Friday, March 3, 2017

This would be great, but, it's just a fantasy match that won't happen...

This is the most ridiculous title, don't you agree? Well, it is, but, there is a reason for it. It actually have to do with two of the greatest tag teams in my opinion, should face each other in a wrestling promotion. But, you are wondering where and who. Well, this will get me in sorta trouble, but, I am thinking of the tag team duo that was really cool during their time in WWE, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. I know you would be saying that it is crazy, but, why those two?

Well, during 2005 through 2008, those two were fun. Made me really get behind them, despite they broke up in December 2005, but reunited in early of 2006, but, they end in May 2008 during their WWE run, but, then after both men got released in 2008. They did reunite in the independent scene in 2009. I wish that before Cade's passing on August 13th, 2010, they would had a chance to wrestle in the Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Tag Team Tournament. It was something I figure that out after Cade has pass away.

But, you are wondering, if they did, who they would face? Well, I did not know some, but, one tag team who did compete. Yes, I am talking about those two, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, the Kings of Wrestling.

Sink it in.

Yes, I know now those two are in the WWE and are in their own situations, with Claudio tagging with Sheamus and Chris going into war against Bobby Roode and maybe also dealing with Shinsuke Nakamura that could lead to an epic triple threat at NXT for the championship, before Wrestlemania. What? Can I not predict that?

Sure, I know that I am really crazy, but, hear me out. If that would happen, you would see in two outcomes that you would had to find out on YouTube, but, I know it would be madness and it won't happen.

But, let me break it down for you to understand this.

Cade and Murdoch has won the WWE World Tag Team titles three times during their WWE run. Their tag team finisher is called Sweet and Sour, which it is a Lariat and Chop Block combo. Their best feud in their WWE run would be against Matt and Jeff Hardy. The most unlikely match they had was a handicap match that forced the tag team duo to team up with Umaga against John Cena and Candice Michelle. I was really upset that night that I refused to watch it. I had to look by then and sure enough, since Jeff Hardy had to rescue Candice from Umaga's viscous maneuver, leaving John Cena to deal with Cade and Murdoch to end the match. I was really upset that match should not happened, because of those who I like...I should say, used to like.

Everything change, because of those three, which I don't want to go in, because this is my fantasy match I need to get into.

Now let me get into about Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. If you know by now, you know that these two were the best in the independent scene and in Ring of Honor. Also, Chris trained Claudio. They have been a tag team for well over a decade, before Claudio was signed to WWE in 2011 and Chris in 2012. The last time those two were a tag team was in WWE when they wrestled against CM Punk, an adversary and friend of Chris Hero and Tyler Black...what? Right, I meant to say Seth Rollins, but, ehh, he is still Tyler Black to me, jerk! I was going to say that Tyler Black had wrestled against Chris also, but, not as much as CM Punk did. Not to mention, Chris and Claudio had Aksana in their corner, which it was SUPER GROSS! If anyone who should be in the corner of those two, it should be Sara Del Ray! Yes, I do mean it.

During their reunited in Ring of Honor, starting in December 2009, Chris and Claudio had Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn, who was previously with The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards), but, they were mostly with Chris, were with the guys in their promo...

I know that Chris and Claudio had won tag titles from Chikara, CZW, Ring of Honor, and other promotions, and feuded against each other. Plus, their finisher that is mostly been use, the KRS-ONE (Kings Reign Supreme Over Nearly Everyone).

So, the two tag teams would be looking strong, but, do they have a weakness? Sort of. You have to look at it what I know of. For Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch is that their partnership as a tag team can be bad if by any means necessary that one of them is dominate to the other, henceforth Lance Cade who would be the dominate one, since he said that he carried the tag team as what he told Joey Styles on WWE's website, which it's not there. You would have to find it online somewhere.

As for Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, if Sara and Shane are at their side, they could be a distraction as their weakness, but, Sara can fight as well as Shane. However, if the guys are playing as the heels they are likely a hinder, but, at the same time they can be a factor for the guys victory.

Either way, if their maneuvers could be greatful, but, how this would end could come in favor to Chris and Claudio. However, Cade and Murdoch could have a chance.

I hope you enjoy this entry, but, it would be madness.


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