escondido Sports & Fitness Center in Escondido, California for a benefit show for titled, "Ring of Hope", which all money goes directly towards cancer research, on Friday. Here are the details from Tim's blog entry, entitled, "Somebody Please Pass The Chris Hero":

Chris has a double header as Saturday, he will be at CZW's Cage of Death XV against their current world champion, Drew Gulak in Voorees, New Jersey, and Sunday he will be at SMASH Wrestling against his old adversary, Lance Storm in Mississauga, Ontario. Here are the details for both shows that Chris will be on:

CZW Cage of Death XV:
SMASH Wrestling:

To see what is going on with the two men, I recommend to check out their twitter accounts. Follow Tim Donst at @tdonst and follow Chris Hero at @theChrisHero.

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