Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chris Hero & Tim Donst

This blog entry is going to be on them. I haven't been myself since last night, when Scott Fishman tweeted that WWE release Kassius Ohno. A lot of twitter users are really livid and upset about it and so have I. On what purpose is his released? His attitude as news reports are saying. To be honest, I never seen one tweet on his twitter account where he got angry, except for when he got attack by Bray Wyatt for no reason. The real reason on the attack was that the bosses says that he needed to use weights. No offense, but, he's in the best shape of his life and you want to turn him into a bodybuilding guy? Yeah, no wonder fans hate you. 

Even, Marty DeRosa, Colt Cabana's pal is right, WWE screw it.

So, anyway, because of that mistake, fans would have to drive to gyms, amorys, and other places to see independent shows to host the man now formally known as Kassius Ohno, the King of the Knockout, the King of Honor, Chris Hero! 

Now, on top of that, I got very weird on twitter. I could not sleep because of that situation, I send out a very random tweet mentioning Tim Donst and I am sorry I done that. I pretty sure he might be worry about me on my crazy tweeting. I'm just fine, just highly disappointed to a wrestling company  who have shows that I been watching for almost 15 years, release one of the best wrestlers, who earn it in his career and also is the one who trained Tim Donst almost a decade ago!

If you are suspecting that Chris Hero would be on TNA Wrestling or returning to Ring of Honor, you want to wait until Spring of 2014, as per WWE 90 day no TV compete clause, because he has three more episode on NXT, since the internet reports said that his match against the former Brodie Lee was his last and they are wrong per usual. If they seen the spoilers, he has two matches against Tyler Breeze and one against Alexander Rusev.

However, Chris is already taken bookings. On November 16th, he will be at Pro Wrestling Syndacat in Rahway, New Jersey against Gregory Shane Helms and in December he will be at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in California. I don't know who he will be facing by then, but please follow PWG on twitter if you are going to be in California or live in California. 

Also, if you want to follow Tim Donst on twitter, it's @tdonst and if you want to see where he is wrestling, check out I know that tonight he's facing against Colt Cabana and tomorrow he's facing against Jervis Cottonbelly at Wrestling is Art show.

Lindsie Starr

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