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Wrestling Is Presents: Ashes (Episode 11 through 15)

Okay, if you haven't seen Episodes six through 10, please click this link:

In my last entry, We seen Icarus going nuts as to talk to Hallowicked, an rival of Tim Donst's and a tag team partner of Frightmare and talking to Eddie Kingston at a Ring of Honor show, 3.0 still on the search of Archibald Peck, and the Ants are still looking for Solider Ant, despite they got problems with assailAnt, which both Green Ant and Fire Ant don't like assailAnt at all. So, let's see where we are at:

Ashes episode eleven: "History"

Icarus is at a library and talking to UltraMantis Black about their past, mostly of their training, the war against the BDK, and their fight against the Gekido. Even though Icarus is in high spirits, UltraMantis Black is not and he turns off the lights in the library on Icarus after Icarus explain what he is fighting for.

Here is the video:

In the last episode, we saw UltraMantis Black at a bar and making the Ants really livid as they were searching for their friend, Solider Ant. Let me just say, it would be interesting to see if UltraMantis Black get to defeat two Ants or be chewed on by the remaining members of the Colony. As I mention in the last episode the in depth of UltraMantis Black's stable, The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple and what he did which led to the debuting of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Translate from German, "Brotherhood of the Cross"), which is what Icarus is referring to in this episode. Now the story behind the BDK explains about the stable are by divided in three groups. You got Ares, Tursas, and Claudio Castagnoli as the three heavyweighters, then you have Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, and Pinkie Sanchez as the young lions of the group, and finally, you have Sara Del Ray and Daizee Haze as the dominating tag team of the BDK. Now I don't know what Icarus was saying about dark Cibernetico, but it may have to do with what happened in 2010. I found a music video clip of the 2011 Cibernetico match with a promo by Tim Donst, but it's short. Yes, UltraMantis Black is in it. Here it is:

Although, the ending of this episode is really funny, when UltraMantis Black turn off the lights on Icarus. I wonder who else Icarus is going to talk to?

Ashes episode twelve: "Solitude"

It's a cold snowy day and we are joined by 3.0 on their search for Archibald Peck. Scott Parker explains to Shane Matthews a plan to find a way through. The two started to climb before Scott slips and Shane encourages him to get up. After walking and climbing, 3.0 finds what they were looking for and as Scott was happy, Shane pushes Scott and sees what Scott was being happy about. Shane did not know that he pushed Scott down. But, within their excitement they found Parts Unknown, the suppose location of where Archibald Peck is suppose to be at. Shane and Scott walk all the way to a barn, where they knock at the door as the episode is fade to black.

Here's the video:

As we last left off 3.0, we saw them talking to R.D. Evans who was really kinda busy, but talk to Shane Matthews and Scott Parker and talk about Archibald Peck. So, the question remains, who is going to answer to 3.0 when the door is open?

Ashes episode thirteen: "Fuel"

In this episode, we are seeing Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly wrestling against assailAnt at the Wrestle Factory, which each man is taking the upper hand. Suddenly the guys are interrupted by deviAnt, which assailAnt asking him why is he here at the Wrestle Factory. deviAnt says that it's finally coming together as he's signaling the Colony Xtreme Force. They come out and said to assailAnt should not be doing this as the Xtreme Force and deviAnt surrounds the ring as one of them uses chloroform on Cottonbelly and deviAnt uses a lighter and says to assailAnt that to finish up what they started.

Here is the episode:

Now, this is going to be confusing about this, but, The Colony Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Ant, and Orbit Adventure Ant) is nothing like the Colony. They were introduce by Wink Vavasseur last March to feud against the Colony, but, Vavasseur done bad things towards the Colony, by not letting Solder Ant return to the Colony, but force Solder Ant to team with them and also strip the Colony of their King of Trios medals that they earn and give it to the Xtreme Force, during their feud last year. As for deviAnt, he was once part of the trio, the Swarm with assailAnt and combatAnt, however, at the King of Trios 2012, Wink Vavasseur switch it up as he force assailAnt to join the Colony and Solder Ant to the Swarm. When both trio teams lost to the trio teams of Dash Chisako, Meiko Satomura, and Sendai Sachiko, also known as the Sendai Girls (The Colony) & Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Manami Toyota (The Swarm),  both trio teams had to stay together. A few months later, assailAnt was turned tecnico and became a member of the Colony and the trio walked out on Solder Ant.

