Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wrestling Is Presents: Ashes (Episode 11 through 15)

Okay, if you haven't seen Episodes six through 10, please click this link:

In my last entry, We seen Icarus going nuts as to talk to Hallowicked, an rival of Tim Donst's and a tag team partner of Frightmare and talking to Eddie Kingston at a Ring of Honor show, 3.0 still on the search of Archibald Peck, and the Ants are still looking for Solider Ant, despite they got problems with assailAnt, which both Green Ant and Fire Ant don't like assailAnt at all. So, let's see where we are at:

Ashes episode eleven: "History"

Icarus is at a library and talking to UltraMantis Black about their past, mostly of their training, the war against the BDK, and their fight against the Gekido. Even though Icarus is in high spirits, UltraMantis Black is not and he turns off the lights in the library on Icarus after Icarus explain what he is fighting for.

Here is the video:

In the last episode, we saw UltraMantis Black at a bar and making the Ants really livid as they were searching for their friend, Solider Ant. Let me just say, it would be interesting to see if UltraMantis Black get to defeat two Ants or be chewed on by the remaining members of the Colony. As I mention in the last episode the in depth of UltraMantis Black's stable, The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple and what he did which led to the debuting of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Translate from German, "Brotherhood of the Cross"), which is what Icarus is referring to in this episode. Now the story behind the BDK explains about the stable are by divided in three groups. You got Ares, Tursas, and Claudio Castagnoli as the three heavyweighters, then you have Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, and Pinkie Sanchez as the young lions of the group, and finally, you have Sara Del Ray and Daizee Haze as the dominating tag team of the BDK. Now I don't know what Icarus was saying about dark Cibernetico, but it may have to do with what happened in 2010. I found a music video clip of the 2011 Cibernetico match with a promo by Tim Donst, but it's short. Yes, UltraMantis Black is in it. Here it is:

Although, the ending of this episode is really funny, when UltraMantis Black turn off the lights on Icarus. I wonder who else Icarus is going to talk to?

Ashes episode twelve: "Solitude"

It's a cold snowy day and we are joined by 3.0 on their search for Archibald Peck. Scott Parker explains to Shane Matthews a plan to find a way through. The two started to climb before Scott slips and Shane encourages him to get up. After walking and climbing, 3.0 finds what they were looking for and as Scott was happy, Shane pushes Scott and sees what Scott was being happy about. Shane did not know that he pushed Scott down. But, within their excitement they found Parts Unknown, the suppose location of where Archibald Peck is suppose to be at. Shane and Scott walk all the way to a barn, where they knock at the door as the episode is fade to black.

Here's the video:

As we last left off 3.0, we saw them talking to R.D. Evans who was really kinda busy, but talk to Shane Matthews and Scott Parker and talk about Archibald Peck. So, the question remains, who is going to answer to 3.0 when the door is open?

Ashes episode thirteen: "Fuel"

In this episode, we are seeing Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly wrestling against assailAnt at the Wrestle Factory, which each man is taking the upper hand. Suddenly the guys are interrupted by deviAnt, which assailAnt asking him why is he here at the Wrestle Factory. deviAnt says that it's finally coming together as he's signaling the Colony Xtreme Force. They come out and said to assailAnt should not be doing this as the Xtreme Force and deviAnt surrounds the ring as one of them uses chloroform on Cottonbelly and deviAnt uses a lighter and says to assailAnt that to finish up what they started.

Here is the episode:

Now, this is going to be confusing about this, but, The Colony Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Ant, and Orbit Adventure Ant) is nothing like the Colony. They were introduce by Wink Vavasseur last March to feud against the Colony, but, Vavasseur done bad things towards the Colony, by not letting Solder Ant return to the Colony, but force Solder Ant to team with them and also strip the Colony of their King of Trios medals that they earn and give it to the Xtreme Force, during their feud last year. As for deviAnt, he was once part of the trio, the Swarm with assailAnt and combatAnt, however, at the King of Trios 2012, Wink Vavasseur switch it up as he force assailAnt to join the Colony and Solder Ant to the Swarm. When both trio teams lost to the trio teams of Dash Chisako, Meiko Satomura, and Sendai Sachiko, also known as the Sendai Girls (The Colony) & Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Manami Toyota (The Swarm),  both trio teams had to stay together. A few months later, assailAnt was turned tecnico and became a member of the Colony and the trio walked out on Solder Ant.

Now, I don't know who trained the Swarm or The Colony Xtreme Force. But, I am guessing that they might be trained by Mike Quackenbush, Chuck Taylor, Fire Ant, Green Ant, Hallowicked, and Ophidian. Unlike Fire Ant, Green Ant, and Solder Ant, who were trained by Mike Quackenbush and either Chris Hero or Claudio Castagnoli (The Kings of Wrestling).

