Monday, November 25, 2013

Possible Thanksgiving plans, 5 Star Smash, Duke Mens Basketball game, Impact, and more.

So, this Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have possible plans. In my normal tradition as I was a young girl was that my mother would cook thanksgiving with my family, other times it would be at the nursing home with my great-grandmother on my father's side, but as we got older and my father left my brother and I, we end up having dinner at Charlie Brown's steakhouse with just the three of us, my mother, my brother, and me. One time we were joined by my mother's friend, Roberta. This year we maybe be joined by my brother's girlfriend, Miranda, who has some kind of sickness and her mother, who is battling brain cancer. I wish I had someone special to have for Thanksgiving, but, I don't mind the company of my brother's girlfriend.

So, if you seen in one of my blog entries about Tim Donst, then you want to read this next part. I seen through Tim's twitter account that he has a YouTube series coming soon called, 5 Star Smash, a variety talk show starting Tim, his high school pal Jimmy Viola, and Nikki Black, a young woman who is battling breast cancer at a very young age of 23. The show will be mainly surrounds pro wrestling as their guest for the first episode are Danny Havoc, who wrestles for Combat Zone Wrestling, and Jervis Cottonbelly, a mask wrestler who wrestles for Wrestling is Art and Wrestling is Fun. Tim tweeted from his twitter account to a response from a twitter user that the first episode will be up in a few weeks. I hope I will know by then, since I follow all three on twitter. You can follow them too. Tim's twitter handle is @TDonst, Jimmy's twitter handle is @JimmyValhalla, and Nikki's twitter handle is @NikkiBlackattack.

So, last night my friends Valentyna and Dominique watched Survivor Series and they saw their favorites and no offense to them, I did not see the PPV, since I am still a protesting not to tweet about WWE on twitter, due to the BS they done of Chris Hero and I still won't understand the real story behind Chris' release. I told my friend Karl that I am under protest not watching RAW or Smackdown due to the release of Chris, but Karl believes that Chris will return to WWE before Wrestlemania 30. I won't believe that until I meet Chris! However, what happened last night, I watched online a college mens basketball game as Duke University Blue Devils play against University of Vermont Catamounts. Not only did I see a very great game that Duke played, but, I was searching for someone. Yes, I was looking for Chris Hero, because Chris was at the game, supporting his favorite team, Duke, and I seen on his twitter account that he was at the game and wearing a Duke jersey with a black shirt underneath of the jersey, grey jeans, blue sneakers, and a grey jacket. Chris tweeted during the game last night where he was standing five rows behind Duke's head coach, Mike Krzyzewski or as the Duke fans would say, Coach K. I looked, but, I could not see Chris. I don't know who should I blame, but, I am not.

So, also this Thursday on Impact, we are going to see an eight man tag team match between Team Angle against Team Roode. I don't know who is going to be part of Kurt Angle's team nor Bobby Roode's team, but, I am pretty sure of an idea of who will be on both teams. For Team Roode, I am positive that Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kaz) and Chris Sabin will be joining Bobby and for Team Angle, it will be Gunner, Storm, and either Austin Aries or TJ Perkins (aka MANIK) would be joining Kurt. I heard about some spoilers that we might see a new TNA X-Division Champion in Austin Aries for his third reign, so it's possible that A Double will join Team Angle, since Sabin could be on Team Roode and Sabin would have the X-Division title on the Thanksgiving episode.

I want to touch on a subject about cancer and it's not just because I been followed by Nikki Black, but, it's a horrible illness. I know, WWE Diva Layla lost her mother to breast cancer, WWE Superstar Titus O'Neal lost his grandmother to breast cancer, TNA Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett lost his wife to breast cancer, WWE Superstar John Cena's brother battled against brain cancer and yes, I mention it earlier, my brother's girlfriend's mother is battling brain cancer. Each of them had support by family and friends. I also understand about getting treatment, is because my brother had battled against Leukemia for five years. Yes, Leukemia is a cancer that effects the blood or bone marrow. Thankfully it was blood and it really effected out of my brother, but it also affected my family, since my brother was in hospitals two to three months every time for five years. I tried to have a normal childhood, but it became a visit to the hospital after school until late at night. Yes, my brother was diagnose in November of 1993 at the age of 7 until 1998 at the age of 12 when he finally finished treatment and being remission since. While my brother was in the hospital he was visited by soon to be WWE Hall of Famer, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase while DiBiase was in WWE. So, with that being said, Nikki Black has being fighting breast cancer and being a stand up comedian like Tim Donst's high school pal, Jimmy Viola is so brave and so courageous. I hope when the first episode of 5 Star Smash, I hope to see Nikki and the boys, Jimmy and Tim. I forgot that Nikki has a tumblr site called, "I Don't Know Anything About Breast Cancer", which she tells of her journey of fighting breast cancer and shows that it's scary, but she embraces it. Here is the link:

One more thing, I am tweeting off what I am thankful for for four days. I am tweeting two things per day until Thanksgiving. So far, I am thankful for Dominique, Naomi, and Valentyna for sticking around for me for the past two years and I am thankful for Tim Donst who really being nice to me after we follow each other since then. Who else will I be thankful for? Stay tune!

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