Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lindsie Starr family drama

I been thinking about last night about my mother said about my father and despite I tried to be fair to this family, I felt it's becoming a war. I want to ask one person who may know about something like this and for you are wondering, it is not Chris Hero. It is Tim Donst. From what I can tell from the documentary that was on him thanks to Kenny Johnson, Tim's mother got re-married, which I could tell that she got divorce or something that Tim did not mention. I know I don't want to pry into Tim's family life, since he's mostly focus on wrestling. I been thinking my mother want to move and she said that we would move to Pennsylvania or somewhere else in New Jersey. I would see the positive and negative of living in a city in Pennsylvania.

The positive is that we live real close to our family sports teams, anything that says Philadelphia. Another is somewhere around the Pittsburgh/Lancaster/Stroudsburg area and I would be close by to Tim Donst and his mother and I would be a state over in Ohio and I would be going to AIW and I could boost promotions in Pennsylvania. But, the negative could be that if we end up in a dangerous part of a city. But, then again, who knows. If staying around New Jersey, I do not want to be distance of my mother's work and my brother's work and school. But, my family are putting a strain to where we are despite we need to distance from my father, but I need to distance from my family. I would live some where. I could live in Pennsylvania. I would think to live in Florida and would be close by to Chris Hero and Santana Garrett, but the matter of my step-cousin on my mother's side, since she and her boyfriend are criminals and serving time and I don't want to speak to them. But, my great step-cousin may need a positive influence. Also, there is the matter of the Zika virus.

But, where else I would go? California? Maybe, but, the negative side is the earthquakes, but, I know Chris wrestle though an earthquake at a PWG show, but, I am not sure. Also, I could run to some famous people.

But wherever I go and whoever I meet, understand, my home I am in now will be always be home. Family, would be stained into my memory, but I need to explore to my inner emotions and see other people.

Lindsie Starr

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