Ashes episode fourteen: "Flood"

As we last left off, deviAnt and The Colony Xtreme Force interrupted Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly and assailAnt during Cottonbelly and assailAnt's training at the Wrestle Factory. The Xtreme Force took out Cottonbelly and leaving deviAnt with assailAnt. deviAnt was going to use a lighter to what it seems to be to burn the Wrestle Factory down. Continuing where we last left off, deviAnt toss the lighter to assailAnt after he says, "Let's finished what we started" and assailAnt freak out about it. He tells deviAnt that he had to work hard to gain acceptance and respect at the Wrestle Factory. He ask deviAnt that this is what he wanted. deviAnt says no and he said that they wanted to destroy Chikara and everything. assailAnt refuses and he kicked the gas can out of the ring and he toss the lighter back to deviAnt, because he does not want to do anything that have to do with destroying Chikara and the Wrestle Factory. deviAnt gets off the ring as assailAnt fights against Arctic Rescue Ant. As assailAnt is catching his breath, deviAnt grabs assailAnt by his mask and start to rip part of assailAnt's mask and throw him on the ground. You can see a bit part of assailAnt being expose, because of deviAnt. deviAnt starts to slap assailAnt and he says that assailAnt should be with them. deviAnt reveals that assailAnt's first name to be Frank. deviAnt says that the flood will wash assailAnt away. We see the gas can keep poring out gas.

Here is the video:

According to YouTube users, the Swarm used to be students at the Wrestle Factory. Apparently in an interview with Mike Quackenbush, deviAnt's real first name to be Jose, assailAnt's real first name is Frank, and combatAnt's real first name is Frank as well. So, that reveals half of the part on who trained the Swarm, but, the question remains, who also help the Swarm in their training at the Wrestle Factory? Also, another question will remains is what will deviAnt is going to do? Will he light up and burn down the Wrestle Factory? I hope Fire Ant and Green Ant better stop deviAnt.

Ashes episode fifteen: "Ideas"

In this episode, Mike Quackenbush in a white t-shit, plaid pants, and a cane, watching old wrestling matches, when all of a sudden, Icarus cane in. The two talk about what happened, which it seems that Quackenbush got fired. Icarus said that he forgot something, which Icarus whips out the shirt that Quackenbush had worn and give it to Quackenbush. Icarus says that there is a war coming and he wants Quackenbush to join the fight. Quackenbush tells Icarus that he puts on his ring gear to protect Chikara and Chikara is dead. Icarus says that ideas don't die. He explains about what Chikara means to him. Mike says that he went to war once against some monsters on their own terms and he became one. Icarus says that he want Quackenbush to lead again, however, Quackenbush says that he can't and he looked over and then he said that he won't. Icarus says that Quackenbush will. Icarus says that the man who trained them will be and then he leaves. Quackenbush looks and he is sad.

Here is the video:

Well, it seems Icarus found Mike Quackenbush. Everyone last saw Quackenbush in the first episode of Ashes. It's very strange of what is going on with Quackenbush, but there are fans who are believing him. The one thing is need to be question is what is Quackenbush saying about monsters? Is he talking about Kaiju Big Battel? Only time tell.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammys>Royal Rumble

So, last night I was watching the Grammys and I have to say that it was a very good show. Most of the night is when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won 4 Grammy awards and had an okay performance if they did not had Maddona performing and Queen Latifah officiated a straight/gay wedding for 33 couples, despite, Los Angeles County deputize her to perform the ceremony, according to New York Times (Click here for the article). However, Daft Punk, an French Electronic music duo, took home 5 Grammy awards (Best Engineered Album Non-Classical, Best Dance/Electronica Album, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year) had the best performance as they, along with Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, and Stevie Wonder perform a music montage of "Get Lucky" (Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams singing and Nile Rodgers playing guitar in the music video), "Le Freak" (Perform by Chic, but written by Nile Rodgers), "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" (Daft Punk), "Another Star" (Stevie Wonder), "Lose Yourself to Dance" (Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams), and "Around the World" (Daft Punk). Also another best performance was Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar with their songs, "Radioactive" (Imagine Dragons) & "m.A.A.d city" (Kendrick Lamar). I have to say it was very awesome, because it felt that I was there with legendary international independent pro wrestling superstar, "Knockout Artist" Chris Hero.