Now, I don't know who trained the Swarm or The Colony Xtreme Force. But, I am guessing that they might be trained by Mike Quackenbush, Chuck Taylor, Fire Ant, Green Ant, Hallowicked, and Ophidian. Unlike Fire Ant, Green Ant, and Solder Ant, who were trained by Mike Quackenbush and either Chris Hero or Claudio Castagnoli (The Kings of Wrestling).

Ashes episode fourteen: "Flood"

As we last left off, deviAnt and The Colony Xtreme Force interrupted Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly and assailAnt during Cottonbelly and assailAnt's training at the Wrestle Factory. The Xtreme Force took out Cottonbelly and leaving deviAnt with assailAnt. deviAnt was going to use a lighter to what it seems to be to burn the Wrestle Factory down. Continuing where we last left off, deviAnt toss the lighter to assailAnt after he says, "Let's finished what we started" and assailAnt freak out about it. He tells deviAnt that he had to work hard to gain acceptance and respect at the Wrestle Factory. He ask deviAnt that this is what he wanted. deviAnt says no and he said that they wanted to destroy Chikara and everything. assailAnt refuses and he kicked the gas can out of the ring and he toss the lighter back to deviAnt, because he does not want to do anything that have to do with destroying Chikara and the Wrestle Factory. deviAnt gets off the ring as assailAnt fights against Arctic Rescue Ant. As assailAnt is catching his breath, deviAnt grabs assailAnt by his mask and start to rip part of assailAnt's mask and throw him on the ground. You can see a bit part of assailAnt being expose, because of deviAnt. deviAnt starts to slap assailAnt and he says that assailAnt should be with them. deviAnt reveals that assailAnt's first name to be Frank. deviAnt says that the flood will wash assailAnt away. We see the gas can keep poring out gas.

Here is the video:

According to YouTube users, the Swarm used to be students at the Wrestle Factory. Apparently in an interview with Mike Quackenbush, deviAnt's real first name to be Jose, assailAnt's real first name is Frank, and combatAnt's real first name is Frank as well. So, that reveals half of the part on who trained the Swarm, but, the question remains, who also help the Swarm in their training at the Wrestle Factory? Also, another question will remains is what will deviAnt is going to do? Will he light up and burn down the Wrestle Factory? I hope Fire Ant and Green Ant better stop deviAnt.

Ashes episode fifteen: "Ideas"

In this episode, Mike Quackenbush in a white t-shit, plaid pants, and a cane, watching old wrestling matches, when all of a sudden, Icarus cane in. The two talk about what happened, which it seems that Quackenbush got fired. Icarus said that he forgot something, which Icarus whips out the shirt that Quackenbush had worn and give it to Quackenbush. Icarus says that there is a war coming and he wants Quackenbush to join the fight. Quackenbush tells Icarus that he puts on his ring gear to protect Chikara and Chikara is dead. Icarus says that ideas don't die. He explains about what Chikara means to him. Mike says that he went to war once against some monsters on their own terms and he became one. Icarus says that he want Quackenbush to lead again, however, Quackenbush says that he can't and he looked over and then he said that he won't. Icarus says that Quackenbush will. Icarus says that the man who trained them will be and then he leaves. Quackenbush looks and he is sad.

Here is the video:

Well, it seems Icarus found Mike Quackenbush. Everyone last saw Quackenbush in the first episode of Ashes. It's very strange of what is going on with Quackenbush, but there are fans who are believing him. The one thing is need to be question is what is Quackenbush saying about monsters? Is he talking about Kaiju Big Battel? Only time tell.

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