Thursday, March 2, 2017

Don't blink! You might miss a Tim Donst match!

So, yeah, this is a ridiculous title. I guess I need to explain. If you haven't seen Tim Donst's match from CZW Eighteen, well, thanks to CZW to put it on YouTube. It is almost two minutes of the video, but, this is the match:

I feel that CZW is channeling one of WWE's old storylines that I seen and funny enough, the difference of the two is that Donst is not champion. I know I had to say some of it. I want to go on further, but, a lot of people can be mad at me for this.

Of course you can see their reaction. Tony Deppen has some cruel words, but not that cruel:

Donst on the other hand, well...just watch:

I know that Deppen is mad because Donst almost hurt him and he said that he should check on his well being...well, Tony Deppen, wrong wrestler, you want Donst's former trainer, Chris Hero, who is in WWE...under the NXT Brand as...*ahem*...Kassius Ohno... -_-

If Deppen want to lay insults to Donst, just mention Chris Hero and the CZW World Heavyweight title and how Donst would not be like him!, I am thinking that Tim Donst would read this and he will be mad at me.

Speaking about Donst, he has been lately adding more of the insults to Deppen:

The irony into this is Deppen like Donst's tweet! Oh brother.

Well, this is my cue to end this blog, otherwise, I could be in more trouble.

Donst still rules.


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