Speaking about wrestling, I saw on my timeline on twitter as I was tweeting about the Grammys, a lot of people watched WWE Pay-per-view, Royal Rumble, which the main event, the Royal Rumble, did not go well. Everyone was disappointed because Dave Batista, who haven't seen in three years, suddenly return and enters the Royal Rumble and wins it. I seen that everyone was not happy and feel like they got screwed. Mostly, Mick Foley went on tirade about Daniel Bryan not in it as he curse out the only wrestling company who induct him to their Hall of Fame. Even though, Mick had also mention about that WWE don't care for the fans. Well, Mick...


That is not the only thing WWE has done. If you all remember what happened back in November, WWE made a huge mistake of releasing Chris Hero, due to not having anything for him. See, it's just pathetic of what has been happen. However, if you are done watching WWE, but, still want wrestling, here are a few things to take:

  1. Watch TNA Wrestling: I know everyone is so mad about what is going on with Dixie Carter going nuts, Magnus is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and Sting no longer wrestling. But, there are better things, like Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards who swore to reveal the investor who hire the guys, Austin Aries being TNA X-Division Champion for the fourth time, Madison Rayne, who had her first child, is our TNA Knockouts Champion, and many more.
  2. Okay, this is very serious. If you want to see Chris Hero in action, I recommend you go to the Ring of Honor website and see if you have the TV show or you can sign up for a free membership to watch or if you wanted to see past episode on the website, you have to upgrade the membership by paying $7.99 per month, $19.99 every three months, or $59.99 per year.
  3. Independent promotions: There are independent promotions that do wrestling and see if they do iPPVs or not, but they will tell you to go to their store to buy their DVDs or go to I purchase a digital copy of Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents 2013 to watch Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst, but they have a great show.
  4. Always go abroad: Not only there is wrestling here, but, there are shows in other countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. They host their native wrestlers and foreign wrestlers. If you don't believe me, you better learn German, buy tickets to get to Germany and to westside Xtreme wrestling's 16 Carat tournament in March to watch Chris Hero, Adam Cole, Trent Barreta, and others to try to win the tournament.  
That is all of what I'm saying.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mae Young pass away and I have a revelation.

So, I want to do two subjects on one entry and not to do them in separate entries. So, where to begin. Okay, this is really official, Mae Young did pass away at the age of 90 and I seen many tweets about her. Last week, The Post and Courier reported that she did pass away, before recanting their story and says that she was gravely ill. The truth of her passing away came from Stephanie McMahon on her twitter account. I post on twitter and also on Facebook for my friends to read of my thoughts of Mae Young. This is what I said:

A lot of you already know about the great true legendary Mae Young pass away (Yes, this is official, see Stephanie McMahon's tweet on twitter) and she leave a huge mark for everyone. She was in fact the one who started off women's wrestling with her friend, Lilly Ellison, aka The Fabulous Moolah (Who also trained her). She was a force to be recon as much as Moolah is too. Even though she quit from wrestling 23 years ago, she did somehow had some fun with WWE. Last year, Vince McMahon and his son-in-law, Triple H declared that Mae Young was forever the divas champion after they gave her a replica divas championship. With all of this, Mae Young brought women's wrestling to be seen and today, I get to see women wrestling like Veda Scott, who attacked Gregory Irons at Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents last month. Even though, I was looking forward to watching Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst, Veda Scott proves that she's not like any female who won't be treated badly. Another example is Sara Del Ray. If you go onto Youtube or buy videos from Smart Mark Videos or Ring of Honor Wrestling store, you will see how much Sara proves and even team up with both men and women like Davina Rose, Daizee Haze, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero. Even though today Sara is in WWE as a trainer for future divas, Sara proves that she always, reign supreme.

If you ever wonder if this relationship of two friends like Mae Young and Lilly Ellison ever exists to anyone, men or women? Well there is with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. If you know about them, you get what I am saying. 

Rest in Peace Miss Johnnie Mae Young and thank you for breaking the walls of women's wrestling.

Yeah, I really mean it. Sure, some women would cite male wrestlers, but, they wouldn't be in wrestling if it wasn't for her.

