Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bitcoins...are they worth it?

You probably seen it on the news or on twitter, but what is Bitcoins? A Bitcoin is a currency that is digital and it's very wacky. In order to buy a bitcoin, first, you need a wallet. There are websites that let you either download a hardcopy of a wallet program or sign up and let it be and you can generate address for yourself to use to exchange currency. But, there is a catch, you can't use paypal. Yes, that is what I am saying. Paypal won't let you, because it don't accept the bitcoin as a currency and if you use it to buy and sell your bitcoins, it will shut your account down, even it was a mistake. However, you need a bank account. Now, currently, 1 bitcoin is equal to $133.63 USD according to I have a digital wallet account at Coinbase, which they store my bitcoins. Now, they are buying bitcoins at $123.32 USD and selling bitcoins at $123.31 USD, which it's $10.31 USD below the average bitcoin is at. (Well that is for buying, selling is $10.32 USD below the average bitcoin price) Now if you want to join me, use my referral link:

See, if you join and either buy or sell at least one bitcoin, I get $5 USD. I know that sounds weird and all, but, it's true. Now, if you don't want to pay over $100 USD for a bitcoin, here are a few tips to make a bitcoin.

  1. Perk Browser: It's an app that it is best if you downloaded on your Apple iPad. Once you downloaded, you can search online for words and it will give you a point, however you can do quick points, which it's offers that you can get. There are rewards for them and the points are the following: 600 points for .05 bitcoin, 1200 points for .1 bitcoin, 2400 points for .2 bitcoin, and 12,000 points for 1 bitcoin. 
  2. BitVisitor: This can start to help you out, since I made about $.17 USD worth of bitcoin. What you have to do is to use your address of your wallet and just enter catcha to every 5 minutes of a website. After you look on a website for five minutes, just click the green button that says next and you keep going at it. It will take I believe two hours to get it credit and yes, it will go into your wallet. You can try that. 
That is all of what I can give you for now. You can wait until I give you more or look on for more free bitcoins.

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