Monday, November 11, 2013

The passion and perks of being a wrestling fan/My crazy rant of what happened this past weekend.

If you already following me on twitter, @MsLindsieStarr, you notice since Saturday, I change my bio to suit my anger of what happened between Friday Night after the TV show, Haven to Saturday where I got so upset and felt making an ass myself:

Yes, I put that there. No offense to my friends, Valentyna, Dominique, and Naomi, who have their favorites still on the WWE roster, but, I'm hurt. I was in shock to say that WWE has made a huge mistake on it. Why? Well, for one thing is why they released Chris Spradlin and give such high praises for his pal and trainee, Claudio Castagnoli is that the difference is that Claudio has been in shape, since the two were a tag team in the independent scene years ago. A lot of dirt sheet websites accuse of Chris to be lazy and to be honest, those dirt sheets are lying, because they only report about WWE and TNA Wrestling, and not once look at the independent scene. But, I have friends who does go to the independent shows and I do follow a lot of independent wrestlers, like Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, Rhett Titus, and Tim Donst, who by the way followed me before, I decide to follow him, back in August this year. Now, I learned a whole lot about Chris during his time in WWE's developmental territory, NXT, which started from a video of a promo from Ring of Honor in 2006, when Austin Aries and Roderick Strong were mad, but calm as they are, speak out about their lost of their tag team match against the Kings of Wrestling, which Aries and Strong had the ROH World Tag Team titles on the line. As you can see, my reaction was first that I felt sorry for Austin Aries, because in his promo, Aries said that he got his ribs bruised by a briefcase that the tag team used on him (later on, I find out it was Claudio who had the briefcase and used it on Aries during the tag team match by a video someone posted on YouTube) and he cough up blood. Even though it was seven years ago, I felt bad. So, I had no other choice, but to dig to see who Austin Aries was talking about. So, I search on the Ring of Honor YouTube channel and found out who they are. I learn that the bald man was Claudio Castagnoli, and the one who could be identical to Triple H, Edge, or even the late Lance Cade, Chris Hero. Now the video I saw was either two or three years ago, but, what made me started to like him?

Well, to start, he has great promo skills and yes, I would say that his voice was like heaven to me, since I am a female. I had to dig in more to see if there any matches of him and sure enough, I find Chris' YouTube channel and watch the matches and maneuvers video clips and I was in awe. Because of that, I was defiantly really liking him so much. Ever since then, I was looking into videos on YouTube of Chris' matches and promos from either Ring of Honor, IWA Mid-South,  Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (Just previews or clips), Combat Zone Wrestling, and Chikara, while I was waiting to get to see the next episode of WWE NXT to see if Chris is on. I seen from that matches and promos during his days in the independent scene against Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, CM Punk, Rhett Titus, Kenny King, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Eddie Kingston, and yes, even promos on Claudio during their feud against each other and I seen a preview between the two men battling each other at a PWG show for the PWG World Title that Claudio was champion. As, I see that applied on WWE NXT, I was amazed about it. I notice that in Chris' promos, Chris would be wearing either his ring gear or wear t-shirts and jeans, however, one day as I was getting ready to celebrate my brother's 26th birthday last year (we went out to dinner, since we could not celebrated on that Tuesday), I get on to my iPhone and watch the October 2nd episode of WWE NXT, which in a minute in the episode, I see something very interesting when I see someone coming in and was approach by Dolph Ziggler's brother, Briley Pierce for an interview. I instantly figure out it was Chris, but to my surprise, damn, he look that very good. Chris was out of his element, but, I am surprised that seeing him wearing something different made me smile a whole lot. Chris has been in feuds during his time in NXT, especially against William Regal, which I felt nostalgic coming from those two, because I see that they use every single maneuver that they learn and despite Regal had to dislocated Chris' fingers during the match (Which Chris had to pop it back in), they brought me into appreciate Chris even more, after Regal beat him.

I spoken to my friend Valentyna about Chris if he ever joins the main roster, we both agree that it would be interesting to see him with Wade Barrett, since both of them have skills and performed in England and the United Kingdom and been trained by great European wrestlers (Barrett was trained by Robbie Brookside and Hero trained by William Regal, Dave Finlay, and Dave Taylor), it could work. Plus, they both look great in red wrestling tights. But, sadly, I won't have the chance to see that.