Now, onto something else. As I was looking on my twitter timeline and seeing those who I follow on twitter who knew Mae Young, I saw a retweet from Tim Donst on another video he did with Gary Yap, who filmed the TJ Perkins video about his role in TNA Wrestling as the character, Manik. Now the first video that Tim had done was talking about his father believing that Tim being a pro wrestler is a joke. (Click here to watch the video) I don't think that Tim is not a joke, he's hardcore, because he knows how to fight and he proves himself, the fans, and his trainers, Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero that he is the best. I know that was weird on the last part, but it's true. See when Tim wrestled against Mike, that was more then a few years ago, in Chikara, and he prove to Quack that he can be one of the guys. However, last month at Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents, Tim went at it against Chris and despite he tried to force Chris to tap out, but turn it into a pinfall, Tim really shock Chris, even though, Tim was not well. Now, back to the video dilemma. Tim's second video is something that what a man could want, a lover and a family, which he said that he won't have, because of his wrestling. I was starting to feel bad about what he said. Sure, years ago, I don't know what should I do as a career. I would think, should I be a wrestler or try to further my education? I did not know what to do, but, my mother insist I should continue my education. She wasn't much of me being a wrestler, because watching it is a hobby (I don't know if that's the right thing to say), but, I did not wanted to make my family upset. I am still a wrestling fan and I start to understand that it's hard for someone to be on the road every weekend, but they should come home to someone in their life. For an example, Gregory Helms, he has a fiancee and a son and he always wrestle and despite that he has other things that he does, he knows that he's happy in his life.

If I would, I could make someone happy, even though, I could be the one provides everything. But, don't get me wrong, but, that is what the normal is. As long as my better half is not being lazy, I am fine with that. But, if I ever find my better half.

So, here is the video that I am talking about:

So, what do you think?

Friday, January 10, 2014

People should choose what is right and what it's true.

I was thinking about this talk that is on both my twitter timeline and my Facebook account about WWE Network. They mention that WWE is going to give people to pay at least $10USD to get the WWE Network. In reality, it's $10USD more to their cable bill that people are paying $60USD to $100USD or even more, if they have satellite. Now you all know that I am still anti-WWE for their poor excuse of releasing the former Kassius Ohno, now know to everyone as Chris Hero, about they had nothing for him. In my opinion, they had many ways to do to get it, but, it's mostly politics of who is going to back up Chris, which it's a bunch of bull. I know that there are many ways for an ideal to let more fans to know about him, then just know him as not only CM Punk and Antonio Cesaro's pal, but a true wrestler who have been trained by Dory Funk Jr and William Regal. Anyway, back to this situation of WWE Network. I feel like this is going to be a huge mistake, because most people can't afford this, because they need to save money for not only to pay the bills, but also have food for themselves and/or their families. However, their are people are rather see wrestling on their TV, mostly WWE and even TNA Wrestling.

But, what about those who want to see wrestlers who are not on TV? I had to say this, because I got an e-mail from, which I wanted to watch Chris Hero any time as he is about to be performing this weekend for Evolve, starting tonight as he is in a gauntlet during the weekend, which the first match is against Ricochet (That's tonight), second match (Which it's tomorrow night) against Anthony Nese, and the third match (Which it's Sunday) against his former ally during Chris' time in Chikara, Chuck Taylor. In the e-mail it was explaining about the WWE Network and mostly the upcoming weekend. To the truth, I don't care for the WWE Network. All I care is to see what is going to happen to Chris and hopefully that he wins his matches this weekend. But, what I am saying is that if you want to see decent matches and less storyline, watch Evolve 25, 26, and 27: iPPV

But, if you want to see more storyline, less wrestling, you know what to do. Me, I'll wait and see who wins. 

But, that's not all. Yesterday, I was finding out that Mae Young, a true legend of women's wrestling, had pass away, but, only to find out that she's fighting to stay alive, but she is gravely ill. It was due to new reporting that was unclear. I felt that not only I feel stupid, but to those who tweeted about it are embarrassed. I made a statement on twitter about it and I will post it on here. This is what I have to say:

To my friends. I am very livid about news reporting, especially it comes to wrestling. I am not going to be blaming on the subject, but the people who report it. The reason why I am saying this is because someone reported that Mae Young has pass away, but then recanted and says that she is alive, but gravely ill. To the truth, I don't know who is telling the truth. People need to get facts straight. It's like how someone reported and say about the reason why Chris Hero got released from WWE due to his weight. Well, that was a lie. People should ask Chris how he got released. Slam Wrestling reported and ask him on how he got release and he said that they had nothing for him. 

You know that I got livid about WWE's creative works on how to get a great storyline and matches. I knew that they should got the NXT Championship off of Bo Dallas and place it on Chris. That way, I don't feel so stale seeing Bray Wyatt's brother being NXT Champion. I would be very happy seeing Chris being NXT Champion. But, I will have to wait and see if Chris will be facing against Adam Cole for the Ring of Honor World Championship. So, don't get me wrong, but, this is just sad of what's going on.

