Thursday, February 25, 2016

A few wrestling topics to cover

Well, I am going to cover a few topics to talk about. Mostly about Friday Night and Saturday Night.

Engagements and deaths

Engagement: I want to congrats to Joey Ryan for proposing to his girlfriend Laura James. It was tweeted Saturday night (Everyone thought it was Sunday, but, please note it was still Saturday because of the time zones) by Skits and some others that Joey Ryan propose to Laura James in the wrestling ring, during a wrestling show in San Diego. I do wish the couple many blessings of their marriage.

Deaths: I want to send my condolences to Damien Sandow, who lost his grandmother, a couple days ago and tweeted that he has not been released by WWE, they let him take time off to be with his family. I first got word about it from

Chris Hero

Saturday night and Friday night, Chris Hero wrestled in tag team action with the two promotions, AAW and Smash Wrestling. On Friday Night, Chris Hero tag with Drew Gulak at AAW The Art of War against Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa. From the tweets that AAW posted on their twitter account, Chris and Gulak won. On Saturday night, Chris was in Smash Wrestling for their tag team tournament, F8tful Eight (For those who don't get it, the name is Faithful Eight) as Eddie Edwards' replacement, since Davey Richards injured himself during the TNA Impact UK Tour. For those who don't get about it, Chris and Eddie did tag before with Davey Richards in Ring of Honor. It was a six man tag with Larry Sweeney managing them and they did face the trio of Bryan Danielson, KENTA, and Roderick Strong. Also, Chris and Eddie went to war against each other in ROH in singles and tag with their tag team partners (Hero and Claudio Castagnoli...the Kings of Wrestling). From last night, Chris and Eddie ended up beating the Overdogs and made it to the four way tag team until they lost. I could not get much information since Beyond the 3 Count and Weekly Wrestling Podcast forget to mention about it and no one else use the hashtag #F8tfulEight.

But, I want to mention a few other things. I am not 100% sure about it, but, PWG All Stars Weekend Night Two for Chris Hero and Tommy End could be in jeopardy. Beyond the 3 Count retweeted Tommy End's tweet, which he tweeted that he strain both of his cruciate ligaments in his knees and will get them check out on Wednesday. I am not sure if this means any necessary that it could effect the tag team match comes March 5th. I will keep you updated on it. This is the tweet Tommy End send out:
(Update) Tommy End is pulled out of PWG All Stars Weekend 12 Night 2. His replacement is JT Dunn. So instead of Heroes Eventually Die vs. Matt Sydal and Ricochet, it's Death By Elbow vs. Matt Sydal and Ricochet. These are the tweets from PWG:

Plus Chris chime in:

Also, I want to add that anyone please refrain tweeting to Chris about this Cruiserweight tournament. Understand this, some of you think that Chris is weighing at his lowest, but, that's not true, because you must heard it from a podcast. Chris said that when he was in the WWE. He hasn't been in WWE in a while (Almost 3 years) and I don't think he will be in WWE anytime soon, unless they need him to do an interview about Claudio Castagnoli. I am not certain, but, Chris would be heading to Japan sometime in April, which I haven't heard yet. If he is, he will be in partake of the Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Tag League with Colt Cabana, as he did last year and the year before. But, understand that Chris has a busy schedule that includes wrestling at PWG, Evolve, Beyond Wrestling, and AAW between now and Wrestlemania weekend. So, please do not bother tweeting to Chris about anything WWE related.

I forgot to add that I got word that at Evolve 57 (March 20th), Chris Hero maybe getting a title shot against Matt Riddle if Riddle can beat Timothy Thatcher at Evolve 56 (March 19th). Also, Chris will be once again wrestling against Zack Sabre Jr , but, it will be at WWN Supershow, Mercury Rising, on April 2nd. The information will be located on for Evolve 56 and 57 and for Mercury Rising. If you can't make it to those shows, stay tune for how you can watch it on iPPV with prices.

Tim Donst

I am sorta mad right now at Tim Donst for posting a photo of him and Adam Cole (BAY BAY) with a friend. Tim tweeted it Saturday night.
However, madness aside, Tim has a match coming up on March 5th at AIW Fullest House (We Hope!)  against Homicide!

Homicide vs. Tim Donst at AIW Fullest House (We Hope!) Taking from AIW Facebook Page.

This match is really interesting. I wonder how Tim Donst compares to the Notorious 187? It would be madness!

But, Tim Donst will be wrestling at Combat Zone Wrestling against an old foe, Danny Havoc. The reason why they are wrestling in March:

Danny and Tim had wrestled against each other before at AIW's first show of 2014:

I don't know what is going this time, but, I am sure that it could be something going on.

Bryan Danielson

I heard about Bryan Danielson retiring days ago and I wish him the best. I was going to blog about Bryan's whole entire wrestling career, but, it seems it was too much for me to put in. I know about Bryan before he came to WWE, when I read it in Shawn Michaels' biography book and know about him being the head trainer at the Ring of Honor Academy (Now ROH Dojo) by searching online. I did not know he wrestled against Chris Hero at ROH on numerous occasions and wrestled against Tim Donst only once in Chikara. Although, Bryan being in WWE was an eye opener and was a good way for fans get to know him. Bryan did deal with Michael Cole and The Miz during his time on WWE NXT that it also deal with Michael Cole bringing security that two of them were actually Ben Boone and Johnny Gargano, had to deal with Bryan and mostly chasing and separating Bryan from the Miz. 

AIW to hold a wedding

I did not put this with the engagement, because this is a storyline with AIW. It was announced at the first AIW show of 2016, Don't Feed Us After Midnight, that Dick Justice propose to Missy Hyatt after the six man tag team match and the wedding will be taking place at AIW Gauntlet for the Gold Eleven. I also heard that Dick Justice will be holding a bachelor party at AIW Fullest House (We Hope!), but, I don't know if it will be part of the show or not. So, if you want to see this, please go to the AIW Facebook Page or the AIW twitter account for more information.

So, until next time.
Lindsie Starr

PS. I will be tweeting every Saturday Night of Ring of Honor, since I got that. I haven't been watching Impact weeks ago since COMCAST ARE GREEDY PIGS!

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