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Wrestling Is Presents: Ashes (Episodes 6 to 10)

Okay, if you haven't seen Episodes one through five, please click this link:

In the last blog entry I did was that the show, Ashes was about what happened at Chikara's last iPPV show, Aniversario: Never Compromise, which it did, but there is more to this story. As we last left off from episode five where Icarus seen Tim Donst working at a furniture store and acting so weird to Icarus, our story continues as Icarus is searching for Mike Quackenbush, the founder of Chikara and The Wrestle Factory. As you will see there is more then just what happened at Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise, but, Mike Quackenbush.

Ashes Episode six: "The Letter"

Icarus is reading a letter from Hallowicked while Icarus drives to the only building that where the guys got their start in, The Wrestle Factory.

There are some rumor that Icarus and Hallowicked were the first two to be trained by Mike Quackenbush, but, I can't confirmed it. Hallowicked can't speak, but he can write that good.

Ashes episode seven: "Sweat Shop"

Icarus enters the Wrestle Factory to see Hallowicked training with another wrestler when Hallowicked sees Icarus. Icarus and Hallowicked talks about Mike Quackenbush and Icarus ask Hallowicked if Quack left something behind, which he did as Hallowicked show him Quack's ring gear, which Icarus stole Quack's shirt, without Hallowicked noticing. Icarus ask Hallowicked about a new ring gear, maybe for Quack.

This episode is very weird as I am well know of hearing rumors that Mike Quackenbush retired from wrestling after he sustain an injury earlier this year. I am not sure if this series will explain that Mike is not retiring and maybe returning to wrestling. I am not sure. However, I been seeing there are rumors that Chris Hero might have something to say about Chikara and Quackenbush. But, that's nothing to do with Ashes, I think.

Ashes episode eight: "Dead Horse"

Icarus weaseled his way to a Ring of Honor event, just to find Eddie Kingston. The two talk what happened at Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise. Somehow Icarus knows that Eddie has the Chikara Grand Championship. But, Eddie shows off that he has the title with him.

Yeah, this is very odd. As you guys should be well know that Eddie Kingston is back in Ring of Honor again, this time with Homicide. The two of them are trying to raise hell against anyone in Ring of Honor. Eddie have been there more then once on the count it have to do with Chris Hero, during his first time. Icarus was the last opponent that Eddie faced in Chikara, before Eddie was back in Ring of Honor. Now besides Icarus, Eddie had to defend the Chikara Grand Championship against a lot of people since he won it. I know three others who he defend it, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Ray, and Tim Donst. They all tried to beat him, but lost.

Ashes episode nine: "Déjà Vu"

The tag team known as 3.0, made their way to Barrister R.D. Evans' office and ask if they seen Archibald Peck after Shane Mathews scared Evans. Evans explained the guys that Archibald Peck is in Parts Unknown. Shane wanted to make sure what Evans was saying and Evans clearly what he said. Scott Parker ask Evans where is Parts Unknown. Evans says that he don't know where it is at. Shane said that they should start looking and away Shane went while Scott and Evans watched him. Scott made some kind of remark about Shane and their situation and left leaving Evans on his phone.

As we last left off  3.0 was in episode four, where the guys figure out who was at Chikara Anversario: Never Compromise, when Condor Security invaded the main event of Icarus vs. Eddie Kingston for the Chikara Grand Championship and took out them, 3.0 learned it was Archibald Peck who witness everything back on June 2nd, 2013. However in this episode, Barrister R.D. Evans explain to 3.0 what he told Wink Vavasseur in the Chikara Season Eleven Epilogue, which Vavasseur ask him a question about the doppelganger Peck, in which Evans said, "Great Scott!" in the epilogue. Here is the link to the video:

The question remains is will 3.0 find Archibald Peck?