To the truth, I am livid. I should look and see what Lisa Marie Varon tweeted about this, but she haven't since the night before when she said that everyone should pray for Mae Young. I don't know whose at fault, but, one thing is for sure, no one should play this. Especially to people who want to know, because they are fans.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Best and worse of 2013: Chris Hero tweeted back to me after he was released and being followed by Tim Donst back in August. That plus more.

Okay, I am going to do this, since this is the second blog of 2014. So, I am going to put a subject and give the best and worse of it. So, here it is:

First: Tim Donst
Tim Donst at Vicious Outcast Wrestling (Credit:

Details: It was back in August, I was talking to my twitter friends Dominique and Valentyna on Facebook about our friend Naomi meeting WWE Superstars, and I was hoping she would meet Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli at Summerslam, when I saw that I been follow by a guy on twitter. I look at him and see who he is. I read and it says on the display name, Tim Donst. So, I am thinking, another wrestler who is going to unfollow me in a few days. But, I read his bio on twitter and when I read that when he was a former Young Lions Cup holder, it just hit me. I realized that he was in Chikara. So, I had to do some digging after I had to tell Dominique and Valentyna about him. So, I learned that he was trained by Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero. It was very interesting that I been followed by a student of Chris Hero and I decided to take a leap of faith and follow him. Because of that, I look in of what he had done. It was very interesting that Tim had been wrestling for more than five years and he had his ups and downs. But, mostly towards this year.

Worse: Before Tim followed me in August, he had a wrestling match in June against ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker in a hair vs. hair match. It was the worse, in my opinion is that Tim lost in his second match that got him wagering his hair, since he lost to Hallowicked in a hair vs. mask match in 2012.

Best: After a few months since he followed me, around November, Tim defeated Michael Hutter at Absolute Intense Wrestling, and I learned that he challenge Chris Hero to a match at the last Absolute Intense Wrestling show, Dead Presidents. When that match happened, I heard that not only did those two tore the house down, but after the match, Tim got really sick. He ran a fever of 105 or 106. But, what also contribute to it is that he had a concussion. I felt bad that he did not feel well. I don't know if he is fine, but, it seems so.

Second: Chris Hero
Chris Hero waves hello to Adam Cole before decking him with a rolling elbow at Ring of Honor's Final Battle 2013 (Credit: Chris Hero's twitter account)

Details: I was waiting for the right time to go home from a day of doing class, I decided to scan on my twitter account, when I saw BB, a twitter follower, tweet to Chris Hero. So, I turn to Valentyna on Facebook and I ask her if I should send a tweet to Chris by saying hello. She said that I should. So I went for it. After I send the tweet, I was talking to Valentyna about Dominique, Tyler Black, and Chris, when all of a sudden, as I was about to finish up telling Valentyna about Chris, I got interrupted by my iPhone twitter alert that displays who tweeted to me on my twitter iPhone app. Sure enough, I was in shock and had to tell Valentyna. Chris sure enough tweeted back to me with a happy emoticon. I felt real happy that day.

Worse: Before that happened, a few nights ago after I watched Haven on Syfy to see Adam Copeland (WWE Hall of Famer, Edge) and the rest of the Haven cast (and tweet along), when all of a sudden, Scott Fishman tweeted that WWE release Chris Hero. I was livid. I did not know why. A lot of news reports claim the rumor that the reason why Chris was released due to his weight, which that sounds a lot of BS, because there are those on the main roster are in nearly out of shape. However, I believe the real truth is that they had nothing for him and had to let him go. But, I suspect more. But, that's just me.

Best: Before he got released by WWE, Chris had an epic match against William Regal and I was sure amazed about it. That is what I saw back in April, but after he got released, he was getting back to the independent scene. The best since he got back into the independent scene is that he faced against Tim Donst and sure enough they tore the house down as I seen by tweets. However, Tim tried to use a submission hold, which I seen a photo by The Ohio Report that he was going for the Chikara Special on Chris. Sure enough, Chris got out of it, but, in the end, Tim won. After the match, besides that Tim got sick with a fever, Chris said that they have unfinished business. I would love to see the match and hope that they do have another match.

Well that's all I could think of... my mind is kaput. Stay warm everyone.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Music vote: Who can sing out of these three?

Okay, this is my first blog of 2014 and I got a debate to settle with. As I was searching for a video to watch, I came across a video and I am in shock and I don't know what to say, but, I am giving you to vote which one can sing, between the three. I can't reveal who sings and sure enough, you shouldn't either on the comments. So, please give a vote! Whoever is the best will be reveal in my next blog. Thanks~!

Here are the singers:
Singer one: 
Singer two: 
Singer three:

And here is the poll!
Which singer can sing better? free polls