Monday, March 6, 2017

Austin Creed or Xavier Woods: The YouTuber and Wrestler that is on his way to 1 Million YouTube subscribers!

I don't know if you know that Austin Creed or should I call him Xavier Woods, is on his way to 1 Million YouTube subscribers on his channel, UpUpDownDown. 

I have not been watching him on RAW, but I heard many things about him since I had gave up watching him.

However, his YouTube side has been really well since he is on his way to 1 Million YouTube subscribers. I know that he has been playing video games with his fellow superstars and divas as well as special guests like vlogger/gamer YouTuber, Emma Blackery and Let's Make a Deal host, Wayne Brady.

Creed also has work with another YouTuber named Chris Denker who has well over 720,000 subscribers on some game plays and another YouTuber Andru Edwards who has well over 120,000 subscribers on contests or challenges.

But, I got mad at him once when he was on the NXT roster. Someone who was attending the show, saw Creed botch a maneuver at his opponent and broke their teeth. He was sorry by the face he had, but I got mad at him for a while, but things change and I forgive him.

He is still part of the trio, New Day, with Kofi Kingston and Big E and those three are looking for another tag team title run. I hope they do.

I hope Creed keeps doing well with wrestling and working on his YouTube Channel.

He also hinted that he has an upcoming Special Guest on his channel that made him and Kofi Kingston excited and Cedric Alexander fainted:

Congrats Austin Creed!

Lindsie Starr

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