Now, I know you are wondering, Lindsie your blog title is called, The passion and perks of being a wrestling fan, where are the passion and perks? You are ranting about Chris Hero, but nothing else!

True, but, there is more to this. Now, I don't want you to go on twitter, find the first wrestler you find and say, "Hey! Please follow me!", because that is a huge no-no, because wrestlers don't like it. But, however, I do recommend to follow them, but, go and meet them, more then once, and then ask them if it's alright for them to follow you. If they say it's okay, do it right now in front of them, so they can know. Also, it's best to try to go to an meet and greet more then once. Also, don't send out a surprised tweet that you are being followed by them, that could start a bad way to interact with them. Also, be very nice to them. If you follow them and being a real pain in their side, you might be blocked by them. Don't say anything stupid to them either. That's grounds to be block by them. However, say something nice and they will respond back.

To be honest, I read by wrestlers, since I follow them on twitter, that fans really say stupid things and end up being block by the wrestler. Sometimes, there are fans who say stupid things like they want to marry them, but, it made the wrestler feel awkward. I should know, I seen it from Chris Hero on twitter. However, sometimes wrestlers act real strange, but, it's up to you to see what they are about. Believe me, like I said earlier, back on August of this year, I was followed by Tim Donst, and I was surprised that I find out that he is a wrestler and what is strange is his bio. This is what it says:

The instances I read the bio that says, "Former Young Lions Cup holder" it hit me. I figure out that Tim has been in Chikara and I end up looking in and soon enough, as I learned much of Tim, I take the chance to follow him. I really got scared to tweet to Tim, but, I end up doing it so and well, look at the first time I tweet to him:
You can tell, I was shy. However, you can see other tweets that I had with him:

You can see here, I tweeted about seeing Ethan Carter vs. Tim Donst on TNA Impact Wrestling and Tim retweeted it...


I felt that talking to Tim and help him to promote his website is a huge thanks for him to follow me and me following him. Otherwise, what do you think? 

That's how to be passion and the perks of being a wrestling fan.

Now, on to other matters. I do want to apologize to anyone to know how I was feeling during the weekend. It's not what I do expect to give a guy the chance to make it big. I feel that there are a lot of corruption could behind it. However, we won't know. A lot of people are suggesting that Chris Hero would be in TNA Wrestling or Ring of Honor, but, I say that won't happen until Spring of 2014, due to the WWE 90 days no TV competing claws, and since WWE had to air the three NXT episodes that has Chris has been in against Tyler Breeze and Alexander Rusev. Until then, it would give Chris a chance to rest, celebrate his 34th birthday, and hopefully to compete in the independent scene again. I would like to see Chris in a match against Tim Donst, since those two never faced against each other and this would a second student vs. teacher for Tim, since a few years ago or so, Tim fought against Mike Quackenbush, who also worked with Chris to trained Tim. It would be interesting and have fans to see two greatest wrestlers to go at it. 

Now, I read a blog by Andrew Riche, titled A Hero's Exit, on Place to Be Nation website, which he explains the whole career of Chris Hero and he believes that what WWE has done is a good thing and hope he would get a second chance as he compare it to Chris' rival, Austin Aries. However, there is a huge difference between Aries first and second run with TNA Wrestling to Chris' first and maybe only run with WWE, is that there was miscommunication between TNA Wrestling and Aries, which wound him back in Ring of Honor, but, when Aries return to TNA Wrestling happened after Aries had more feuds and winning the Ring of Honor World title again for the second time. I don't know if that is true, but, it was in the time of Aries' life that he needed something to do, since he was considering to retire from wrestling and pursue other things like acting (If you seen the Keri Russell Cover Girl commercial from 2006 and if you play WWE '12 Road to Wrestlemania Hero Story of Jacob Cass, you know what I mean by). Somehow he got the call to come back. Now, look at Aries, he's facing against Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bully Ray, and Chris Sabin while he is maintaining a regiment that he set himself years ago by eating healthy foods and training. Heck, Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode at Destination X last year for the TNA World Heavyweight title was the best match ever in 2012 and yes, it made me cry, because not only did Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode for the title, but, Aries dedicating the match to his mother is the sweetest thing he ever done. To be honest, I never see that in my life. 

For once, I'm hoping to get the chance to see Chris Hero. Maybe even Tim Donst.

Lindsie Starr

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