Ashes episode ten: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

The episode starts as some dude got a phone call from Icarus, but refused to answer the call. As the dude leaves, he hi fives Ultra Mantis Black. As the dude was about to exit, Green Ant and Fire Ant enters the place, which it's a bar. The Ants sit down as the bartender recognized them. Green Ant ask the bartender if he seen Solider Ant, but the bartender said that he heard that Solider Ant went awol. Green Ant said, "No. He resigned" Ultra Mantis Black chimes in about what went down in Philadelphia. Green Ant agrees what Ultra Mantis Black agrees to, but also he added that he left the colony behind as well. The bartender said that he thought Solider Ant quit the colony. Ultra Mantis Black said something to offend Green Ant, which Green Ant went off on Ultra Mantis Black. The bartender ask Green Ant that why did he and Fire Ant tried to save Solider Ant. Green Ant said that they never got the opportunity. Ultra Mantis Black chimes in and said, "Mr. Mike would destroy the remembrance of the Gekido". Green Ant is furious of what Ultra Mantis Black says. Ultra Mantis Black says that he had people in his darkest times to move mountains for him. The two argue about Solider Ant and assailAnt, which Green Ant said that he and Fire Ant have to fix. The bartender ask Green Ant what he was saying and Ultra Mantis Black says that assailAnt still wears the colors of the Swarm. Green Ant gets very angry of what Ultra Mantis Black says. The bartender ask if assailAnt is still in the colony. Ultra Mantis Black says that those two are the reason why they are here without him. Green Ant is so furious of what Ultra Mantis Black said and he threaten to kick his butt. As  Green Ant was yelling at Ultra Mantis Black, Amasis of the Osirian Portal and a friend of his get up and tried to make sure that Green Ant don't cause a brawl against Ultra Mantis Black. Ultra Mantis Black turns the tables on Green Ant and he blackmails him saying that he would reveals about Green Ant and assailAnt. Green Ant grabs Ultra Mantis Black by his weird shirt and says to him that he would harm him. Ultra Mantis Black says that the truth hurts. It seems that Green Ant and Ultra Mantis Black tried to fight and the bartender ask them to stop, until Fire Ant puts his hand down and then he says, "The truth is I don't trust assailAnt either"

Here is the video:

The last time we seen Green Ant and Fire Ant was in episode 2 as the Ants were looking for Solider Ant and came to the house of what suppose to be Worker Ant and they ask if they seen him. Worker Ant said no. You can see the episode if you forgot already:

Now, what happened is that Ultra Mantis Black is one weird guy who did a lot of crazy things in Chikara. Mostly he had two stables that he had, The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, which consist of him, Crossbones, and Hydra. In some crazy storyline, Ultra Mantis Black gain a new member, Tim Donst, which it turn out to be a ploy by Mike Quackenbush in order to gain information about who taught Chris Hero the Chikara Special, a submission hold Quackenbush said that was Hero's weakness. He also traded Chris Hero for the Eye of Tyr (A storyline that was explaining of Hero's departure from Chikara), which Ultra Mantis Black needed to control some wrestlers of his choosing, which it became to Delirious. Other things were included to tie the Eye of Tyr, teaching Chris Hero the Chikara Special, was two men in white suits and masks warned Ultra Mantis Black to give up the Eye of Tyr and gaining a suppose cyborg wrestler named Vökoder. But it was revealed after Ultra Mantis Black trusted Vökoder with the Eye of Tyr, that he and the Colony got betrayed by Carpenter Ant and Vökoder at the Chikara show, Three-Fisted Tales on November 22nd, 2009. It was revealed on the show that the two men it white suits and masks to be reveal as the Swiss wrestler, Ares and the mask warrior, Tursas, Carpenter Ant reveal himself as Pinkie Sanchez, which he called himself Pink Ant, and Vökoder reveal himself as the man who Ultra Mantis Black trusted before, Tim Donst. Them, plus Daizee Haze, "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Ray, and fellow Swiss wrestler, Claudio Castagnoli (Now in WWE as Antonio Cesaro, one half of the tag team, The Real Americans with Jack Swagger and their manager, Zeb Colter better known to real wrestling fans as "Dirty" Dutch Mantel) to form Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Translate from German, "Brotherhood of the Cross"), which they all end up obeying to Ares, who is shown to be the leader of the group (One month later after the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes was formed, Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn joined a reunited Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli as the Kings of Wrestling in Ring of Honor. Hero and Castagnoli uses the BDK cross hand jesters as their own) and led them off to do the BDK cross hand jesters.

The other stable that Ultra Mantis Black formed with Hallowicked and Frightmare The Spectral Envoy, which started out as just a King of Trios team, but, became more as they feuded against the BDK, and their leader, Tim Donst (After Ares and Claudio Castagnoli step down. Castagnoli step down due to his committed to Ring of Honor & Chris Hero and eventually his signing with WWE).

So, Green Ant and Fire Ant are still looking for Solider Ant and also have to deal with assailAnt. I read about the comments on the video on YouTube that a lot of users are in shock that Fire Ant speak, because he never did. So, this is very interesting on what is going to happen to the Ants if they find Solider Ant.

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