Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mae Young pass away and I have a revelation.

So, I want to do two subjects on one entry and not to do them in separate entries. So, where to begin. Okay, this is really official, Mae Young did pass away at the age of 90 and I seen many tweets about her. Last week, The Post and Courier reported that she did pass away, before recanting their story and says that she was gravely ill. The truth of her passing away came from Stephanie McMahon on her twitter account. I post on twitter and also on Facebook for my friends to read of my thoughts of Mae Young. This is what I said:

A lot of you already know about the great true legendary Mae Young pass away (Yes, this is official, see Stephanie McMahon's tweet on twitter) and she leave a huge mark for everyone. She was in fact the one who started off women's wrestling with her friend, Lilly Ellison, aka The Fabulous Moolah (Who also trained her). She was a force to be recon as much as Moolah is too. Even though she quit from wrestling 23 years ago, she did somehow had some fun with WWE. Last year, Vince McMahon and his son-in-law, Triple H declared that Mae Young was forever the divas champion after they gave her a replica divas championship. With all of this, Mae Young brought women's wrestling to be seen and today, I get to see women wrestling like Veda Scott, who attacked Gregory Irons at Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents last month. Even though, I was looking forward to watching Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst, Veda Scott proves that she's not like any female who won't be treated badly. Another example is Sara Del Ray. If you go onto Youtube or buy videos from Smart Mark Videos or Ring of Honor Wrestling store, you will see how much Sara proves and even team up with both men and women like Davina Rose, Daizee Haze, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero. Even though today Sara is in WWE as a trainer for future divas, Sara proves that she always, reign supreme.

If you ever wonder if this relationship of two friends like Mae Young and Lilly Ellison ever exists to anyone, men or women? Well there is with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. If you know about them, you get what I am saying. 

Rest in Peace Miss Johnnie Mae Young and thank you for breaking the walls of women's wrestling.

Yeah, I really mean it. Sure, some women would cite male wrestlers, but, they wouldn't be in wrestling if it wasn't for her.

Now, onto something else. As I was looking on my twitter timeline and seeing those who I follow on twitter who knew Mae Young, I saw a retweet from Tim Donst on another video he did with Gary Yap, who filmed the TJ Perkins video about his role in TNA Wrestling as the character, Manik. Now the first video that Tim had done was talking about his father believing that Tim being a pro wrestler is a joke. (Click here to watch the video) I don't think that Tim is not a joke, he's hardcore, because he knows how to fight and he proves himself, the fans, and his trainers, Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero that he is the best. I know that was weird on the last part, but it's true. See when Tim wrestled against Mike, that was more then a few years ago, in Chikara, and he prove to Quack that he can be one of the guys. However, last month at Absolute Intense Wrestling's Dead Presidents, Tim went at it against Chris and despite he tried to force Chris to tap out, but turn it into a pinfall, Tim really shock Chris, even though, Tim was not well. Now, back to the video dilemma. Tim's second video is something that what a man could want, a lover and a family, which he said that he won't have, because of his wrestling. I was starting to feel bad about what he said. Sure, years ago, I don't know what should I do as a career. I would think, should I be a wrestler or try to further my education? I did not know what to do, but, my mother insist I should continue my education. She wasn't much of me being a wrestler, because watching it is a hobby (I don't know if that's the right thing to say), but, I did not wanted to make my family upset. I am still a wrestling fan and I start to understand that it's hard for someone to be on the road every weekend, but they should come home to someone in their life. For an example, Gregory Helms, he has a fiancee and a son and he always wrestle and despite that he has other things that he does, he knows that he's happy in his life.

If I would, I could make someone happy, even though, I could be the one provides everything. But, don't get me wrong, but, that is what the normal is. As long as my better half is not being lazy, I am fine with that. But, if I ever find my better half.

So, here is the video that I am talking about:

So, what do you think?

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