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Next Level PW: Consulting for upcoming Wrestlers?

As I was watching The Late Show with Seth Myers and end up seeing a really funny Instagram from Brooke Adams (fka Brooke Tessmacher), I see something on my Facebook news feed on my account. It was a post from Chris Hero. As you are well know that the Indy legend is doing something that I would never see him doing, consulting. You all could be thinking to me, What is Chris Hero consulting for? Pro Wrestling. (DUH)  I'm really sure. This is nothing to do of him being a wrestling promoter as if you get episode 51 of Colt Cabana's podcast, The Art of Wrestling, which Cabana interviews Hero and Hero confessed that he does not like running things as the time he was put as Ian Rotten's right hand man.

I don't know who else is on board, but, as I went to see the twitter account that was created, it's possible Drew Gulak, Jigsaw, and even the Bravado Brothers could be in it, but according to Chris via twitter, he would reveal more later on this morning. I am not going to bash it, because I am deeply as his fan and I do wish him on his upcoming endeavors. 

Also, to any youth who is interesting with Pro Wrestling and want to become a pro wrestler, I highly recommend this.

(Update: 4:12pm) Chris has launch the Facebook page of Next Level Pro Wrestling (Find that on Facebook by searching) Here is what the post says:

Hey everyone, Chris Hero here. It's with great excitement that I announce to you my newest endeavor: Next Level Pro Wrestling Consultation.

Yes, that's a mouthful.

Basically, we at Next Level will be working with young men and women from all over the world who happen to have professional wrestling aspirations or are simply looking to improve their current position in the industry.

I've spend the last 6 months wrestling all over the world as well as conducting dozens of successful seminars. One constant, no matter where I go, is that there are ALWAYS wrestlers (as well as referees, managers, announcers, etc.) who are young, hungry, and eager to take things to the "Next Level". Early in my career, I shared locker rooms with a number of veterans who were happy to lend a critique here and there. As more and more people get into professional wrestling, I find that there are fewer veterans that are able to share their knowledge and experience with today's crop of talented performers; this is where we hope to assist.

Are you fresh out of wrestling school, looking to find bookings?

Have you been wrestling almost exclusively in the same area and are now looking to start traveling, perhaps even internationally? 

Are you having difficulty finding bookings that give you the chance to work with more experienced performers? 

Do you feel that you're just missing “something” but you can't quite put your finger on it?

At Next Level Pro Wrestling Consultation, we will do our best to help get you over that hump, whatever it may be. I've been working with young, up-and-coming wrestlers from around the world for over a decade and I'm absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and unique perspective on pro wrestling with tomorrow's stars.

Pro Wrestling is Art and art is subjective. Many like to debate what's “right” and what's “wrong” with our fine profession-- that's not what we're here for. I'm here simply to share my perspective. Throughout my career, I've had the good fortune to learn from some of the absolute best minds that wrestling has to offer. I've also shared the ring with many of our era's finest performers, picking up a thing or two along the way. Now is your opportunity to pick up a thing or two from me.

Here is some of what we're offering:

- Match critiques including in-ring technique, match structure and crowd interaction. 
- Promo critiques including verbiage, delivery and tonality. 
- Observations and suggestions regarding “look” and overall presentation. 
- Ideas relating to overall fitness and functional movements. 
- Offering educated advice on professional etiquette. 

This can be as simple as you purchasing a critique for 15 minutes of footage (match, promo or both) for $14.99. I'll watch your submission(s) and send you an e-mail response with my observations and suggestions. This allows you to get a quick idea of how the process works. 

Or you can sign up for our Next Level Apprenticeship for $19.99 a month. Once you've signed up, you'll have access to exclusive content including videos and blogs. You'll also be able to submit 30 minutes of footage for evaluation per month. I’ll e-mail you my thoughts and we can follow up with a call on Skype. 

Join us today at and let us help you get to the proverbial next level of professional wrestling. 

I'm very eager to get the figurative ball rolling. Thank you for your time and I greatly look forward to working with you. 

Chris Hero

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Note: on episode 199 of the Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana with Chris Hero again, Chris mention that he and Trik Davis are the only ones will help and a guy who known as Gregory who help him with the website and social media (This is the same guy who help Lisa Marie Varon with her website and social media for her restaurant, the Square Circle out in Chicago).

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