Saturday, February 27, 2016

What drove me to go over 6000 steps?

This entry is about my walking habits. I usually walk around 6000 steps, because I do it for my health. I usually do 6000 steps to roughly 9000 steps as what I use for my S Health app on my Samsung Galaxy S6, but there os something bother me as I am starting to walk again in the city. How the hell did I walk over 11,000 steps? Then it hit me. It was that wedding that my mother had to go to, but I forbid her to go, due to her knees and the rudeness that her friends are. The day of the wedding, October 10th, 2015, was the day I driven myself to go over my limits. Yes, I do have limits. I can't walk over 2 miles without getting dizzy as what happened that day. I walked almost 3 miles and despite that I had to get dinner, my steps were over 10,000 that day. I was not ready to go reach 10,000 steps at all. But, can be angry about something push it? I am not sure, but maybe. If I kept going at it further, I could been hospitalized. Usually when shows that involves exercises wants you to push you beyond your limits, you don't need it. If you want advice from me, figure out your limit. I am sure you can ask your doctor about it. As for me, I need to work on just limiting myself at 2 miles in my walk before I go to 3 miles, when I am ready.

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